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AITA for treating a school junior like a "child"?

2020.10.13 10:32 throwawaysshhhhh AITA for treating a school junior like a "child"?

Background: In tertiary school, majority of the students must go through a period of internship as a final year student, the companies varies from govt affiliated to independent ones. Before the school starts the opening date for application, there will be professors teaching us how to create a resume and train us for interviews and presentations.
I graduated school and was a senior to many, I kept in contact with a junior in my course of study, Claire. She is a very hardworking student, GPA shows she excels more than me. I am not a scholar by any means, but I've always made sure I help my juniors to my best abilities.
Claire is a shy girl. She got overly worried in her last year and asked for my help. She applied for a govt affiliated company and the online interview is in the following week.
She found out I used to intern there and the school recommended it. Prof-mentor (guidance for a group of students in internship), was the one who told her that I was under his wing during my intern as well. So far she only wanted some interview help.
So I practiced mock interview and Q&As with her, even helped her with interview dress codes. I never mention anything regarding the people there initially. She did ask about it, so I gave a vague friendly description as I don't want her to have any assumptions based on my experience, just wanted her to explore on her own if she got accepted.
Claire successfully got in, after about a month, she kept asking me about what I have done during my intern (to use as examples). She got into IT dept, same as me, but I was in the security team. I don't know her team and didn't ask. I only told her briefly about the software I've learnt to use without revealing anything important, just some basic uses of it.
Anyone working in/for the company signed NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) with them, including all interns. I refused to talk more, but she said since she is trustable enough to be in the company, I should say something at least. Problem is she can only know infos that her supervisor disclosed to her, nothing more and she can't tell me about what she knows as well.
So after a few accumulative hours of asking, I got very worried yet serious and asked if she knows what is a NDA. Does she know why she must sign one and the consequences of breaking it. I laid everything I know about NDAs. (We were in a private setting, just 2 of us). For us it basically means even after I left the company, I am not supposed to tell a soul what I know/done and the same applies for her.
She claimed to know what is a NDA but called me an AH for overreacting and treating her like a child.
I didn't mean to, but this is a govt company. It is not that I don't trust her, but she can possibly land in legal trouble if she is found to have information that she shouldn't be knowing at all.
It crushed me to hear her accusing me like that, but all I am trying to do is to protect her. Now I think, have I really overreacted and treated her like a child?
Edit: There were more words she threw at me (kinda nasty but I can say some if anyone is curious) but due to character count I decided to summarize it. I also did talk to her calmly about the questions she was asking before talking about the NDA stuff in order to relate what she is getting into.
Edit: What got me really stern with her was when she used my line about "helping juniors to my best abilities" against me. Even said to me "No one would know" kind of thing, I scoffed at the ridiculousness but she seems to take it seriously.
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2020.09.11 00:24 TheRazorX which civilian oversight is now a bad thing "Cause Trump"

I rarely post essays.
As someone who's lived in other parts of the world, I've been watching events unfold with a severe dread that surpasses Trump's worst desires (or projected desires).
The thing I fear, is not Trump "winning, it's not Biden "Winning", it's not even directly related to the election itself, rather it's summarized in Friedrich Nietzsche's famous quote;
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.
This quote while widespread is often ignored or dismissed as a side point, however I've long since come to the conclusion that the intense polarization is intended as a feature not a bug, and Trump is just merely a tool in the plan that has been underway for decades.
We've reached the point where BOTH Republicans AND Democrats (speaking of actual regular voters, not politicians or bots, or those minorities on either side that were already "extremists");
Myself and thousands of others that have traveled or lived in "less free" parts of the world have constantly warned of the similarities of the "But Trump" Boogeyman strategy, and of the dangers of this strategy coming to fruition, people from those regions have spoken the warnings clearly in English and of course we're ridiculed attacked and most importantly ignored.. Because "it can't happen here". Furthermore, the truth is, we've seen many "Trumps" before in recent times.
Anyone that has ever looked at any "Authoritarian" country, recognizes a very simple fact; People enable and allow said tyranny. Consent of the Governed is in fact given to both Democratic leaders and Authoritarian leaders.
In each and every one of these countries, no matter how despicable their leaders, they always manage to find support out of a fear of one or many "Boogeymen". In MENA, the holy trinity of Boogeymen is; The USA, Israel, The Muslim Brotherhood. And depending on which part of MENA, either Iran/Saudi.
Anything and everything wrong with the country, is the fault of one of those Boogeymen, and as a result quite a few people will hate their leaders openly, know they're corrupt thieves, murderers, pedophiles...etc but still back them because at least they're "protecting us from X". They'll be outraged at whatever crime the regime commits against the people, but willingly eat up the pro-regime propaganda because "They were trouble makers that deserved it" or "They were agents of Israel/USA" or "This is a plot by Israel/USA/Iran/Saudi"..etc. The list goes on and on and on. So much so that a common "twisting" of Karl Marx's adage on religion is "Israel is the Opiate of the Arabs", a concept naturally twisted by pro-Israel parties to deflect away from Israel's actual crimes, using typical "Whataboutism"
Sound familiar?
There's no doubt those "Boogeymen" are scary and regularly commit crimes. But the fact that someone commits crimes, has never ever meant that others have not themselves committed crimes. But they want you to think that, or even worse, they want the crimes of said Boogeymen to excuse the crimes of those in their own tribes.
There's a very real reason the astroturfing efforts are focused on "So you want Trump to win?" and "So you're voting for Trump?" type messages when trying to "convince" voters to back Biden that are skeptical. So much so, they haven't even bothered to pretend otherwise. They want binary.
There's a very very VERY good reason that Bernie said we need a global progressive front, and that Yanis Varoufakis agreed., What we're seeing happen in the USA, we saw before in multiple countries. They understand that with corporate authoritarian power going multinational and coordinating on an international basis, we need an international front to fight it, and not just focus on "local" stuff, because as I'm trying to point out, you end up seeing the same tactics happen elsewhere because even those that bother to pay cursory attention think or say "it can't happen here", or more importantly, even if they do understand the possibility of it "happening here" only see it in the light of tribalism, where only "The other" is willing or capable to bring it to fruition.
We're now at the point where civilian oversight of an election is considered a "bad thing" by "Liberals", "cause Drumpf", this isn't the first (or even last) time I've heard something similar. For example, it's anecdotal, but a friend reported once that during a conversation, a very liberal and otherwise "normal" but very "Dem" co-worker mentioned that she found it "extremely creepy" that a Bernie supporter was video taping her counting votes at a precinct in 2016 when she was a volunteer poll worker. She obviously wasn't a Bernie fan.

That is the bigger threat, that is the bigger "goal" that you can easily trace going back to 1971 or even 1933. This is the culmination of everything, including Trump and the Pied Piper strategy (A strategy they continue to repeat even though we've already seen and felt the real results of it on actual people, specifically the most disadvantaged); To effectively and gradually "guide" the populace into accepting tyranny and fascism, either out of exploiting their fears, or out of giving them a sense of self righteousness in which suppressing "the other" is for a "righteous cause" or "the greater good". They've slowly convinced a large group of people across political ideologies that "Stability is more important than Freedom", Something we've seen said before by Trump's "Favorite Dictator", causing a perception shift here in the USA that we're seeing happen in real time., largely mirroring the sentiment in "non-free" countries

You're either with us, or against us is now the rallying cry across the board.. one we've heard before even here in the USA, a message that when last we heard it, it was used to justify one of the worst crimes of the modern era
The intense polarization of America along acceptance of authoritarian tolerance is a feature, not a bug. To quote the pinned tweet of one of the aforementioned accounts;
“The junk merchant doesn't sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product. He does not improve and simplify his merchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client.”
~William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch
Multiple studies from reputable sources have sounded the alarm that faith in democracy is fading fast, but once again, no one is listening, even when "Liberal" favorites talk about it.
To give you an example of what I mean, folks wanting the government to "verify" news (to combat fake news), completely forget (or intentionally omit) the fact that the very same laws they're recommending have already been implemented in multiple countries and only benefit the ruling regime, who use them as just another tool to silence dissident. Furthermore, there are other methods of combating disinformation that don't erode civil liberties., but we rarely hear about them in public discourse, the choice we're always given is "Give up this right, or suffer the consequences".
And a crucial but (intentionally?) overlooked fact on the free-speech debate, starts cutting through all the fog;
“Constitutional protection should be accorded only to speech that is explicitly political,” he wrote. “There is no basis for judicial intervention to protect any other form of expression, be it scientific, literary or that variety of expression we call obscene or pornographic.”
But a transformative ruling by the Supreme Court five years later began to change that thinking. The case, a challenge to a state law that banned advertising the prices of prescription drugs, was filed by Public Citizen, a consumer rights group founded by Ralph Nader. The group argued that the law hurt consumers, and helped persuade the court, in Virginia State Board of Pharmacy v. Virginia Citizens Consumer Council, to protect advertising and other commercial speech.
The only dissent in the decision came from Justice William H. Rehnquist, the court’s most conservative member.
Kathleen M. Sullivan, a former dean of Stanford Law School, wrote that it did not take long for corporations to see the opportunities presented by the decision.
“While the case was litigated by consumer protection advocates,” she wrote in the Harvard Law Review, “corporate speakers soon became the principal beneficiaries of subsequent rulings that, for example, struck down restrictions on including alcohol content on beer can labels, limitations on outdoor tobacco advertising near schools and rules governing how compounded drugs may be advertised.”
That trend has continued, with businesses mounting First Amendment challenges to gun control laws, securities regulations, country-of-origin labels, graphic cigarette warnings and limits on off-label drug marketing.
“I was a bit queasy about it because I had the sense that we were unleashing something, but nowhere near what happened,” Mr. Nader said. “It was one of the biggest boomerangs in judicial cases ever.”
“I couldn’t be Merlin,” he added. “We never thought the judiciary would be as conservative or corporate. This was an expansion that was not preordained by doctrine. It was preordained by the political philosophies of judges.”
Not all of the liberal scholars and lawyers who helped create modern First Amendment law are disappointed. Martin Redish, a law professor at Northwestern University, who wrote a seminal 1971 article proposing First Amendment protection for commercial speech, said he was pleased with the Roberts court’s decisions.
“Its most important contributions are in the commercial speech and corporate speech areas,” he said. “It’s a workmanlike, common sense approach.”
Liberals also played a key role in creating modern campaign finance law in Buckley v. Valeo, the 1976 decision that struck down limits on political spending by individuals and was the basis for Citizens United, the 2010 decision that did away with similar limits for corporations and unions.
One plaintiff was Senator Eugene J. McCarthy, Democrat of Minnesota, who had challenged President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1968 presidential primaries — from the left. Another was the American Civil Liberties Union’s New York affiliate.
Professor Neuborne, a former A.C.L.U. lawyer, said he now regrets the role he played in winning the case. “I signed the brief in Buckley,” he said. “I’m going to spend long amounts of time in purgatory.”
To Professor Seidman, cases like these were part of what he describes as a right-wing takeover of the First Amendment since the liberal victories in the years Chief Justice Earl Warren led the Supreme Court.
“With the receding of Warren court liberalism, free-speech law took a sharp right turn,” Professor Seidman wrote in a new article to be published in the Columbia Law Review. “Instead of providing a shield for the powerless, the First Amendment became a sword used by people at the apex of the American hierarchy of power. Among its victims: proponents of campaign finance reform, opponents of cigarette addiction, the L.B.G.T.Q. community, labor unions, animal rights advocates, environmentalists, targets of hate speech and abortion providers.
Yet, almost all the discourse in free speech debates/"Cancel culture" is focused on anything EXCEPT the corporate aspect, and naturally ignores the only groups actually and truly at a disadvantage.. Joy Ann Reid's was never "cancelled" for her Islamophobia, bigotry, racism, antisemitism...etc , but was rather rewarded with a prime time show, and many of the same "liberals" applaud her regularly.
And obviously on the Right, none of them are "Cancelled" for any obvious transgressions.
It starts getting clearer when you realize what types of people are "agreeing" with each other on the subject, and who certain folks decided to target
All that paints a very clear picture; Only your rights should be revoked. "We" should be given a pass.
Side note; I also find it interesting how many twisted abuses can be traced back to the corporate response to Nader's (at the time) very effective citizen activism.. That was the pivotal moment. Which makes it all the easier to see how they so effectively managed to turn him into a pariah.
On a related note, Information warfare has been predicted to be the new major war front at least as far back as 1996, so this isn't something they just started thinking about in 2016, contrary to popular perception. Hell, an extremely popular anime talked of it in the early 2000s, and fictionally exhibited things we see in reality today.
Even Bin Laden, the infamous terrorist, understood the ramifications, and considered it a primary tenant of his "Death by a thousand cuts" strategy, although he was primary focused on inflicting economic harm.
And "we" walked right into it willingly. Why? Well perhaps this next quote will shed some light;
Richard Shultz, a professor of international politics at Tufts who’s long been a key national security state intellectual, wrote in 2004 that “A very senior [Special Operations Forces] officer who had served on the Joint Staff in the 1990s told me that more than once he heard terrorist strikes characterized as ‘a small price to pay for being a superpower.’
Again, the missed subtext is clear; Human lives lost in terrorism attacks (and increased radicalization due to US actions leading to more potential terrorist attacks) are a cheap price for global (and more importantly economic) dominance. By extension, one can assume that human lives lost to other corporate goals are also considered a "cheap cost".

This is NOT ok.

Speaking of radicalization and Al-Qaeda....
What did the founding fathers (that conservatives love to reference) think of stuff like this?
Abraham Lincoln warned in February 15, 1848, of the dangers of "Only I see and understand the danger, only I can protect you" type politics.
Allow the President to invade a neighboring nation whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such purpose, and you allow him to make war at pleasure. Study to see if you can fix any limit to his power in this respect, after having given him so much as you propose. If to-day he should choose to say he thinks it necessary to invade Canada to prevent the British from invading us, how could you stop him? You may say to him,—”I see no probability of the British invading us”; but he will say to you, “Be silent: I see it, if you don’t.”
The provision of the Constitution giving the war making power to Congress was dictated, as I understand it, by the following reasons: kings had always been involving and impoverishing their people in wars, pretending generally, if not always, that the good of the people was the object. This our convention understood to be the most oppressive of all kingly oppressions, and they resolved to so frame the Constitution that no one man should hold the power of bringing this oppression upon us. But your view destroys the whole matter, and places our President where kings have always stood. Write soon again.
James Madison on Friday, February 8th, 1788 warned;
But the great security against a gradual concentration of the several powers in the same department, consists in giving to those who administer each department the necessary constitutional means and personal motives to resist encroachments of the others. The provision for defense must in this, as in all other cases, be made commensurate to the danger of attack. Ambition must be made to counteract ambition. The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place. It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government. But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is, no doubt, the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.
What's often missed, is the subtext of Madison's warning, and central to the thesis of this essay, clarifies that yes, Government is supposed to represent the will of the people (or what they're willing to tolerate), but what happens when "the people" are "guided" to a particular view? Why is propaganda so prevalent and effective? Why do we reject the very clear evidence and science that entire populations can in fact be "rewired" to a particular view?
In other words, combining the warnings of Nietzsche, Lincoln and Madison's warning leads to the conclusion that yes, if "properly guided" the people can be taught to "yearn for a king", something which again, we've seen happen in practice across the world.
In closing, while none of this information is new but we're reaching the apex of a long arc, and if you've read this and thought one or more of;
Then you're exactly part of the problem I'm warning of. I'm not saying vote for Trump, I'm not saying vote for Biden. I'm not saying to vote at all, or that voting actually has much to do with it in the first place.
I'm pointing out a very simple fact expressed once by Benjamin Franklin, and even though the context was endlessly butchered, the real context makes it far more relevant;
In January 1775 Benjamin Franklin (1796-1790) was part of an American delegation sent to Britain in an attempt to resolve the outstanding disagreements between the Crown and the colonies. Seventeen points were up for discussion of which several were rejected outright by the Crown while others were rejected by the colonies. Franklin’s comments regarding the last two points produced one of his most famous sayings from the period:
As to the other two acts, (i.e. 16. The American admiralty courts reduced to the same powers they have in England, and the acts establishing them to be reënacted in America; and 17. All powers of internal legislation in the colonies to be disclaimed by Parliament) the Massachusetts (sic) must suffer all the hazards and mischiefs of war rather than admit the alteration of their charters and laws by Parliament. ‘They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.’
The context explained in the analysis makes it ever more clear;
It is interesting to see where the main lines of disagreement lay between the colonists' delegation to London and the Crown in early 1775 which one would think would have been the last opportunity at some kind of reconciliation before independence was declared and war broke out. The sticking points for the Crown were the 8th, 11th, and 17th Articles which were declared to be “inadmissible” or were “refused absolutely”: “8. No troops to enter and quarter in any colony, but with the consent of its legislature. 11. The late Massachusetts and Quebec Acts to be repealed, and a free government granted to Canada. 17. All powers of internal legislation in the colonies to be disclaimed by Parliament.” The payment of back taxes might be negotiable but when it came to the stationing of troops or placing limits on the power of Parliament over colonial legislatures no compromise was possible without giving up political power. Franklin’s remarks about the trade offs between “essential liberty” and “a little temporary safety” seem to have been directed at those in the colonies who could see that further compromise was no longer possible by the Crown and that it was up to the colonies to cave in in order to maintain the peace. Franklin was urging them that to do this would be to give up the entire game and thereby scuttle any chance for real liberty and independence in the colonies.

The king is dead, long live the king.

TL;DR : Shit is fucked. Read it.
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2020.09.01 14:16 dsut22 A background to Wood Green MOB

A background to Wood Green MOB

Wood Green MOB

A background into Wood Green MOB (Money Over Bitches), formerly known as Wood Green PBP (Paper Before Pussy,) Hoodfellas and Mobstarz, Wood Green, North London.

Wood Green (With Sky City Housing Estate behind The Mall Wood Green)

Many drill fans will certainly have heard of the Wood Green MOB group in drill as it's very active in the road scene, the fact that North London is pretty much the hottest place for gang rivalry, and its intense rivalry with certain other North and East End of London areas like South Tottenham, Hornsey and Hoxton, I've seen many other pages with talk about Wood Green MOB like the music they produce and more so about who they beef and the points scored between rival gangs, but for people new to UK Drill (or who do not know some of the history of the Wood Green MOB gang) I trust you will find the background to Wood Green MOB, and its actual precursors intriguing. It took me a while to gather information on a group widely known as other neighbouring London groups. I may do more of these, I could do 6th based in Beckton and maybe Manor Park based in the Manor Park and Cage area.


Based around the London Borough of Haringey, located on numerous estates throughout Wood Green including Sky City, the Sandlings, Noel Park, Commerce Road and Acacia Road all within the N22 postal district. Some of their territory has expanded to the New Southgate area of N11. 22 is another name for the gang and they have mainly been seen in North London in Wood Green on the Commerce Road. They are a very active gang and have been around for over 40 years dating back to the 1970s where drug dealers from Wood Green would offer people drugs to make money, they are very very closely allies with fellow North London area Edmonton, they are also one of North London’s most well known and active gangs, stemming even well before the days of the Dem Africans and Shankstarz. Wood Green MOB also go by #WG, #Block 2, #22 #LampzWorld, #GSH, #MelloCity, #N22 , #MOB , #GreenGang , #DBlock/DBMG. Wood Green is known as Mob City by many gang members and by locals.

Mob City

The Wood Green area borders Bowes Park (N13 and N22), Hornsey (N8), Palmers Green (N13) and Duckett's Green (N15). Many of their rivals are based in and around these areas, in particular South Tottenham and Hornsey.
Born from the ashes of old-school North London gang called Wood Green Firm or more commonly known as Firm, Wood Green then saw rap groups form more commonly though in the 2000s under the Wood Green MOB label and it quickly became a well known stomping ground for many of North London's well know and rising road rap talents, most notably Smokey (who was one of the originals in the road rap scene) and Brucey. Working under the Wood Green MOB and Wood Green PBP banner through the early 2010s, the gang quickly found a creative style of music on tunes like "F*** a Family," gradually making their presence known into London's road rap scene. As the sounds of London's road rap shifted, so did the duo's: their 2010s song, You Can Get Touched, saw the group delve into U.K.-style road rap/trap, while in the latter 2010's songs like , Looking For Who, helped to establish the Wood Green's presence on the burgeoning drill scene. It was in the 2010's decade that gangs truly made their mark: working with producers from MKThePlug to M1OnTheBeat, Wood Green gradually built a following with their disses to rivals and creative synergy. Marking their songs with the tag #Wood Green, the gang founded their drill collective just as Wood Green MOB, an homage to the ''Mob City'' area, where gang members will have grown up and represent.
A number of past and current generations of gangs have existed in Haringey and other London boroughs that associate with the colour red and blue, some of which in the past had also self-identified themselves as Bloods and Crips. One of the first of these was the short lived Cripset from Dorset Road which claimed affiliation to the Rollin 80's Crips in Los Angeles. The gang was most active throughout the mid 2000's and were rivals to 031 Bloods, now know simply as 031 (O-Tray One) based in the Patmore and Hartington estates. This is seen as a massive influence on London from the famous American rival gangs Bloods and Crips.
Wood Green MOB themselves have never claimed Crips or Bloods like their rivals have and they have always affiliated with the colour green.
There are a number of other gangs in London which have been linked with the colour red. The Ida Bloodstarz from Ida Road and Tottenham have always used the colour red, whilst the former gang EvaStrap (now known as Reed Road) in the borough of Haringey in which they are located had asubset nicknamed 'Reed Road Cripz' and can still be seen using blue bandanas to this day, this is due to the ongoing American influence.
Some of PBP/MOB's rivalries have identified with colours themselves such as Original Farm Boys who used to be known as just Broadwater Farm/Tottenham Mandem, identify with the colour red and also Northumberland Park Killers/NPK who used to be a part of the Tottenham Mandem gang collective, identify with the colour purple .

Current beef and alliances

Wood Green Firm and the current Wood Green MOB gang have had some of the same rivalries between gangs but some of the rivalries were rid of and have now become extinct during the current generation of the Wood Green MOB gang. The current generation of the mass rivalry in Haringey has overtaken the old school rivalry that was between Wood Green and Archway Mandem and Busy Blocks.
Wood Green MOB allies: 3x3/N9 (N9), 900/9Double0/DA (Dem Africans), 6th/ACG(Anyone Can Go)/Hammerville (E6)), 37/OJB (SW11), Touch Paper Lane/TPL (N15 and N22), Arnos Grove (N11 and N14) and 4BP (NW4).
Wood Green MOB rivalries: 197/K9/Graveyard Family (N2, N3, and N12), N15/Ida Road/Tiverton Road (N15) Northumberland Park Killers/NPK/SinSquad (N17), Original Farm Boys/OFB (N17), Hornsey Grey Gang/8th/V8 (N8), Grahame Park (NW9), Albany Park/Skengfield (EN3), N19/Busy Blocks (N19) and Hoxton (N1).

Early to mid 1990's

During the early 1990’s a gang known as the Firm was active across the north of London, first being and restricted to Tottenham but extending to incorporate nearby parts of Haringey such as Edmonton and Wood Green. By 1996-97 the different districts began to identify with their local area with their younger generations and so the Edmonton Firm and Wood Green Firm were formulated and this type of local district affiliation still happens widespread today. The Wood Green Firm birthed around Gladstone Avenue in Noel Park and on the Sandlings estates, which are main bases of Wood Green MOB today. Many members were educated at St Dorothy’s, St Katherine’s and Broomfield Schools in north London, and later Southgate College. The Sandlings and Sky City estates were the main area of activity from the beginning and later Sandlings was nicknamed ''Shell Town'', largely because the shotgun was once a favoured weapon as was its shells ammunition.
Wood Green and North London as a whole always had much of a multi-generational phases of gangs, which would have had each generation taking on their own identity and name, in comparison to other London Boroughs such as the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Lambeth and Waltham Forest. Sky City Estate and the Sandlings, where the Wood Green MOB gang was formed, had long had music being produced during the time which they descended into gang violence in the 1990's and mid 2000s, previously being called the gang Hoodfellas and City of Gods. In reports of the late 1990s, Wood Green and many areas of North London as a whole was characterized as deprived in income, employment, health and crime.
Wood Green dominated over the nearby Hornsey area which is where Hornsey Mandem developed was created, the two were close in alliance until 2008. Wood Green remained close with other ‘Firm’ areas Edmonton until 2003-04 and Tottenham until 2005, however, these area relationships in north London were later broken down by second and third iteration members and now beef today.


The first generation Wood Green Firm began to call themselves ‘Junior Mafia’ or ‘Junior Mafia Woodz’ in the late 1990’s and going into the millennium. The second generations became known collectively as Wood Green MOB – Money Over Bitches. Within the MOB’s sprawling turf, covering large parts of the N22 post code (known as 22nd Side), sets developed that were geographically placed on various estates such as the Avenues (Noel Park), Acacia Road, Bracknell Close and Progress Way, Commerce Road, the Sandlings and Sky City estates.
Following the death of a young Tottenham boy in 1997, perpetrated by the Hackney Mandem, members of the Wood Green Firm were firmly backing the conflict that came to be generalised as ‘Hackney versus Tottenham’. At this point in time Wood Green and Tottenham were close allies, Edmonton were also their allies. Although the conflict mainly concerned those from Broadwater Farm and London Fields estates, Wood Green counted Hackney as a rival.
By 1998, a host of gang names begun to exist under the umbrella of Wood Green MOB over the last several years including Shell Town Soldiers, Junior Mafia Woodz, Mobstarz, Hoodfellas, North Bangers, PBP (Paper Before Pussy), City of Gods and Mobcity Young Gunners / GSR. The names loosely denote various age generations of the gang, Wood Green MOB or Mobstarz remains as the collective identity. Wood Green is also known amongst other things as Mobcity. A second, separate gang forms across Wood Green and Tottenham and known as SK or Shadow Kings. They are a predominantly African set and do not have a set turf due to their focus not being banging but trapping. They are associated with the MOB and although not affiliated with TMD, often worked for them.


A long-time defunct set called 1 Nation is formed after breaking away from the wider Shadow Kings


Shadow Kings starts a heavy rivalry with Tottenham. This would be the first ever Wood Green vs Tottenham rivalry. Numerous lives were lost during this rivalry.
By 2001-02, there had been multiple murders, along with countless shootings and drug offences, which saw many of the first generation members imprisoned for long sentences. At this point the second and third generations of Wood Green were known as ‘Junior Mafia’ and as ‘Wood Green MOB’. The equivalent generations of Edmonton went on to become known as the Shankstarz whilst over a dozen Tottenham estates began to adopt their own identity, for example NPK (from Northumberland Park).
Many of the teenagers involved in this generation were known to one another as friends, having attended the same schools and having played football together, and through family ties. Despite this, the areas began to challenge each others reputation and it wasn’t long before this escalated into violence.
In 2002, up to a dozen members of the Wood Green MOB – the Junior Mafia Woodz – were caught by police surveillance following a four-month robbery spree. The gang members, aged 12-19, were said by police to see themselves as untouchable, preying on innocent victims as a pack to steal cash and mobile phones often at knifepoint. Jermaine Campbell (later sentenced for the murder of Andre Linton in 2005), Craig Johnson and Ashley Gowdie, all then 16, were ordered to be detained for three years despite being young offenders because their crimes were deemed so serious.
Up to 1,300 hours of surveillance film showed scenes of robbery taking place. The gang were identifiable by their trademark clothing of t-shirts with Loony tunes characters. Robbery offences were said to have fallen by 33% in Wood Green shopping centre following the convictions. The youths were said to have been led on robbery offences by older members of the gang Shane Reid and Marcus Downie. 2003

The third generation become known as Wood Green MOB + WGM (Wood Green Mandem). Their turf expands to cover large parts of the N22 post code (known as 22nd Side).
In 2003, the Shankstarz were involved in the stabbing of two teenagers, one from Wood Green and one from Tottenham. This generation of Wood Green, and NPK from Tottenham, were now rivals with nearby Lower Edmonton (N9).


In 2004, Wood Green MOB were allies with a gang known as the Shadow Kings, a predominantly African gang whose members lived across Wood Green and Tottenham N17 areas. Shadow Kings, who were often present in Wood Green, began conflict with Tiverton from south Tottenham (who at the time had internal issues in Tottenham with Broadwater Farm). During the conflict Wood Green membership was torn between loyalties with Tottenham and the Shadow Kings. Those who sided with the Shadow Kings gained a new enemy in Tottenham. Wood Green-Tottenham beef begins.
The conflict with Edmonton was continued predominantly with NPK rather than Wood Green and resulted in numerous stabbings culminating with a series of convictions following a large outbreak of violent disorder on Hertford Road, Edmonton, in 2007. By this point in time Wood Green and Tottenham were no longer allies as a result of torn loyalties developing from disputes that occurred in 2005.


The fallout brought Tottenham back together, ending internal disputes that had not developed into anything too serious, and in 2005 the Wood Green MOB began serious conflict with Tottenham gangs, mainly Broadwater Farm, Ida Bloodstarz and Tiverton.
A growing number of shootings had been occurring between Tottenham and Wood Green in 2005. Furthermore, an 18-year-old and a 20-year-old male were gunned down in Tottenham and Wood Green the preceding years in murder cases that both remain unsolved.
Among the incidents in the run-up to the murder of Tottenham male, Andre Linton - an innocent victim of this feud, an 18-year-old was seriously wounded during a knife attack near Broadwater Farm whilst a 17-year-old was also injured in a drive-by shooting, also on the Farm. In the latter incident, local Member of Parliament David Lammy was there to attend to the shot boy. He later criticised police who refused to allow the ambulance to reach the victim after they had sealed the area off whilst carrying out a risk assessment. The victim, Charles Osei-Bonsu, suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder.
In April 2005, the press picked up on the growing rivalry between MOB and the Farm, calling it an armed turf-war. In the week that preceded the article there had been reports of a drive-by shooting and a gunfight on West Green Road where eight shell cases were discovered. This was followed by another gunfight on Clarendon Road and police were later called to attend North Middlesex Hospital where a young man with gunshot wounds to the leg had presented himself.
In May 2005, 22-year-old Andre Linton was killed by a single bullet after his car was surrounded by members of the Wood Green MOB on Buller Road, Wood Green. Jermaine 'Killa' Campbell, then 19, was later charged with the murder. Andre, who was a pupil at Greig City Academy and formerly of Northumberland Park School, was not a gang member. It is believed the trigger was something as arbitrary as a 'dirty look'. Police were called to six reports of firearms that evening, it followed three seperate shootings that had taken place on Turnpike Lane and Broadwater Farm.
In total, there had been twenty recorded incidents of violent disorder involving guns or knives in the eight weeks prior to the murder. In one attack, an innocent eight-year-old child was injured during a hit-and-run when a car being driven by a gang fleeing the scene mounted the pavement. The tit-for-tat rivalry continued between Broadwater Farm, joined sometimes by other Tottenham gangs including Tiverton and Ida, against the Wood Green MOB. In October 2006, Wood Green MOB's Jerome Vassell, 19, was left fighting for his life after being shot in the head outside a talent show at the West Indian Cultural Centre in Clarendon Road, Hornsey. Vassell , also known as JV or Warlord, was allowed to leave Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, however, he suffered severe brain damage that caused partial paralysis and communication problems. Green City alliance is formed between Wood Green, Edmonton Green, and Bounds Green. All three gangs begin wearing green bandanas.


Those gangsters who were involved in Shadow Kings had now joined Wood Green MOB after many Shadow King members face imprisonment and longer sentences.
At the time of Jerome Vassell’s death, Wood Green had teamed up with once brief enemies from Edmonton who were now known as the Shankstarz. The link became popularised as the Green City alliance (Wood Green to Edmonton Green), with both gangs increasingly associating with the colour green and wearing of green clothing including bandanas. Wood Green were also linked with the Meridian Mandem (Meridian Crew and Bloodline music crew) and Palmers Green, referred to locally as P-Town. This generation of Wood Green also became allies to the London Fields Boys, another gang who the Wood Green olders once shared an extreme hatred of alongside their older Tottenham allies.
In 2008, long-term allies Hornsey and Wood Green began to fall into conflict with one another. A series of incidents contributed to the build up of the rivalry including a stabbing on Commerce Road estate in Wood Green, the victim was associated with Wood Green younger set ‘City of Gods’. A number of tit-for-tat incidents followed with robberies of Wood Green youngers by Hornsey, and attacks carried out by Warlordz and LMD sets.
Wood Green responded with similar violations against the Hornsey Grey Gang and it escalated throughout the rest of 2008. In one incident in September 2008, up to forty rivals fought a pitched battle on Lymington Avenue, Wood Green, during which a 17-year-old boy suffered serious stab wounds and was described as lucky to be alive. He was stabbed in the legs, back and face as the youths fought with sticks and bottles. Some of those involved were caught on CCTV in nearby Gladstone Road although their faces were concealed with bandanas. By the end of 2008 Hornsey Grey Gang had developed an alliance with Wood Green’s rivals from Tottenham including NPK.
Since 2008 a new wave of younger members have made headlines for minor offences typically associated with the early stages of gang evolvement. The Sky City and Sandlings estates continue to be a preferred hangout by aspiring gang members. The Sky City estate, which sits above Wood Green shopping mall, often makes local headlines for gang activity. In an unusual outcome in 2010, Haringey Council blocked plans for a dispersal zone on the estate, largely because the confines of the estate are not a public place (dispersal prevent loitering in public places).
With the relocation of a number of older members to Palmers Green the new younger sets have been left to run amok continuing age old rivalries with nearby gangs. Stabbings incidents have occurred frequently with young members in their early to mid teens. A 15-year-old boy was stabbed in Wood Green High Road on the day of the Royal Wedding, April 29th, after being chased through the town centre. He was stabbed repeatedly by a group of youths in broad daylight in what police believe was an attempted murder. The following month a teenager was knocked off his bike by a car on Darwin Road, Noel Park, before the occupants got out and stabbed him.


In 2010 Michael Gaynor received an ASBO banning him from Wood Green for five years. The order also prevents him from associating with thirteen other members of the gang; from being in a group of three or more in a public place; from uploading pictures or footage that features green bandanas; and from featuring in any music video of audio material that is uploaded onto the internet and incites violence towards rival gangs.
Despite having had gang affiliations in Wood Green since his early youth G Money (Michael Gaynor) is one of the biggest names on the underground rap/road music scene. He was interviewed for MTV’s the Wrap Up in 2010 where he spoke about his early influences and the release of early Wood Green mixtape ‘Mobstarz Most Hated Vol 1’.
Michael Gaynor was one of two leading figures in the Wood Green MOB to receive recent ASBOs. Fellow member Rowan Lopez was banned from entering Wood Green from 2011 until 2013. It was an extension of an earlier ASBO he was granted in 2009. Like Gaynor, he has been prohibited from posting videos online showing him inciting people to violence and promoting gang activity and identity. Both males had long histories of offending going back to their teens including robbery and weapon offences. Another leading figure of the current olders was arrested and charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs and sentenced to two years in 2011.
Another member of the Wood Green MOB, Terrence Abalola also known as Ghost, 18, was sentenced to four years in 2010. It came after a teenager arranged for his 15-year-old cousin to be beaten, robbed and sprayed with tear gas during a house robbery. Abalola led two other teens, all in masks, into the cousins home in Stoke Newington where they attacked the boy. They screamed at him ‘where’s your stuff’, at which point he recognised one of the voice having shared a McDonald’s meal with one of them in Wood Green just two days earlier. The three robbers fled with the boy’s TV, Xbox games console, laptop computer, mobile phone, £300 cash and his mothers iPod Touch.
The younger generational iterations of the gang begin to go by the various sets: Mobstarz City of Gods Hoodfellas North Bangers
Paper Before Pussy
They all collectively rep Wood Green and share in the same allies and and enemies.

2011 - present

After this the gangs in London started to drop the usage of Crips and Bloods into the gang names and began to use gang names that are more modern and still in usage as of the present day and that includes all Haringey based gang.
The current day allies of Wood Green continue to be the Shankstarz from Edmonton, who today are now known as 3x3, P-Town (Palmers Green), Arnos Grove, London Fields Boys formerly who have now cut ties with Wood Green MOB and have no ties to the current faction known as Zero Tolerance and the remaining former members of the now defunct Shadow Kings. There have been some links with Dem Africans (shared link with Shadow Kings) and Young Dem Africans, however the picture is less clear because the latter have historic roots in Tottenham, and Dem Africans have since become #900. Despite this, a senior member of the Wood Green MOB accompanied a handful of Young Dem African members to West Green Road, Tottenham, in September 2009 where they were fired at by a prominent member of the Ida Bloodstarz with a sub machine gun. All fled from the gunfire and escaped without serious injury. Another link, although less relevant owing to distance, is with MPR (Make Paper Regardless) who are from west London (Shepherd's Bush and South Acton). The association with MPR was built by members who were serving custodial sentences in a London prison.
Rappers/Drillers in the drill era from Wood Green MOB like Lampz and Jigga J took a foothold in the drill and gang life scene. Lampz aka Kelvin Odunuyi was a very well known gang member and was deeply hated by his enemies because pressurised Tottenham and Hoxton heavily. In 2018, at the Hollywood Wood Green cinema, a motorcycle that came down from Lordship Lane (the road that leads from Wood Green into the N17 postal district) drove towards the entrance of the cinema and one of the two on the motorcycle fired shots through the window and circled back to deliver a final fatal shot to the head of Odunuyi. Many saw it as a revenge attack for Odunuyi's alleged involvement in the death of Kobi Nelson, a former NPK member who reformed as an anti-crime campaigner, Jigga J was involved and sentenced to life for the death of Nelson.
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2020.07.30 06:46 cherenkov_blue Singapore is a Meritocracy* [EXTRA LONG POST]

Singapore is a Meritocracy* [EXTRA LONG POST]
Edit: Thank you for all the comments and chat messages! I'm trying to go through each one. Writing thoughtful comments in the midst of having a full-time job is HARD WORK. I think I've missed a few questions, drop me a message if you're interested in continuing a discussion, I'm open to listening! There has been a lot of good comments, a few with great perspectives, and now I have a whole lot of things to read up on.
Now that the 2020 General Election is firmly in our rear-view mirror, there is something that I have been meaning to write about: institutionalized racism affecting the minorities, especially the Malays, in Singapore. If you are groaning at this thinking you have been misled by this post’s title, I assure you that by the end of this post you will understand the caveat behind the above-mentioned title. I plead for a little of your time and patience.
We have seen many discussions online about majority privilege and systemic racism impacting the minorities. Many of you may have even participated in some of these discussions. I will not try to explain those terms for they have already been repeatedly debated to death. What this post aims to achieve is to bring to light Singapore’s history and government policies that have either benefited the majority race or kneecapped the minority race. Or both.
Why am I doing this?
It is frustrating to see some Singaporeans fully buying into the narrative that Singapore is a truly meritocratic society; that the government’s policies do not discriminate against minorities, or if a Singaporean worked hard enough he or she will succeed (whatever the definition of success is), or that we have anti-discriminatory laws that protect the minorities. Some even claim that the Malays enjoy special privileges due to Section 152 of the Constitution describing the special position of Malays, and that the Malays are blessed with free education in Singapore.
Section 152, “Special Position”, free education for all Malays?
Minorities and special position of Malays
152.—(1) It shall be the responsibility of the Government constantly to care for the interests of the racial and religious minorities in Singapore.
(2) The Government shall exercise its functions in such manner as to recognise the special position of the Malays, who are the indigenous people of Singapore, and accordingly it shall be the responsibility of the Government to protect, safeguard, support, foster and promote their political, educational, religious, economic, social and cultural interests and the Malay language.
The oft-mentioned Section 152 of the Constitution was an administrative continuation of previously existing colonial policy towards the Malays [Col: 126]. Regardless of the “special position” of the Malays, the only form of assistance rendered to the Malays was the policy of free education for all Malay students. This minimal approach of the government did little to improve the educational and socio-economic standing of the Malays as revealed by the 1980 national census. The free tertiary education policy was ultimately removed in 1990, despite opposition from Malays who questioned the constitutionality of its removal [col: 126].
With free education for all Malays, why haven’t their socio-economic and educational standings improved?
There are many factors to look at, and the issue goes way back to the colonial era so that’s where we shall start. The colonial administrators of Singapore, in their pursuit of capitalistic gains, had little use for the native inhabitants. The natives who were already living off their own land had no desire to work for the British as labourers. The British saw this unwillingness to work for them as indolence, and ascribed many other negative cultural stereotypes to the locals [pdf]. Nailing home the capitalistic intent of colonial presence in Singapore, the British Director of Education R. O. Winstedt explained their policy for education for the natives in 1920 [pg. 2]:
"The aim of the government is not to turn out a few well-educated youths, nor a number of less well-educated boys; rather it is to improve the bulk of the people, and to make the son of a fisherman or a peasant a more intelligent fisherman or peasant than his father had been, and a man whose education will enable him to understand how his lot in life fits in with the scheme of life around him".
And in 1915, a British resident revealed the colonial attitude towards education [pg. 3]:
"The great object of education is to train a man to make a living.... you can teach Malays so that they do not lose their skill and craft in fishing and jungle work. Teach them the dignity of manual labour, so that they do not all become krannies (clerks) and I am sure you will not have the trouble which has arisen in India through over education"
The type and quality of education that the British set up for the native inhabitants show that they had no intentions to empower the locals with skills for a new economy. The education provided, while free, was to make sure the locals were kept out of trouble for the British, and remain subservient to the colonial causes. Further impeding the socio-economic status of Malays, the British actively discouraged Malays in switching from agricultural production to more lucrative cash crops, preventing the building of wealth among the Malay communities (Shahruddin Ma’arof, 1988: 51). In contrast to the British suppression of the buildup of Malay wealth and provision of vernacular education, Chinese businessmen, clan associations and Christian missionaries established Chinese schools where students were taught skills like letter-writing and the use of the abacus. By the turn of the 20th century, the curriculum in these Chinese-language schools expanded to include arithmetic, science, history and geography while Malay-language schools under Winstedt’s educational policies focused on vernacular subjects such as basket-weaving.
So, when Singapore attained self-governance, did things get better?
Discontent with the education system and social inequalities was already a big issue in the mid 1950s that the parties that contested for the Legislative Assembly championed for reforms to social issues like better education systems, housing subsidies and workers rights.
The People’s Action Party (PAP) won the 1959 Legislative Assembly general elections by running on a rather progressive platform of low-cost housing, improvement of employment opportunities for locals and a stronger education. They also campaigned for abolishing the inequality of wealth in their election manifesto (Petir, 1958: 2), with PAP chairman Dr Toh Chin Chye expressing his disgust at seeing “so many of our people reduced to living like animals because under the present social and economic system, the good things of life are for the ruthless few, those who believe that the poor and the humble are despicable failures.”
With the PAP in power, assurances were made to Singaporeans that no community would be left behind. In 1965, Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew promised aid specifically to help raise the economic and education levels of the Malays. In 1967 during a mass rally at Geylang Serai, PM Lee again promised that “the Government with the support of the non-Malays are prepared to concentrate more than the average share of our resources on our Malay citizens [pdf].” He emphasized the importance of lifting all sections of the community to an even footing, reasoning that “if one section of the community were to lag behind it would harm the unity and integrity of the nation” (Bedlington, 1974: 289).
Despite these promises to help the minorities narrow the inequality gap, very little was done to realize it. Instead, the government took a ruthless approach towards economic growth, sparing no expense. Deputy Prime Minister Goh Keng Swee explained the government’s main concern was “to generate fast economic growth by any and every possible means. . . . If unequal distribution of income induced greater savings and investment . . . then this must be accepted as the price of fighting unemployment.” (Goh, 1972: 275)
By the late 1970s, a strong shift in parents’ preference towards an English-medium education for their children had resulted in a rapid decline in the number of vernacular schools.
Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, there was a shift of parents’ preference towards educating their child in the English stream. This shift, together with a period of minimal intervention in terms of educational policy and assistance to the minorities by the government, caused the number of enrolments in vernacular schools to rapidly decline. The socio-economic gap also widened between the Malays and Chinese, as the Chinese community enjoyed greater occupational mobility relative to the minorities. This can be seen in the shift in the lower manual occupation category, from a relatively equal proportion in 1957 to a 10 percent difference in 1980 [Table A]. In 1980, the average Malay household income was only 73.8 percent of the average Chinese household income. The income gap widened considerably by 1990, where the average Malay household income dropped to 69.8 percent of the average Chinese household income [Table B] (Rahim, 1998: 19-22). Decades after the lofty promises were made by the government, the Malay community’s slide into marginality continued.
Table A

Table B
Wait, the gap got bigger? Did the government do anything?
In 1979, Education Minister Dr Goh Keng Swee with the Education Study Team released a report on the Ministry of Education, more widely known as the Goh Report. The team was made up of 13 members, most of them systems analysts and economists, and none of whom ‘possess much knowledge or expertise on education’ (Goh Report, 1979: 1). The all-Chinese team excluded social scientists and educationalists, as the Education Minister had little regard for their expertise (Rahim, 1998: 121). The Goh Report made recommendations for radical changes to the educational system, recommendations which then became the basis of the New Education System (NES).
During a time when Tamil, Malay and Chinese schools were getting closed down due to declining enrolment numbers due to the popularity of English medium ones, the Special Assistance Plan (SAP) was introduced in 1978 to preserve and develop nine Chinese schools into bilingual (Mandarin and English) schools while retaining the values and traditions of a Chinese school. As part of the NES, these schools were to be the only ones to offer the Special course which the top 10 percent scorers of the PSLE are eligible to opt for. With these schools getting more resources, better facilities and the best teachers, the SAP contradicts the multi-racial principle of giving equal treatment to the non-English language streams. This exclusivity and the elite status of SAP schools affords its students better opportunities and advantages that are virtually out of reach for many minorities in Singapore. Effectively, the SAP is an institutionalized form of ethnic/cultural favouritism (Rahim, 1998: 130)
The NES also introduced early streaming for students which further exacerbated existing inequalities. Despite primary school education being free for all Singaporeans, families with better financial means have a huge advantage in preparing their child for streaming through additional tuition and better preschool choices#. (Barr & Low, 2005: 177) As we have seen from the disparity in household incomes between the Chinese and Malays, early streaming served to widen the gap between the haves and have-nots. The have-nots, more often than not, find themselves in the lower streams, trapped with very limited options providing upward social mobility. They will have to face an insurmountable task to lift themselves and their future generations out of their current predicament.
In 1982, the PAP slogan “a more just and equal society” was quietly dropped from the party’s constitution. This signaled an end to the socialist ideals that the party built its identity upon.
Why? It can’t be that the government favours one race over another...can it?
Examining the PAP leadership’s attitude towards the different cultures and ethnicities is key to understanding what the government values and how these values shaped its policies. Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, as quoted in the Goh Report, extolled the values of East Asian philosophies: "The greatest value in the teaching and learning of Chinese is in the transmission of the norms of social or moral behaviour. This means principally Confucianist beliefs and ideas, of man [sic], society and the state" (Goh, 1979: v). The government’s championing of SAP schools and ‘Chinese values’ is also complemented by the launch of ‘Speak Mandarin Campaign’ in 1979.
In 1991, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong espoused similar values as his predecessor, praising the virtues of ‘Confucian dynamism’ and claiming that Singapore would not be able to thrive and prosper without the Confucian core values of thrift, hard work and group cohesion. The fear of erosion of the Chinese cultural identity was never matched with a similar concern for the erosion of minority cultural identities, where the minorities were “expected to submit to a form of partial or incomplete assimilation into a Chinese-generated, Chinese-dominated society.#” (Barr & Low, 2005: 167)
On top of favouring Chinese cultural values and identities, the PAP leadership associated the cultures of the minorities with negative connotations. Speaking about a Malay who did well in business, Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew described the man as “acting just like a Chinese. You know, he’s bouncing around, running around, to-ing and fro-ing. In the old culture, he would not be doing that” (Han, et al., 1998: 184). In a Straits Times article on 26 June 1992, SM Lee also implied that the Chinese are inherently better at Maths, and that "If you pretend that the problem does not exist, and that in fact (the Malays) can score as well as the Chinese in Maths, then you have created yourself an enormous myth which you will be stuck with.+"
These attitudes from the ruling elite translated into more policies that preserved the advantage of the majority. When faced with the “pressing national problem”* of a declining birth-rate of the Chinese, the government took steps to ensure Chinese numerical dominance in Singapore. The Singapore government encouraged the immigration of skilled workers from countries like Hong Kong, Korea, and Macau, countries which were accorded the status of ‘traditional sources’ of foreign labour (Rahim, 1998: 72). Meanwhile, showing the government’s preference and/or dislike for specific groups of people, Malaysian Malays faced great difficulty in getting work permits. (“‘Harder’ for bumiputras to get S’pore work permits.+”, The Straits Times, 7 Mar 1991)
Another policy which worked to preserve the advantage of the majority was the urban resettlement programmes of the 1960s and 1970s. This resulted in the dissolution of the Malay electoral strongholds in the east, undermining the organic growth of Malay political grassroots. When it became apparent in the 1980s that the Malays were moving back to the traditional Malay residential areas, an ethnic residential quota, labelled the Ethnic Integration Policy, was implemented. The rationale behind the quota was to ensure a balanced racial mix, purportedly for racial harmony. However, this rationale does not stand up to scrutiny in the face of numerous academic studies on interethnic urban attitudes and relations**. Another consequence of the policy is the reinforcement of racial segregation when taking into account the income disparity between the races. Underlining the weakness of the government’s reasoning, constituencies like Hougang were allowed to remain Chinese residential enclaves despite its population being approximately 80 percent Chinese. (Rahim, 1998: 73-77)
Perhaps the most controversial policy introduced was the Graduate Mothers Scheme. It was introduced in 1983 to reverse the trend of falling fertility rates of graduate women versus the rising birth-rate of non-graduate women***. In a push to encourage graduate mothers to get married and have children, Deputy Prime Minister Dr Goh Keng Swee unveiled a suite of incentives; all-expenses paid love-boat cruises for eligible graduate singles in the civil service, a computer dating service, fiscal incentives, and special admissions to National University of Singapore (NUS) to even out the male-female student ratio#. At the other end of the spectrum, lesser-educated women were encouraged to have smaller families in a scheme called the Small Family Incentive Scheme. This was achieved by paying out a housing grant worth S$10,000 to women who were able to meet the following set of conditions: be below 30 years of age, have two or less children, educational level not beyond secondary school, have a household income totalling not more than S$1,500 and willing to be sterilized#.
Based on the average household income statistics, a simple deduction could be made that those eligible for the sterilization programme were disproportionately from the minority communities.
Isn’t that eugenics?
Yes. Singapore had a government-established Eugenics Board.
The graduate mothers and sterilization programmes were greatly unpopular and were ultimately abandoned or modified after the PAP’s mandate took a 12.9 percent hit in the 1984 general election. However that did not mean that eugenics stopped being an influence in policy-making.
In his 1983 National Day address, PM Lee stated that when it comes to intelligence, “80 per cent is nature, or inherited, and 20 per cent the differences from different environments and upbringing.” This is telling of the role that eugenics, biological determinist and cultural deficit theories played in the formation of PAP policies.
To further safeguard Singapore from “genetic pollution” (Rahim, 1998: 55, Tremewan, 1994: 113), the Ministry of Labour in 1984 issued a marriage restriction between work permit holders and Singaporeans. The work permit holder would have his work permit cancelled, be deported and be permanently barred from re-entering Singapore if he were to marry a Singaporean or permanent resident without obtaining prior approval. Approval from the Commissioner for Employment would only be given if the work permit holder possesses skills and qualifications of value to Singapore.
Doesn’t sound to me like the government targets any particular race with its policies.
Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in 1987 rationalized that certain posts in the Singapore Armed Forces had been closed to Malays for "national security" reasons. He claimed that this policy was implemented to avoid placing Malays in an awkward position when loyalty to nation and religion came into conflict. PM Lee also added that the Malays behaved more as Malay Muslims than as loyal Singaporeans. PM Lee and DPM Lee’s statements finally made explicit what many suspected to have been an implicit rule. It could be observed that, despite being overrepresented in the civil service, Malays tend to stay in the lower-to-middle rungs of organizations like the SAF. It is also noteworthy that, to date, no Malay has held important Cabinet portfolios such as Minister of Defence, Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Trade and Industry.
The conflation of loyalty to the country with approval of the ruling party proved to be patently flawed, as studies by the Institute of Policy Studies (ST, 30 Sept 1990: 22; IPS, 2010) indicate that Singaporean Malays showed a stronger sense of national pride and identification compared to the other major ethnic groups. The study also found that Citizen-Nation Psychological Ties (CNP) scores, that is, national loyalty, weakens with: higher socio-economic status, Chinese, youth, and political alienation. Even when the Malays have been historically disenfranchised, they were found to be proud to be Singaporeans, loyal to Singapore and more willing to sacrifice for the nation than the other ethnic groups.
Additionally, Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong threatened to withhold aid to the Malay self-help organization Mendaki in 1988. The threat was issued over an incident during election night where several Malays in a crowd of Workers Party supporters had jeered at PM Goh at a vote counting centre. It became apparent from this incident that any aid offered by the government was tied to loyalty to the PAP instead of it being the duty of the government to serve Singaporeans regardless of party affiliation^^.
There have always been Malay PAP Members of Parliament (MP), did they not help fight for these issues?
The Malay PAP MPs are in the unique position of having to represent not only people of their constituents but also the rest of the Malay Singaporeans while toeing the party line. With many of the government policies being unhelpful towards the Malays, it is near impossible to fulfill this role satisfactorily. PAP MPs Ahmad Haleem (Telok Blangah) and Sha’ari Tadin (Kampong Chai Chee, Bedok) were both made to enjoy early retirements from their political careers for bringing up “sensitive” issues of the Malay community^^^. This set the tone for future PAP Malay MPs to remain unquestioningly in step with the leadership, regardless of their personal agreement, in order to have a long career within the party. Today, Malay PAP MPs have continued with the trend of parroting PAP policies that ran against the interests of the Malay/Muslim community (e.g. Environment and Water Resources Minister Masagos Zulkifli and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim with regards to the tudung issue).
What about the Mendaki and the Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy (TTFS)?
The policy providing free education for all Malays was ended in 1990 despite opposition from the Malays and the opposition party[Col: 126]. In its place, Mendaki introduced TTFS in 1991 to subsidise the cost of tertiary education in local institutions for those living in low household income. Due to the long history of marginalization and the widening of the inequality gap, the number of Malays who were able to make it to tertiary education institutions, especially in local universities, have been disproportionately low compared to the other ethnic groups. As such, the number of students able to benefit from this subsidy is even lower.
It was only recently, 20 years after the introduction of the subsidy, that the criteria for eligibility underwent revision. The revision takes into account the size of the family of the applicant, allowing for more Malay students to benefit from it. However, this subsidy is only one measure in an attempt to ensure that Malays students who were able to qualify for tertiary education are able to do so. Short of totally ditching streaming, more care, thought and resources are needed to lift the quality and accessibility of education for the Malays, especially in the early years of a child’s education.
So what needs to happen now?
Singaporeans, especially politicians, need to move on from making assertions similar to what PM Lee had made in 1987, that the "problem is psychological . . . if they try hard enough and long enough, then the education gap between them and the Chinese, or them and the Indians, would close. . . . Progress or achievement depends on ability and effort." It is important for Singaporeans to recognize the nearly Sisyphean task faced by marginalized communities in improving their socio-economic standing. Handicapped right from the start, their perceived failures in our “meritocratic” society should not be judged as an indictment of their efforts, but influenced in no small measure by the failings of the state in dragging their feet to take action. As a community, Singaporeans need to actively combat negative stereotyping, and move away from policies that were rooted in eugenics. Government intervention into ensuring unbiased, fair hiring practices would also help in raising the standing of the marginalized minorities. It would be impossible for Singapore to live up to its multiracial, meritocratic ideals without making fundamental changes to the above mentioned policies.
# Academic journal behind a paywall. Most tertiary institutions should have partnerships with these journals, so you are likely able view them if you have a student email address.
+ Online scan of the article is unavailable
\* The declining birth-rate of the Chinese was one of three pressing national problems, according to PM Lee in a National Day rally speech in 1988; the others being education and the growing number of unmarried graduates [at approx 29 mins].
\* From Lily Zubaidah Rahim’s* The Singapore Dilemma (1998: 76-77): Rabushka’s (Rabushka, Alvin (1971), ‘Integration in Urban Malaya: Ethnic Attitudes Among Malays and Chinese’, 91-107) study found that it was common for people living in ethnically homogeneous areas to adopt favourable attitudes towards other ethnic groups. People who resided in ethnically mixed areas but did not mix with other ethnic groups were also found to hold negative attitudes towards others. He postulated that physical proximity coupled with superficial interaction across ethnic lines may in fact lead to heightened contempt for other ethnic groups. Urban studies (Fischer, Claude (1976), The Urban Experiment*) have similarly found that close physical distance of different ethnic groups does not necessarily result in narrowing the social distance between the communities. Indeed, physical ethnic proximity in large cities may well engender mutual revulsion and a heightening of ethnocentrism. These research findings have been corroborated by several Singaporean studies (Hassan, Riaz (1977),* ‘Families in Flats: A Study of Low Income Families in Public Housing’; Lai, Ah Eng (1995), ‘Meanings of Multiethnicity: A Case Study of Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations in Singapore’) which have found interethnic relations in the ethnically integrated public housing flats to be relatively superficial.
\** In the same article, PM Lee drew a straight line connecting the Malays with lower educational levels in this line of rhetoric questioning: “Why is the birth rate between the Malays, and the Chinese and Indians so different? Because the educational levels achieved are also different.”*
^ The stronger representation of Malays in civil service and Western multinational corporations was likely due to the difficulty in seeking employment in local firms. Prevalence of negative stereotyping of Malays meant that a Malay job applicant has to be much better qualified to be considered for a job in a local firm (Rahim, 1998: 25). A recent study into this phenomenon can be found here#.
^^ The PAP’s quid pro quo policy was put under the spotlight again in 2011, when PM Lee made it clear that the government’s neighbourhood upgrading programmes prioritised PAP wards over opposition wards.
^^^ PAP MP Ahmad Haleem raised the “sensitive” issue of the government’s exclusionary policy towards Malays in National Service, which adversely affected socio-economic standing of the Malay community [Col: 144]. PAP MP Sha’ari Tadin was actively involved in Malay community organizations and helped to organize a 1971 seminar on Malay participation in national development (Rahim, 1998: 90).
Recommended Reading:
The Myth of the Lazy Native: A study of the image of the Malays, Filipinos and Javanese from the 16th to the 20th century and its function in the ideology of colonial capitalism [pdf].
The Singapore Dilemma: The Political and Educational Marginality of the Malay Community.
Eugenics on the rise: A report from Singapore#.
Assimilation as multiracialism: The case of Singapore’s Malay#.
Racism and the Pinkerton syndrome in Singapore: effects of race on hiring decisions#.
Bedlington, Stanley (1974), The Singapore Malay Community: The Politics of State Integration, Ph.D. thesis, Cornell University.
Chew, Peter K.H. (2008), Racism in Singapore: A Review and Recommendations for Future Research, James Cook University, Singapore.
Fook Kwang Han, Warren Fernandez, Sumiko Tan (1998) Lee Kuan Yew, the Man and His Ideas, Singapore Press Holding.
Goh, Keng Swee (1972), The Economics of Modernization and Other Essays, Singapore: Asia Pacific Press.
Michael D. Barr & Jevon Low (2005) Assimilation as multiracialism: The case of Singapore's Malays, Asian Ethnicity, 6:3, 161-182, DOI: 10.1080/14631360500226606
Rahim, Lily Z. (1998), The Singapore Dilemma: The political and educational marginality of the Malay community, Kuala Lumpur, Oxford University Press.
Shaharuddin Ma’aruf (1988), Malay Ideas on Development: From Feudal Lord to Capitalist, Times Book International, Singapore.
Tremewan, Christopher (1994), The Political Economy of Social Control in Singapore, London, Macmillan.
submitted by cherenkov_blue to singapore [link] [comments]

2020.07.27 17:30 pahohi1327JJul Christian and Single Da-ting S-ite

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2020.07.27 13:11 blind27JJul What's Another Dat-ing Si-te Like P-of ?

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2020.07.23 17:28 Fireblade09 A Comprehensive Guide to Online

Hi everyone, your friendly neighborhood Bulldog here. I've been seeing several questions lately concerning online classes & procedure, and while I'm not technically affiliated with the university (therefore do not take any of this as law), I do work on campus and am fairly well informed. Hopefully this can help clear up some of your questions.
Methods / Academics
Guess what, it's past July 20th. Therefore, according to original plans and dates, all classes have been decided and updated on delivery method. This is still subject to change, so check your schedules often! (Banner->MyBanner for Students->Academic Records->View Class Schedule & Grades). You'll notice a new column named "Method"--that is the key for how that specific class will happen.
F -- Face to Face. Normal(ish) class. More on that below. How long actually and in what fashion face to face is to be determined. Could more closely resemble HyFlex.
O -- Non-synchronous Online. You will not have a specific time to log in. Assignments and pre-recorded lectures / notes can be viewed at your leisure (and before the due date!)
Z -- Synchronous Online. This does have a specific Webex / Zoom time.
Q -- HyFlex. This is the most common. Essentially this means a combination of online and face-to-face for all students. What this will likely be is come to class once a week with the rest online, but every class may differ.
Above all else--check your syllabus and email your professors (but only after class starts, give them some time to adjust and figure things out)! We're all working through this together, communication is crucial.
The academic schedule has changed slightly. There will be no fall break and classes officially end on November 16th. This will hopefully prevent being in class during the (supposed) most dangerous time.
Like many of you, I considered taking a semester off so that I might enjoy my full college experience. Scholarships is not offering deferment at this time, they need the tuition money. It sucks for everyone, but that's just the way it is. So, DO NOT temporarily drop out of the university without specifically asking financial aid and your advisor first!!! You stand to lose your scholarships and may not get them back--you would have to ask a review board upon re-enrollment and, for better or for worse, I highly doubt administration would think highly of you and be generous in giving them back. I have no idea how or if this will change or even what discussions are being had. There are obviously other possibilities--internships, co-ops, study abroad, graduate school: I don't know the availability of these but they could be a way to delay your student experience until this all passes. Talk to your advisor.
Emergency / Individual Scenarios
There is, in fact, an option to go all online if you are a student with a health-risk / feel uncomfortable returning to campus / can't leave your state / whatever. This will be handled and arranged on a case-by-case basis, but if this applies to you, contact your advisor and / or the Dean of Students (if it implies confidential information or the advisor is not full time). Most classrooms are being equipped with video and audio streaming equipment for this reason, although accommodations may still need to be made. A bit of advice from a senior, though, don't be lazy. If you want to go all online simply so you can sleep in, you will set a very poor precedent for yourself, as well as losing out on getting to know your professors / classmates, letters of rec., higher quality education, etc.
Everyone is also very concerned about potential outbreaks. We have no way of knowing if this will or will not happen. The obvious contingency plan is to go back online. There's also talk of, if there's a significant breakout, going online for 2-3 weeks so that campus can hopefully return after people have recovered. This will all be subject to change and depend on context.
Financial aid: we're all broke college students. Thanks to COVID we are now broker college students. The university has some emergency funds available. Book voucher funds can be applied for at Any other COVID-related requests can be made to [email protected]. If you're asking for rent / lost wages, probably out of luck. Don't abuse this.
Student Life
It's going to be a very different year to say the least.
Let's start with classroom procedure: classrooms will be spaced so that students can observe appropriate social distancing between themselves. This is going to cause some odd places for class: Sanderson, the Hump, possibly outside in tents--it's all a fight for square footage. Everyone will also be required to wear a mask at all times. Sanitization wipes will be used and available before every class. Sanitizers will be everywhere: use them.
The Student Health Center is still taking appointments and has very fast testing (I got my results back in 29 hours.) The SHC is also free for students (except for medication, tests, etc.) Take advantage of this universal healthcare before getting to the real world--if you have COVID symptoms, please go get checked. The Counseling Center (another incredible resource) will be operating, although likely online. Your mental health is important, especially in very stressful times like these!
Masks will be required in dorms unless you are in your room. Everywhere else mask up. Dining halls will be streamlined and mostly to-go. Not sure about on-campus restaurants.
Let's say you do test COVID positive: the university is creating designated quarantine spaces in spare buildings and dorms that you will be moved to and taken care of. Drink plenty of fluids, go live on Instagram, dick around on Reddit, whatevs, just get better and don't get anyone else sick!
Students are being asked to self-quarantine for two weeks before returning to MSU. The feasibility of this is...doubtful, at least. I get it, I also am working / seeing family / etc. Just be conscious of this and avoid any "Pass the Corona parties" (if I find out any of you fuckers are doing this I am personally going to come beat your ass while wearing a mask.)
Avoid parties / bars. I know it stinks. I'm human too, we all are. I am likely going to cave and end up at a get together at some point or another. Just try to avoid it best you can and be responsible while there.
Sanderson Center is allowing workouts with masks and socially spaced. Last I checked you need to reserve a workout time here: Bring your own water bottle, bring your student ID, you'll be screened upon entry. No pick up basketball at this time, not even shooting around on your own (I am particularly heartbroken about this.) It is important to stay active though! Starkville has several public parks with decent outdoor rims and workout availability. See here:
Cheating is going to be prominent, technology allows for that. Don't do it. It's immoral, you will be unqualified for your job, and the university has more ways than you know to see if you do it. Nothing you do online is non traceable, so opening up a second canvas tab to view your notes might just create a time stamp that professors can might just check and might just notice that it was during your test. Seriously. Don't do it.
If something seems unfair, respectfully reach out to SA. I'm a Senator, feel free to message me. We're here to represent you.
Things are going to change. Check your email often and plan ahead. Think specifically about leases, working, unemployment, graduate school, gap years.
Athletics / Events / Clubs
Currently, fuckall.
Teams are practicing and anticipating a season. Stadium capacities, student section, amount of games, all unknowns right now. But hey we do get a sweet new electronic ticket system.
Bulldog Bash is likely a no-go, although I don't think official word has been dropped yet.
Rush is going to be online. I'm not part of the elite Greeks so I dunno what this means. I highly doubt date parties and some of the other big events will happen though.
Shameless plug: The Streetcar (MSU's Creative Arts Journal) is still going to be meeting and creating a journal. Fuel that quarantine boredom into something artistic for us to review.
Starkville currently has a mandatory mask resolution. This means that inside businesses you must wear a mask.
Don't worry though, you can still get that amazing Southern food. Restaurants are operating, but you must mask whenever not at your table. Consider eating outside: Bin 612, Bulldog Burger, Mugshots, Two Bros etc. all have open air seating and Mississippi in the fall is beautiful. Most restaurants close at 9 and some of the bars stay open till 12. Drive throughs are open, no dining available at fast food places. Please do support local businesses if you can--they need it, so treat yourself to those Little Dooey ribs (and tip your takeout waiters! They've lost out on a lot lately.)
Both Walmarts are open and I believe close at 8:30. Consider contactless delivery through their app. If you get the munchies at 2 AM, Cookout open till 3 and Sprint Mart, WaHo, and McD’s 24 hours. Most other restaurants are closing around 9 or 10.
Feel free to direct questions to our Mayor Lynn Spruill. She's an incredible lady and very active on Twitter @lynn_spruill. Just be polite.
Going online is likely going to require some new software additions to your computer. Please, please don't download anything that doesn't come from Testing services (like Honorlock, Secure Browser, etc.) gain access to certain capabilities of your computer, like webcams, keystrokes, microphone, etc. As such, it is very common for viruses to pose as these softwares. If you're not sure, check with ITS or your professor, and make sure to install an antivirus (MSU offers some for free, Malwarebytes is free). Through MSU you can also find Microsoft Office, Webex, and a bunch of other handy softwares for the upcoming school year.
There are going to be software glitches. Let your professors know EARLY and test the software out before the test.
The library is also offering rentable equipment. Please take advantage of this if need be.
For online class, you might also need a decent webcam and microphone, if your laptop doesn't come with one for whatever reason. Here is what I use: Also please consider getting yourself a decent desk setup and a devoted study space. Don't let COVID mess up your back along with your life!
My Own Musings
This sucks. There's no if, ands, ors, or buts about it. But let's not allow COVID to sour our opinions towards Mississippi State or to each other. We're all struggling together, and that's okay. While this is not the student experience we hoped for, there may be silver linings to be found here and there. Whether that be picking up a personal project, adopting a kitten, practicing the stories you'll one day tell your grandkids about how you survived the end of the world, learning how to cook, any way to kill time, this too shall pass.
So if you're a little behind on schoolwork, if your mood is a little off, if you're feeling a little down, if you slip up and forget a mask, don't beat yourself up. Keep an eye on each other, don't be afraid to reach out and get the help you need, give encouragement to fellow students and your professors (they need it too!), and do your best. We're all part of the Bulldog family, and there's no place I'd rather be than during a literal global pandemic. Hail damn State.
 As always if something is incorrect please let me know. I'll be updating as I learn / remember more. 
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2020.07.23 16:05 IllustriousProgram5 Legal Marijuana Market Size Could Now Exceed $70 Billion by 2027 as Demand Rises

PALM BEACH, Fla., July 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The global market for legal cannabis has been consistently rising the past couple of years and is expected to continue for the next several years according to industry market reports. The global legal marijuana market size is expected to reach USD $73.6 billion by 2027, according to a new report published by Grand View Research, Inc. It is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 18.1% during the forecast period. Increasing legalization of cannabis for medical as well as adult-use is expected to promote growth. The report said: "On the basis of type, the medical segment held the leading revenue share of 71.0% in 2019, owing to the growing adoption of cannabis as a pharmaceutical product for treating severe medical conditions, such as cancer, arthritis, and Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease among other neurological conditions. Moreover, increasing need for pain management therapies along with growing disease burden of chronic pain among elders is expected to boost the product demand." Active cannabis companies in the industry making moves include: Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCPK: MCTC), Aphria Inc. (NASDAQ: APHA) (TSX: APHA), Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CRON) (TSX: CRON), Kaya Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: KAYS), Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: NEPT) (TSX: NEPT).
The report continued: "Based on product type, the legal marijuana buds segment accounted for the largest market share in terms of revenue and was valued at USD 9.1 billion in 2019… owing to the easy availability of buds than other products. Buds are primary plant products and are readily available without any processing, which makes them relatively affordable for low-income patients. Moreover, the rapid onset of action of smoking buds compared to other types is anticipated to further fuel the segment growth. Based on medical applications, the chronic pain segment dominated the legal marijuana market in 2019 owing to presence of a large patient pool. On the other hand, mental disorder application is expected to witness the fastest growth over the forecast period owing to the growing number of patients suffering from mental disorders, such as anxiety disorder, depressions, and Alzheimer's disease."
Cannabis Global, Inc. (OTCPK: MCTC) BREAKING NEWS : Cannabis Global Closes on Definitive Agreement with Los Angeles-based Brand Whisper Weed Entering the Estimated $10B Regulated Cannabis Market - Cannabis Global, Inc. ("Cannabis Global" or the "Company"), a cannabinoid and hemp extract science-forward company developing infusion and delivery technologies, announces the closing of a definitive agreement to enter the fast-growing California cannabis delivery market. Via the executed agreement, Whisper Weed, Inc. and Cannabis Global, have created a new California Corporation to be named CGI Whisper W, Inc., which will provide management services for the delivery entity. CGI Whisper W, Inc, will receive 51% of the profits from the new entity, which will be recognized as income by Cannabis Global, Inc.
"The delivery sector is the hottest area of the California cannabis business and we are very pleased to have a seat at the table," commented Arman Tabatabaei. "We not only will be able to grow our revenue base relative to direct delivery, but we also see Whisper Weed as a perfect platform to launch our infusion technologies in the regulated marketplace. With the deal closing, we are already in the process of adding other delivery platforms and other businesses to our overall portfolio."
Cannabis Global views this agreement as an important step toward the verticalization of its IP-driven focus. Many of the technologies developed for CBD and non-THC marketplaces can be directly applied to the regulated California cannabis marketplace, including the Company's newly developed tetrahydrocannabivarin (THC-V) and Cannabinol( CBN) delivery technologies.
Whisper Weed Inc operates its website at Consumers are able to browse products in the flower, pre-roll, cartridge, edibles, and concentrate categories. Consumers simply sign up on the website and order products with a delivery typically within a few hours. The operation headquartered in Downtown Los Angeles delivers to the Los Angeles metro area. Cannabis Global believes the trend toward home delivery for cannabis is robust with further growth expected over the coming year. Read this full release and more news for MCTC at:
Additional industry related developments from around the markets:
Cronos Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CRON) (TSX: CRON) recently announced that it will hold its 2020 Second Quarter Earnings Conference Call on Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 8:30 a.m. EDT. Cronos Group's senior management team will discuss the Company's financial results and will be available for questions from the investment community after prepared remarks. A live audio webcast of the earnings call will be available on the Company's website. The webcast of the call will be archived for replay on the Company's website.
Cronos also recently disclosed the departure of the CBD company CEO and co-founder, Robert Rosenheck, in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, less than a year after the big tobacco-backed Cronos Group closed its $300 million acquisition of the Calif.-based cannabidiol brand Lord Jones, the CEO of that business has departed.
Aphria Inc. (NASDAQ: APHA) (TSX: APHA), a leading global cannabis company, recently announced that it will release financial results for its fourth quarter and twelve months ended May 31, 2020 on July 29, 2020. Aphria executives will host a conference call to discuss these results at 9:00 am Eastern Time. A telephone replay will be available approximately two hours after the call concludes through August 29, 2020.
Kaya Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: KAYS) the first U.S. publicly traded company to vertically integrate cannabis retail, cultivation and processing, recently announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Day Three Labs ("DTL"), a cannabis innovation and development lab headquartered in Denver, CO with scientific research operations in Ra'anana, outside of Tel Aviv, Israel.
The parties will focus their first cooperative endeavor on sourcing and developing select CBD supplements for pets, to be distributed in Europe by Kaya Kannabis, KAYS' joint venture in Greece. Additionally, both Joshua Rubin and Rafi Cohen, DTL's principals, will serve on the Advisory Board of Kaya Shalvah, KAYS' cultivation and processing project targeted for construction in Israel.
Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: NEPT) (TSX: NEPT), a diversified and fully integrated health and wellness company, recently announced that it has been authorized by Health Canada to sell cannabis products to provinces and territories. This sales license includes edibles, vapes, extracts, and topicals, including beverage products to name a few. This authorization adds to previously held processing license and will expand Neptune's cannabis operations to include proprietary branded products. Additionally, the authorization enhances the capabilities of the Company's white label offerings, providing incremental value and service offerings to its B2B customers.
In addition to the sales license, Neptune's cold storage and added operating space have been approved for operation. The enlarged cold storage and approved space in the Sherbooke facility provide greater capacity to process larger volumes of product and store at low temperature to protect product. The increased storage adds significantly to Neptune's logistic capabilities and provides incremental solutions to the Company's clients.
DISCLAIMER: FN Media Group LLC (FNM), which owns and operates and, is a third party publisher and news dissemination service provider, which disseminates electronic information through multiple online media channels. FNM is NOT affiliated in any manner with any company mentioned herein. FNM and its affiliated companies are a news dissemination solutions provider and are NOT a registered brokedealeanalyst/adviser, holds no investment licenses and may NOT sell, offer to sell or offer to buy any security. FNM's market updates, news alerts and corporate profiles are NOT a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell or hold securities. The material in this release is intended to be strictly informational and is NEVER to be construed or interpreted as research material. All readers are strongly urged to perform research and due diligence on their own and consult a licensed financial professional before considering any level of investing in stocks. All material included herein is republished content and details which were previously disseminated by the companies mentioned in this release. FNM is not liable for any investment decisions by its readers or subscribers. Investors are cautioned that they may lose all or a portion of their investment when investing in stocks. For current services performed FNM has been compensated forty nine hundred dollars for news coverage of the current press release issued above by MCTC by a non affiliated third party. FNM HOLDS NO SHARES OF ANY COMPANY NAMED IN THIS RELEASE.
This release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended and such forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. "Forward-looking statements" describe future expectations, plans, results, or strategies and are generally preceded by words such as "may", "future", "plan" or "planned", "will" or "should", "expected," "anticipates", "draft", "eventually" or "projected". You are cautioned that such statements are subject to a multitude of risks and uncertainties that could cause future circumstances, events, or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements, including the risks that actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements as a result of various factors, and other risks identified in a company's annual report on Form 10-K or 10-KSB and other filings made by such company with the Securities and Exchange Commission. You should consider these factors in evaluating the forward-looking statements included herein, and not place undue reliance on such statements. The forward-looking statements in this release are made as of the date hereof and FNM undertakes no obligation to update such statements.
Media Contact email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) +1(561)325-8757
submitted by IllustriousProgram5 to pennystocks [link] [comments]

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2020.07.16 15:20 isuawealthy How I Outranked & Took The 2nd & 3rd Spots - $100s Earnings/Week - Case Study

Hi, everyone.
I'm an affiliate marketer who has seen a bit of success and I'm not here to tell you that it's easy unless you are willing to put in the work.
I still make money with Impact Radius from 2 of my affiliate articles ranked #1 on Google. That is where the Impact Radius money comes from.
More so, I make relatively a handful of hundreds of dollars from my blog in local currency. The blog had less than 1,000 visits last month - June, from Search Console.
For this one, I reviewed 1 project and make money off it - ranked Number #2 and #3 for the keyword term.
If you look at my profile you'll see the struggle to outrank my competitors and take the first spot.
Gracefully, this blog has been making at least $100 since May 2020 and it's never crossed 1,200 readers a month.
This is just one of my niche sites.
I have 4 with different strategies but I just got another strategy that can help anyone make $900+ ( I haven't done this yet but I've written a free Case Study and how it was done guide or course of 5,000+ words with definitive images to give to whoever is interested.

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The question is if this works then why I'm not doing it? I am quickly saying this to answer some questions I know some good people will ask.
As I said, I have 2 strategies with 4 niches sites. I use the first with the 4 which requires literally no backlinks to rank, geo-location targeting it is... Just 2 is making some money now, mostly the one to be discussed.
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Away from that. Let's see how I moved from #6 to the 2nd & 3rd.

From #6 to the 2nd & 3rd.

There was a competitive keyword I targeted. It was, or it is a money keyword.
Since I only bought the domain name in November 2019 and wrote the article the same month, the DA is I think 4... and less than 5.
Over time, I was ranked #6, and I saw that my competitive strength to outrank others was almost impossible.
I had no option than to I hack the process - what is common to savvy SEO guys here on Reddit and the experts you know.
With no traffic as expected, I went to my favorite keyword research tool - I used SEMrush.
I got a lot of long-tail and relative keywords, plus Autosuggests from Google, and also, Related Terms below the page on Google.

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Over time, the article moved to #5 as I was even ranking first for certain queries - featured Snippet made possible with H2 and H3s.
When I updated and shifted the date of publication to July 2020, the article moved to #4 on ranking.
In my last post, I shared how I lost the snippet which I'm still fighting to get it back - seems Google won't forgive for now. No worries though.
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Some Web 2.0s I used - Blogger, Medium, WordPress, Pinterest.
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Quick Note

  1. Try something out and fail - you'll learn a ton from it based it must be based on what is working.
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  3. Know how to extract keywords (I've got a short video if anyone wants)
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  5. Build Web 2.0s backlinks if the competition is too much for you.
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I'm glad that these few dollars help gives the motivation to blog and explore more. With the earnings, I've been able to invest back to the site, buy affiliate programs, and check then out before reviewing to my audiences and more.
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PS: I'm not a guru but I'm open to learning from my seniors here as well. And if you don't know much, you can ask your questions and I will answer you.
Shout out to Shaun. Another good niche blogger here on Reddit.

Lastly, if you want the free course, I will leave a free link everyone can download and use... Google Drive will do the work.
Disclosure: Just want to keep everything clean. If you need the free resources – Course and short videos, then, I will link it to you. You can comment.

To everyone struggling out there. I was there.
Keep on grinding but with the right strategies.
I'm open to image proofs should anyone doubt the process.
Have a blessed day.
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2020.06.28 15:59 DealsCanada [CIBC] CIBC eAdvantage Savings Account - 2.5% (Annualized) for 120 Days

Deal Link
Retailer: CIBC
Hey all, this is my first Hot Deals ever. Let me know if I've missed anything.
This looks to be new for their "Fall Savings Promotion".
It's a temporary rate, but given Tangerine / Duca promos ending end of the month, it's unknown if those banks will re-new at their 2.8%-3% rates, I'm hedging with CIBC for 2.5% in this new interest rate environment. I have not opened the account yet, but in their flow, it seems like there is a soft check ("credit bureau authorization").
Base rate (0.2%) + Bonus Rate (2.3% for 120 days) = 2.5% (for first 120 days - annualized rate)
Fine Print
† The bonus interest offer only applies to clients opening their first CIBC eAdvantage Savings Account (“eSA”). Eligible eSAs will earn bonus interest (“Bonus Interest”) for 120 days from the date the eSA is opened, in addition to regular (“Regular Interest”).
Bonus Interest is calculated daily at the current rate on each day’s full closing balance (up to a balance limit of $1,000,000) and paid monthly. Regular Interest is calculated daily at the current rate on each day’s full closing balance and paid monthly. Regular and Bonus Interest rates quoted are annual. Regular Interest rates may change at any time without prior notice. For current Regular Interest rates, ask at any CIBC Banking Centre or go to
Other conditions apply. For full offer details, review the Terms and Conditions (PDF, 105 KB) Opens a new window in your browser or visit a CIBC Banking Centre.
1 Free transfers to your other CIBC personal accounts through CIBC Online Banking®, CIBC Mobile Banking®, CIBC Telephone Banking and at CIBC ATMs (excludes Interac e-Transfer® which will be treated as a transaction).
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2020.06.25 17:55 DESIQANNA Indian Government Official EMAIL spammed with an email alleging CORRUPTION/TREASON against MoS, Ministry of Shipping and Director General of Shipping, Text below.

Indian Government Official EMAIL spammed with an email alleging CORRUPTION/TREASON against MoS, Ministry of Shipping and Director General of Shipping, Text below.
Report on illegal diversion of revenues that could have accrued under Consolidated Fund and Public Account of India respectively under Art. 265 & 266 of the Constitution diverted to private bodies – Serious Offenses under Indian Constitution, Official Secrets Act, 1923 Information Technology Act, 2000 read with Sec. 211 & 212 of the Companies Act, 2013.
  1. The following offences have been committed by the offenders named herein, named against each offense. The matter came to light when the Zoom video conference conducted by a dubious Indian Maritime Federation with the Honorable Minister of Shipping as the Chief Guest was investigated into, in the backdrop of Covid19 situation and Chinese murderous aggression and in the light of governing laws when the following offences came to light . All the repeated warnings contained in my trailing Email dated Wed 10-06-2020 14:48 notwithstanding and despite forwarding specific MHA Advisory against Zoom, a dubious organization like the so called International Maritime Federation has railroaded the Honorable Minister of Shipping and the learned Directorate General of Shipping into the perilous quagmire of Zoom, the lethal Chinese Videoconference Software, that has by now possibly downloaded all our Ministry’s data into their Beijing-based servers.
Youtube link

  1. List of offenses to be investigated into.
  2. List of offenses to be investigated into.
  • Unlawful delegation of Flag State Powers to Private Corporation who charged and amassed millions of Rupees for certification of competency and watchkeeping certification to unqualified and incompetent seafarers charging pretty high fees in the name of the Flag State
  • Unlawful Approval of International Maritime Federation as an Instrumentality of State under Art. 12 of the Constitution without a law being enacted like LIC Act, 1956, GIC Act, 1972, JNU Act, 1966, UGC Act, 2019, IIT Act, 1961, IMU Act, 2008, so on and so forth.
  • Illegal Declaration of International Maritime Federation as a Competent Authority under the Flag Right Declaration of 1921 read with STCW1978 as amended from time to time.
  • Illegal Declaration of the International Maritime Federation as the Competent Authority for receipt of money that would have come to the account of the Consolidated Fund of the State or the public account of the State or the custody or issue of such money under Article 199 in The Constitution Of India.
  • Unconstitutional diversion of public funds received from various seafarers required to be credited to the Consolidated and Public Fund of India respectively under Art. 265 and 266 of the Constitution to the private coffers of a body corporate namely International Maritime Federation.
  • Serious frauds committed by International Maritime Federation to collect protection money in the garb of subscriptions from other ‘member companies’ – Needs to be investigated by the Serious Fraud Investigations Agency including allegations of Money Laundering by the companies concerned.
  • Unauthorized communication with a foreign agency, in violation of Sections 3, 4 and 5 of under the Official Secrets Act, 1923, for a purpose prejudicial to the safety or interests of the State, which is calculated to be or might be, or is intended to be, directly or indirectly, useful to any enemy nation.
  • Compromising of Secure electronic records in violation of Sec. 14 of the Information Technology Act, 2000.
  • Illegal Recognition of Chinese Authorities for Encryption of the Data of Indian Users in contravention of Sec. 19 of the Information Technology Act, 2000
  • Passing on personal data of users including that of the Honorable Minister of Shipping and his personal staff to the Servers in China, an enemy country in violation of Sec. 4 and 43A to the Enemy Nation.
  • Unlawful Approval of International Maritime Federation as an Instrumentality of State under Art. 12 of the Constitution
  1. Fraud committed by International Maritime Federation in on IMO in connivance with Directorate General of Shipping and Ministry of Shipping
2.1.1. Article 266 in The Constitution of India 1949
Youtube link
  1. Consolidated Funds and public accounts of India and of the States
(1) Subject to the provisions of Article 267 and to the provisions of this Chapter with respect to the assignment of the whole or part of the net proceeds of certain taxes and duties to States, all revenues received by the Government of India, all loans raised by that Government by the issue of treasury bills, loans or ways and means advances and all moneys received by that Government in repayment of loans shall form one consolidated fund to be entitled the Consolidated Fund of India, and all revenues received by the Government of a State, all loans raised by that Government by the issue of treasury bills, loans or ways and means advances and all moneys received by that Government in repayment of loans shall form one consolidated fund to be entitled the Consolidated Fund of the State
(2) All other public moneys received by or on behalf of the Government of India or the Government of a State shall be entitled to the public account of India or the public account of the State, as the case may be
(3) No moneys out of the Consolidated Fund of India or the Consolidated Fund of a State shall be appropriated except in accordance with law and for the purposes and in the manner provided in this Constitution.
If it were so, how the International Maritime Federation collected huge moneys from various seafarers for issue of competency certificates for watchkeeping and several other certificates for certain categories of seamen for a period over four years until it was stopped as late as 19th July 2019, when the provisions were revoked. It was a total fraud on the part of DG Shipping on Government, polity, parliament, International Maritime Organization and Indian seafarers that the following certificates that are authorized by the International Maritime Organisation under STCW1978 read with 1921 Declaration recognizing the Right to a Flag of States having no Sea-coast adopted at Barcelona on 20 April 1921, TEXT: League of Nations, Treaty Series , vol.7, p.73. ratified by India on October 31st, 1922
  1. Certificate of Proficiency for rating forming part of engineering watch
  2. Certificate of Proficiency for rating forming part of a navigational watch
  3. Certificate of Proficiency for Able seafarer engine,
  4. Certificate of Proficiency for Able seafarer deck,
  5. Certificate of Proficiency for Electro- Technical Ratings.
  6. Certificate of Proficiency for basic training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations and
  7. Certificate of Proficiency for basic training for gas tanker cargo operations.
Thus the DG Shipping defrauded the Legislature namely Parliament, Government of India, International Maritime Organisation, in total violation of Art. 265, 266 & Art. 299 of the Constitution, Allocation of Business Rules, 1961, Merchant Shipping Act, 1958, Merchant Shipping (STCW) Rules, 2014 with total impunity and above all public trust.
2.3.0. Compromise of National Security and Violation of IT Act, 2000 and Official Secrets Act 1923.
📷It was a calamity that the Honorable Minister of Shipping did not pay heed to my well informed advice and did participate in the Webinar hosted by International Maritime Federation for their own vested interests on the weird Chinese Zoom technology, exposing the nation to the horrors of State-sponsored cyber-hacking, as the screenshots placed alongside may throw light if you like. Of course, the Honorable Minister of Shipping is not aware Zoom directs all the user data of the conference participants to servers based in China, where it isn’t safe under their law, as China doesn’t enforce many laws protecting users’ privacy. But Sir, you were well informed well in time.
2.4.1. Pentagon bans Zoom
The platform on which the Videoconferencing was done was Zoom, the Chinese web-based Software. Pentagon has banned most versions of this popular video conferencing application for its personnel after reports surfaced revealing major security issues linked to China .Service members, civilians and contractors have been precluded from use of all the versions of Zoom in official and personal capacities. Earlier Zoom for Government had been issued a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) provisional authorization, which has now been withdrawn. The FBI said last week that it saw an increase in “Zoombombing,” the phenomenon of uninvited users infiltrating Zoom video conference sessions, in this case, between Pentagon personnel.
2.5.1. Money laundering and illegal amassment of money by International Maritime Federation
. At what point of time the so called International Maritime Federation, profit-making commercial company came into being to substitute, supplant and thrust itself as the vanguard of the other maritime entities like RPSL Companies, Maritime Training Institutes and medical centers, most of which were already affiliated with INSA, FOSMA and MASSA. Their capricious induction into the arena smashing the then existing citadel of power is a point of perplexity for all lesser mortals like me. One fails to understand how a body corporate can control the functioning of other body corporates, take money without approval of Central Government in the Ministry of Finance/Ministry of Corporate Affairs using the stamp of assumed patronage of the Directorate General of Shipping with the tacit approval of some vested interests, but without performing any sanctified duties like auditing, quality control, rating or training or anything like that. No Indian company can receive money from any other company without supply of goods or services. If it does, it is serious case of money laundering for both giver and receiver.

Youtube Link
The name International Maritime Federation itself is a misnomer. If it were a Federation which are all the federating associations that have democratically chosen this International Maritime Federation as such. If it is International, why Indian Maritime Administration should approve it instead of the IMO? And wonder what terms and conditions, and under which criteria this fourth trade body was approved and recognized. Until recently, under a special dispensation given by the Directorate General of Shipping, for whatever considerations not gone into, the International Maritime Federation also issued Watchkeeping Certificates charging hefty fees, both receipted and un-receipted, both for Nautical and Engineering candidates, which meant they acted as a State Body under Article 12 of the Constitution, without any legal mandate as an instrumentality of the State. All the Art. 12 Instrumentalities who sign any government document, not a toll ticket, but a competency certificate do so under and in the name of President of India under the powers vested by a Statute or conferred under the Constitution itself. Can anyone say under which Article of the Constitution or Statute the International Maritime Federation was created or recognized. Mr. Honorable Minister – please answer this question. The International Maritime Federation charged an enrolment fee of ?100,000 from each of its members and charged annual fees almost equivalent to that. Is it not black money inviting prosecution under Money Laundering Act? How much share they remitted to the Directorate General of Shipping? Did the Directorate General of Shipping ever audit the International Maritime Federation? Any approving body has the statutory right and responsibility to audit the organization approved by it. Did you find how much money went to the coffers of the promoters and directors of the company, in the form of salary, perks and otherwise? Did you ever ask for the Audit report of International Maritime Federation, whom the Directorate General of Shipping approved as the fourth trade body with overlapping areas, job responsibilities, and extra Constitutional jurisdiction and authority? Their fee structure is nowhere published but in the membership application form there is a question. ‘Are you aware of the Fee Structure? – Yes or No. Out of about 700 RPSL Companies the International Maritime Federation has 34 as their members with seven Maritime Training Institutes and three Medical Examiners, which mean they have already pocketed about ?50,00,000 as Enrollment Fees and yearly subscription that went in crores. The genesis of this International Maritime Federation like the company bahadur of the erstwhile East India Company is in serious pangs that cause reasonable trepidations in the mind of ardent maritime followers. Unlike other trade bodies, the International Maritime Federation has veins and vertebrae firmly rooted in Directorate General of Shipping, whom they publicly claim to represent to chastise their non-paying members, those possible mutineers that refuse to toe their lines, like the friends of friends like the Cosa Nostra. Like a Robinhood that ‘protects the poor’ against the ‘repression ‘by the landlords, they claim to protect the ‘victimized’ RPSL Companies at the receiving end of all, like a capo regime that protects the ‘books’ in his domain, the International Maritime Federation is there everywhere, like a worm, virus as the ubiquitous godman, ready with their magic wand available to those who can afford protection money. Thus, 📷Ministry of Shipping and Directorate General of Shipping granted unlawful Approval of International Maritime Federation as an Instrumentality of State under Art. 12 of the Constitution without a law being enacted like LIC Act, 1956, GIC Act, 1972, JNU Act, 1966, UGC Act, 2019, IIT Act, 1961, IMU Act, 2008, so on and so forth. Illegal Declaration of International Maritime Federation as a Competent Authority under the International Maritime Federation was illegally declared as the Competent Authority for receipt of money that would have come to the account of the Consolidated Fund of the State or the public account of the State or the custody or issue of such money under Article 199 in The Constitution Of India. And hence the unconstitutional diversion of public funds received from various seafarers required to be credited to the Public Fund of India under Art. 265 and 266 of the Constitution to the private coffers of a body corporate namely International Maritime Federation.
3.1.0 Illegal allocation of Government Business in violation of Art. 12 and 299 of the Constitution
3.1.1. Undoubtedly under the powers and authority illegally granted by the MOS and Directorate General of Shipping, for a period over four years, the International Maritime Federation collected yearly subscription and case to case fees recurring and non-recurring from various RSPL Companies, seafarers of various categories from whom subscriptions, fees and contributions were collected from time to time. If the International Maritime Federation is willing to refund the illegal moneys collected from various entities as above, it is okay, lest these serious frauds committed by International Maritime Federation to collect protection money in the garb of subscriptions from other ‘member companies’ should be investigated to by the Serious Fraud Investigations Agency under ROC including Money Laundering Act..
3.1.2. The recognition by the Directorate General of Shipping granted to International Maritime Federation is clouded in mystery. The questionable generosity of the Directorate General of Shipping in the facts and circumstances of the case before it, was seemingly to grant equality, secure administrative probity, transparency, objectivity and fairness in the matter of distribution of State largesse and public contracts. And it left all to the whirlwind of bigotry, chauvinism and sycophancy, delegating the State Powers to this Corporate Body, and allowed this Corporate Body to certify the ‘Watchkeeping’ Competence of some categories of seamen against payment of fees that went into the coffers of the International Maritime Federation. Did the Directorate General of Shipping obtain the approval of the Ministry of Finance before foregoing this revenue. No other ministry of the Central Government can forego Central Revenues. Likewise, the delegation of Administrative Powers needs to be done by the President under the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules, 1961. Did the Directorate General of Shipping obtain the Presidential assent? Such decision, to reiterate, has become final and binding on the entire maritime industry and all its entities the lowest of them the seafarers at large, who all paid hefty sums to this newfangled “Federation” to which they owed their being and becoming. Everyone contributes to the coffers of the International Maritime Federation, with not a single scope to know where its payroll goes. As noted hereinabove, the Directorate General of Shipping is in flagrant defiance and disregard to the judicial mandate of the Art. 12 of the Constitution and Rule 21 of the GFRs, 2017, in the delegation of State Powers, without single promulgation. The Directorate General of Shipping did not place any Advertisement to augment the number of trade bodies that should take cudgels for the maritime entities, nor it made out and publish any Magna Carta for observance by such trade bodies. No sir, not for International Maritime Federation. Suddenly like a rishi ashram, the International Maritime Federation came into being with a carte blanche given by the Directorate General of Shipping with unrestricted power to act at their own discretion, unconditional authority over the lesser mortals. The Directorate General of Shipping arrogated to itself, by way of ipse dixit, the power of recognizing one more trade body and acton their own behalf and also on behalf of the State, abusing the powers and privilege granted by the International Maritime Organization under the STCW Convention & Code 2010 Manila Amendments entitled in law to induct the new dealer of power without any auction process being initiated, to the same jurisdiction and areas of responsibilities.
Violation of Official Secrets Act, 1923 and IT Act, 2000
Thus, empowered enfant terrible was not stopping here. Recently the International Maritime Federation has been circulating a message claiming to be the champion of the Maritime Industry in the Covids19 lockdown time to bring back the stranded sea farers approximately 19,000 – at whose cost, who paid, under what mandate – to be explained and the authorized interface of the Hon. Shipping Minister, DG Shipping, MMD officials, IRS Senior Officials and RPSL companies, purporting to host a Webinar on Shipping on 13th June 2020, in which the Hon. Shipping Minister, DG Shipping, MMD officials, IRS Senior Officials and RPSL companies would be participating. The videoconference did take place under the Zoom Platform, (as may be seen in the bottom right logo of Zoom) in which the all the participants downloaded the Zoom Software, which phished out all the information stored in the computer of the users and populated it online on Beijing based servers.
  1. Distribution of State’s Largesse
What needs to be emphasized is that the State and/or its agencies/instrumentalities cannot distribute its largesse to any person according to the sweet will and whims of the political entities and/or officers of the State. Every action/decision of the State and/or its agencies/instrumentalities to give largesse or confer benefit must be founded on a sound, transparent, discernible and well-defined policy, which shall be made known to the public by publication in the Official Gazette and other recognized modes of publicity and such policy must be implemented/executed by adopting a non-discriminatory and non-arbitrary method irrespective of the class or category of persons proposed to be benefited by the policy. The distribution of largesse like allotment of land, grant of quota, permit license, approvals and recognitions as State Authorities under Art. 12 by the State and its agencies/instrumentalities should always be done in a fair and equitable manner and the element of favoritism or nepotism shall not influence the exercise of discretion, if any, conferred upon the particular functionary or officer of the State. Thus, the unilateral decision of the Directorate General of Shipping to recognize International Maritime Federation as the arbiter for maritime community and confer on them the largesse of approval with financial and parasitical powers over various maritime entities is vitiated, reprehensible, capricious, and bad in law.
  1. Violation of IMO Mandate and Declaration Recognizing the Right to A Flag of States Having No Seacoast
The approval given to the International Maritime Federation by the Directorate General of Shipping is not equivalent to the liquor license being granted to various distillers. It involves the International tenets of laws of SOLAS and STCW’2010. What happened in the case of International Maritime Federation must open the eyes both Government as well as the maritime community at large. How an uncontrolled exercise of executive power to deal with the Conventional Rights and privileges and responsibilities granted by IMO could be indiscriminately bestowed on a commercial body corporate, namely International Maritime Federation not even a Sec. 25 Company, by which the entire maritime community's interest was sacrificed in the alter of fostering a Frankenstein namely International Maritime Federation so as to cause huge damage to the faith reposed on a maritime state by the IMO was sacrificed, the fees for various certification that would have accrued to the public exchequer. Conceding that on weighty and valid considerations, there should have been notified norms against which the authority must be satisfied that such an offer if given in open would not be outmatched by the more competent non-profit organizations like CMMI or IMEI. In the absence of such satisfaction, acceptance of an offer secretly made and sought to be substantiated as the sole arbiter of maritime entities without the verification of their truth, wherewithal, representative ballots, or referenda which was not undertaken, would certainly amount to arbitrary action in the matter of distribution of State largesse which is impermissible.
6.0.0. High Treason in the prevailing Situation.
Given the laws under which technology companies operate in China, vis-à-vis the present diabolic political situation in which PRC as giant Nation with no qualms to military supremacy over democratic values, no regard to International Boundaries and aggressiveness embodied as proved in the barbaric killing of 20of our high-ranking army men in cold blood using clubs studded with barbed wire, the action of the Honorable Minister of Shipping and Directorate General of Shipping participating in Chinese dragon controlled Zoom Software is not only suicidal compromising the computer system of the Directorate General of Shipping but also compromising the seafarer and ship data a totally authoritarian state that has no value of official secrecy and individual privacy. Zoom has been forced to share encryption keys with the authorities of the Asian country generated on a server hosted in Chinese territory.
7.1.1. Thus, by yielding yourself to the vulnerabilities of Illegal Recognition of Chinese Authorities for Encryption of the Zoom Data of Indian Users in contravention of Sec. 19 of the Information Technology Act, 2000, the Ministry of Shipping and Directorate General of Shipping have rendered themselves guilty of offenses under the IT Act, 2000. And also, by allowing the Passing on personal data of users including that of the Honorable Minister of Shipping and his personal staff to the Servers in China, an enemy country in violation of Sec. 4 and 43A ibid to the Enemy Nation, namely China, the Directorate General of Shipping and Ministry of Shipping have rendered themselves culpable of offences under the Act.
8.1.1. Violation of Corporate Law by International Maritime Federation : It has already been explained how the International Maritime Federation has manipulated several government agencies like Ministry of Shipping, DG Shipping, MCA, IT and Defense and several other departments to extort illegal money from several other Indian companies, seafarers and foreign shipping companies for the benefit of its promoters, directors and other office bearers. The above offences have been committed by the offenders named herein. The matter came to light when the Zoom video conference conducted by a dubious Indian Maritime Federation with the Honorable Minister of Shipping as the Chief Guest was investigated into, in the light of governing laws when the following offences came to light. All the repeated warnings contained in my trailing Email dated Wed 10-06-2020 14:48 notwithstanding and despite forwarding specific MHA Advisory against Zoom, a dubious organization like the so called International Maritime Federation has railroaded the Honorable Minister of Shipping and the learned Directorate General of Shipping into the perilous quagmire of Zoom, the lethal Chinese Videoconference Software, that has by now possibly downloaded all our Ministry’s data into their Beijing-based servers. The Company needs to be investigated by the Major Fraud Investigation Agency under Companies Act 2013 in the light of the money laundering allegations against the International Maritime Federation
. When country is at Crossroads, in the strait of Ladakh standoff on brutal murder of our Indian soldiers at the hands of Chinese barbarians, the International Maritime Federation is complicating the situation by exposing strategic Indian Maritime Data to the enemy hands thus committing High Treason against the country.
9.0.0. This issues without any prejudice towards any individual, department, ministry or any authority, but only coming out of genuine concern for Sovereignty of our country.
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2020.06.19 21:11 batsbatsrats Applying to ART College: A Megathread

Hi! After using this sub for much of my junior & senior year (on a separate account), I've noticed there’s fairly little information on applying to art college. As such, I thought I'd compile all my knowledge and research about applying to art school as someone that used to obsess over the A2C process for both normal and art schools.
This ended up MASSIVE as I tried to stuff everything I could think of related to applying to art school in here. Hope it helps some of y’all out there :-)


Having applied and researched applying to both art and normal schools, I feel that applying to art school is much more straight forward. There are so fewer moving factors and it's definitely much less of a crapshoot than applying to T20s and Ivies. If your art is good enough and you know what they're looking for, I think getting into even the top art schools is very doable and a lot less scary than one might initially think.
For some context, I'm currently an incoming freshman at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and was accepted with highest merit scholarship to all art schools I applied to, including RISD, Parsons, Pratt, and SVA. I was a 2019 and 2020 YoungArts winner in Visual Arts, a 2020 Scholastic National Gold Medalist, and a 2017 Congressional Competition where my art was hung in the U.S. Capitol for a year.
While part of it was hard work, another part of it was also figuring out how to navigate the process and choosing where to apply my effort. Figuring out what AOs want is super important if you want to maximize your chances at success.
Applying to art college is ultimately a game that anyone with a drive to create art can learn how to play, no matter how much art experience you have. And if you know how to play, it becomes a lot easier to succeed!

The Portfolio

The portfolio is no doubt the MOST important part of your application. This is a selection of your artwork that AOs will look at to determine if you're qualified enough to be admitted. Grades and ECs often matter little to none depending on the school, so if you're set on art school, make sure to focus on creating the best portfolio you can.
Depending on the school, they may ask for anywhere from 10-22 pieces. Each school has different quantitative requirements; make sure you check their website and/or Slideroom portal (where you'll upload your portfolio) for details.
Important note: Please keep in mind that my portfolio was mainly 2D fine arts with a little bit of Graphic Design from my time at RISD Precollege, which I attended in the summer before 12th grade (2019). As such, most of the research I did was about fine arts portfolios and I don't know if the information here is as applicable to portfolios with or centered on photo, video, animation, etc. It's also most specific to RISD & other top art schools in the U.S. (but we're all overachievers here anyway lol).

Major-specific vs Non-major-specific portfolios

Some schools want portfolios that are specific to the major you apply to (though this is relatively rare) or portfolios that are "focused" on (rather than only on) a specific major (this is a little more common). They may not even mention it explicitly on their website, so make sure you clarify what the school wants.
The advice & info I'll give is about non-major-specific portfolios (which schools like RISD (especially), Pratt, Parsons, SVA, SAIC, MICA, etc. want/accept), so keep that in mind!

What to include in a portfolio? (For art schools)

While this honestly varies from school to school, I know that top art schools not only want to see technical skill, but conceptual thinking and experimentation as well. I think a current RISD student that gave a portfolio lecture at RISD precollege put it really well—RISD (and many other top art schools) look for things that they admit they can't teach you, like a POTENTIAL to grow, a drive to experiment and explore, a proclivity for a type of thought-process that they think makes great artists. Realism and technical drawing skill are all things that anyone can learn with enough practice (and at many art schools like RISD, Pratt, and Parsons, you WILL be practicing through foundation year studies).
That being said, schools still want to see that you have adequate technical skills to build upon. You want a mix between technically-strong pieces and conceptually-strong pieces, i.e. pieces that show off your rendering abilities and pieces that show off your ability to put ideas and thought behind your pieces. Of course, these two categories can heavily overlap (and it's probably better if they do!), but if they don't, make sure you have BOTH in your portfolio.

Technically-strong pieces

Technically-strong pieces are pieces that demonstrate your mastery over your medium. Many this means super-detailed colored pencil still lives, well-crafted and purposeful sculptures, intricate landscapes, accurately rendered buildings, etc. In addition to making things detailed, technical skill also includes a strong grasp of color, light, composition, form, space, etc.
Tip: Composition especially is something many art school applicants don't pay much attention to (according to some AOs I've talked to), so make sure you're not putting everything right in the center of your page/canvas/etc. Also, play with cropping and having parts of the subject & objects go off the page rather than containing the entirety of the subject/object within the bounds of your page.

Conceptually-strong pieces

Having a portfolio of impeccably rendered but purely technical pieces may get you into some schools, but top art schools will still turn you down. I know of so many people who've submitted portfolios full of hyperrealistic graphite shoes or tools or other objects, only to be rejected. Such portfolios show that the artist lacks the ability to go beyond depictions of life and given another dimension to their art—a conceptual dimension.
By "conceptually-strong" pieces, I mean pieces that are idea and thought-driven rather than just purely technical. Think about how you can indicate a narrative within your piece or say something.
Think also about how you intentionally choose certain compositions, certain lighting, certain colors, certain styles, certain painting techniques, etc. to help subtly build the narrative of your piece. This is really important as it shows you're thinking about these things.
This DOESN'T necessarily mean that there has to be some explicit "moral" or message to your piece; trying to spoonfeed a story through very explicit (i.e. not-subtle) imagery can result in cheesy symbolism and pieces that feel cliche.
(I hope to add more to this later when I can put it into words better—this category is so broad and vague and I wish I could be more specific. Feel free to ask more specific questions about it below!)

Mastery over a range of mediums

Top art schools like seeing that you skillfully use and experiment with different mediums. Maybe if you mainly work with pencil and pen, you can try paint, which is wet and a lot looser than highly controlled dry mediums. Maybe you can try 3D!! Many high schoolers are scared of it so it'll make you stand out (if it's well-executed).
Tip: You can also play with combining multiple mediums in one piece. Consider less conventional mediums like e.g. painting on wood (having the wood show through under the paint can create a cool effect, plus you can also burn wood to create designs & cool effects), creating texture with crumpled newspaper, incorporating wires to create a 3D aspect, etc. The list goes on and on!
That all being said, don't put in a bad piece just for the sake of showing that you work with different mediums. If the piece isn't very good, it can end up hurting you more helping you :')
Additionally, some art schools may not care all that much about seeing a range of mediums. This is definitely more of a thing at schools like RISD.

Life studies: figure drawings, still lives, landscapes, etc.

Art schools want to see that you can draw from life. This means literally looking at things IRL and drawing them instead of drawing from a photograph. These pieces don't have to fully executed, fleshed-out pieces—it's common for people to send shaded black-and-white charcoal sketches of figures. They can also be sketchbook pages from sitting at a coffee shop, a park, a train station, your room, and just drawing the people, animals, objects, scenery, etc. around you. This is also a time to combine mediums if you want to add a splash of color to pen/pencil drawings. You can have fun with it!
That being said, it's still very important to display well-executed technical skill, ESPECIALLY for still lives as those are probably the most common life drawing + are in nearly every single portfolio and probably the easiest of the 3.
Tip: Put shadows underneath your still lives; don't just have them floating in a blank white page! Try to also draw at least some part of the background so that the object is indicated in a space. Play with composition and try to break away from putting everything right in the middle of your page/canvas with nothing going off the edges (bc still lives are like that and it gets very boring!)
If you can't access live nude models for figure drawing, there are some online resources where you can draw nude models meant for this exact purpose, both timed and untimed (posted below!). Though it won't be from life, it may still be worth including as human anatomy is important and something many art schools focus on, especially in your first year.
Although the vast majority do, some schools don't care about life studies or purely technical pieces at all (notoriously parsons!), so make sure you do your research through attending National Portfolio Day & contacting admissions with questions (more on that later).
Note: You should only submit a few of these!

Sketchbook pages

This very much depends on the school—some really want to see them and some may only want to see your best, most completed work. Typically, a school that DOES want sketchbook pages will explicitly ask to see them. Make sure you check their website or ask them!
If they DO want to see sketchbook pages, you can include thumbnail sketches, planning for another piece, life drawings, small experimentations, anything that gives a "behind the scenes" look into your art making and thinking. It's great also to show sketchbook planning for another piece you have in your portfolio. Schools like RISD really want to sketchbook pages so make sure you keep one!
Note: You should only submit a few of these!

School-specific assignments/tests

Some art schools will require you to create art based on a specific prompt. This prompt may change every year or stay the same. This is an important chance to show how you tackle an art assignment given by the school itself and a good assignment response can really boost your portfolio. I wouldn't go as far as to say these "make or break" your portfolio, however, as schools have explicitly stated that the rest of your portfolio is also important and not to devote all your time and energy onto the assignment at the cost of a lower-quality portfolio. Still take it seriously though!
Cooper Union (tbh it's the only school I know of that does this) gives a "home test" where they mail/email you a list of prompts to make art from that they assess you on. There's also a bunch of questions you have to answer (I don't know much about the home test so please let me know if this info is wrong or misleading!).
RISD's this year (just released a few days ago!) is "Identify something in need of repair. Use any material or approach to fix it." and an accompanying written response (further details here).

Portfolio tips

Be creative. Come up with unique concepts.

I'm sure someone out there is reading this thinking, 'Well, DUH, it's art school! Of course I have to be creative,' because I'd probably think the same. Yet, you'd be surprised how often AOs continue to see still lives of fruit or glass bottles, green landscapes, a portrait painted with a flurry of unnatural skin tones, etc.
Don't make things just because everyone else is making them. I guarantee you that you don't need a still life of fruit to get into art school. Instead, think about what pieces like that show AOS (for still lives, it'd be technical skill) and think about ways you can show those same skills but in a less-generic way. This piece by @lemoncholy_(IG) (link to a timestamped youtube video) is a great example of a fun and original still life that also works in a narrative while displaying technical skill.

Break out of rigidity

Common among applicants who are really skilled in realism are portfolios full of tightly rendered portraits and scenes from life, but nothing else. This is bad because it shows you don't know how to experiment and that your artistic skills and vision are limited within the very narrow realm of photographic realism.
Play with adapting a "looser" hand. Watercolor is great for this because it's so fluid! You can also play with combining realism and abstraction or illustration. An artist that I think does this well with oil paint is Jenny Saville. You can also experiment with stylizing some of your realism. Degas's pastel portraits

Don't place everything in the center

I mentioned this earlier, but placing things in the dead center is probably the most common composition that high school applicants use, usually without a particular reason why and just because it's the "default." Many AOs I talked to really emphasized it so definitely play with putting things off-center and asymmetry!!

Have backgrounds. Yes, even to still lives!

Also mentioned earlier, but pure white backgrounds should be avoided whenever appropriate. They can make pieces look unfinished and usually happen because people are scared of them. Break out of your comfort zone! Even if the background is simple, it still indicates the object in a space instead of it just floating in space.

Don't be afraid of color

Try to make more than half of your pieces in color! I'm not sure if this is as much of a problem now, but don't be afraid of it! It's much easier to work with it when the colors are controlled, like with colored pencils, versus when you have to mix your own colors, like with watercolor.

Make your artistic choices intentional

Why did you choose this certain composition? This color palette? This style? This lighting? Realism vs semi-realism? How can these choices help build a narrative without having to shove it down the audience's throat through explicit imagery?
Answering these questions can help you make more intentional and meaningful choices! and explaining these choices in the description will definitely give you a boost as it shows you're thinking deeply about critically (critically thinking) about your art-making.

Spend time on your written descriptions

Honestly, even if the work itself is subpar, a stellar description that reveals a lot of depth to the piece can save it and show that you think a lot about your artistic choices and art-making in general. From then, it just becomes an execution issue which you can work on in school.

Quality > quantity, but don't add too few pieces either

Don't try to reach the max-pieces limit with "filler" pieces that aren't very good. It'll bring the overall quality of your portfolio down.
At the same time, don't include too few pieces. If it asks for 20 pieces, try to give at least 13. If it asks for 12, try to give at least 9. Not every piece has to be absolutely outstanding!

Common mistakes

A purely technical portfolio

I'm sure I'm beginning to sound like a broken record at this point lol, but this is super important!! It's so so common for technically amazing applicants to get rejected because their portfolios are all just technical studies without any narrative or conceptual thought behind the majority of their pieces.
Tell narratives through your art. Go to art museums. Ask yourself what it means to be an artist and your role in society. What power does art have that other methods don't? How can you use your art to say things and reach others in ways that only art can?

Fanart or anime

Especially anime. They don't like it at all. The reasons are a little BS imo :( but you can't fight them; just don't do it.

Master copies

Mastercopies are when you replicate/copy famous pieces of artwork—art from "masters"—as accurately as possible.
This is a lesser offense than including fanart/anime and whether schools actually care will vary from school to school, but I know that schools like RISD & Parsons really don't like them and RISD specifically advises against them. They don't show any originality and the display of technical skill is also damped by the notion that it was copied from someone else's art.
Personally, I think master copies are actually super beneficial to people learning a certain medium and I really encourage people to do them as studies. Just don't put them in your portfolio!

Badly photographed pieces

The documentation of your pieces is an often overlooked yet highly important part of your portfolio. Try to take photos of work outside in bright but shadowy areas. This way you get natural light but not the glare of direct light. Rent a camera and learn how to use its basic settings or use a phone with a high-quality camera.
Crop your photos to the edges of your piece. Alter weird lighting, contrast, and color inconsistencies using a photo editing software. Photoshop is perfect for this as it's super powerful. If you don't have a subscription, PM me and I can help you with getting it for free.
Art Prof also has tooons of stuff on documenting your work here in the middle/second column of links near the top.

What makes the best portfolio? (For NON-art schools)

When submitting a supplementary portfolio to non-art schools, non-art schools typically prefer high-technical skill works and fully fleshed-out, finished works. Unless your experimental pieces are also highly skilled, it's best to go for very well rendered pieces that also have some conceptual thinking behind them.
The people looking at your supplementary portfolio may often be normal AOs that don't know much about art, and high-skill pieces will seem most impressive. And whereas the applicant pool for top art schools like RISD consists of many high-technical-skill low-conceptual-skill portfolios, supplementary portfolios to non-art schools on average usually aren't as good so you don't need as many risky, conceptual pieces to stand out.
Plus, non-art schools don't give two shits about your "potential to grow" in art so show off all the current skill you have rather than what you could have in the future! Especially if you don't even plan to do art in college.

Ordering your pieces

The order of your pieces does matter. You want to leave the best impression you can on the AOs and psychology plays a part in it. People generally agree that the first two and last two pieces should be your strongest pieces. You want to start and end with a bang.
Other than that, it's up to you and depends on your portfolio pieces. You could try grouping similar pieces together, but if two pieces are too similar to each other, it can seem repetitive and you should probably take one of them out (instead of just moving it somewhere else). You could also play with mixing things up, but be careful not to break the cohesion of your portfolio by jumping between pieces that have completely different purposes and moods—you want the order of your pieces to flow without seeming boring or repetitive.

What is Slideroom?

Slideroom is a portfolio uploading site where the majority of schools (including non-art schools) will ask you to submit portfolios on. Each school will have their own Slideroom portal (usually something like "[schoolname]") and you'll have to submit your portfolio separately for school you apply to.
When you upload pieces onto slideroom, you'll have the option to add a title and description for your piece. You may also have a box for year, medium, size, etc. depending on if the schools asks for it.
Tip: I highly recommend creating a separate document/spreadsheet with all your artworks' names, mediums, years, sizes, and descriptions as you'll have to put in that information again each time you submit a portfolio to another school (there IS an option on Slideroom to copy all your entries from portfolio A into portfolio B, but portfolio B may ask for yeamedium/size/etc. while portfolio A may not, which would require you to put it all in for portfolio B).

More tips!

Two ~1hr Youtube videos about "art school portfolio secrets" with tons more tips from Clara Lieu (former adjunct RISD professor) @ Art Prof!! Here and here.
A bunch of portfolio tips + more common mistakes by Art Prof (again lol) here (same link as the one about documenting artwork)!

Grades, Tests, Extracurriculars, Awards, Classes, etc.


Generally, grades and test scores very little to art schools. Most art schools barely care about your GPA and SAT, if at all. Even RISD, which probably cares the most out of all the art schools, has accepted people with sub 3.0 GPAs and sub 1200 SAT scores. Contrarily, many 4.0 UW 1400+ SAT people have been rejected because their portfolios are subpar. And it makes sense when you think about it, as academic strength matters little relative to your artistic strength when at art school.
Extracurriculars are more or less the same deal. Some schools only ask for art related ECs, so it's nice to have a few. It also may give you something to talk about.

Art Competitons/Awards

From my understanding awards also don't matter very much to art schools, and at least not as much as your portfolio. I know people who've won numerous Scholastic National Medals that were rejected from schools like RISD. IMO this makes sense, as art school AO's would definitely trust their own judgment when looking at someone's portfolio over that of a competition's that they aren't affiliated with, especially since they're admitting them to art school, which values potential, while competitions value skill.
Some schools give a few scholarships based on art competitions like YoungArts, Scholastic, etc. I always think it's a good idea to try for these as you often have nothing to lose except for your time and the application fee and you may end up with some portfolio pieces while preparing for them.
There are mainly two large art competitions that I know of:

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

This is probably the largest art competition in the country. It has both regional and national awards. It's not too difficult to get some regional awards and it looks good on a resume. Anyone 7th-12th grade can apply and you need to do it while affiliated with a middle school/high school art teacher.
They have many different visual arts categories such as photography, drawing & illustration, sculpture, mixed media, design, digital, comic art, etc. They also have a whole writing section that also has a bunch of different categories.

National Youngarts Foundation

This is a fairly prestigious competition with only ~50 winners nationwide, only half (or less) of which are Finalists. For visual arts, you submit a portfolio of 10 pieces that generally follow some unifying theme (the specifics change from year to year so make sure you check their site for details). Anyone 15-18 OR in 10th-12th grade can apply (so many college freshmen still qualify!). The due date is in October and if you get notified if you're a winner in December.
There are also many other categories outside of visual arts, such as theatre, writing, singing, dancing, classical music, etc.

AP Art

I personally never took this class as it wasn't offered at my school, so I wish I could say more about it. From my understanding, this class is a good portfolio builder, and many who take it before 12th grade end up with portfolio pieces. I think most art colleges don't allow you to use AP Art credit in college.

School Art Classes and Private Art Classes

In terms of getting you into art school, I don't think having these on your transcript or resume will increase or reduce your chances at all. However, these are definitely great opportunities to work on portfolio pieces and get feedback from teachers and peers.
Private art classes (if you find a good one) are definitely a great place to work specifically on portfolio pieces. Usually your instructor will work closely with you to build a portfolio and create pieces. Having not really done or learned anything in my school art classes, private art classes definitely helped me churn out a lot of art for the first half of high school.

Choosing an art school

Your major matters

The quality of your education at a certain institution will be VERY major dependent. While it may be tempting, don't just look at acceptance rates because they can mislead you (sidenote on this: try to get acceptance rates from students or the school's website because the ones Google reports are always much higher for some reason).
Even reputation can sometimes be misleading—for example, while RISD is sometimes considered the "Harvard" of art schools, it has a poor animation, video, and photography department. Contrarily, SVA has a great animation program despite having a high acceptance rate and despite some of their other departments being questionable in quality.

Flexibility in switching majors

If you aren't sure which major you want to go into or unsure if you necessarily will want to stay in your current major, keep in mind how easy or hard it'll be to switch majors. Some schools require you to apply to a certain major and are very inflexible about changing majors. For example, to do Fashion at parsons (which is famous for their fashion), you have to specifically get into the Fashion major because it's so competitive and they probably judge the applicants at a different standard.
Additionally, their first-year curriculum is completely different from all the other majors' first-year curriculums (which is usually a foundation year where ALL majors take the SAME classes on fundamental art skills like drawing and design). If you get into Parsons for something else, I've heard it's relatively easy to change majors from say Illustration to Graphic Design to very hard to change majors into Fashion.
It also may be hard to transfer out of such majors. Animation at SVA has a different first-year curriculum than most of the other majors (which also have a foundation year) which SVA brings up as why you can't switch from Animation to GD or Illustration but why you can switch form GD to Illustration or vice versa. I've heard of people who went into SVA for animation but realized after their second year that they didn't actually like animation. As a result, they either had to stick with it for another two years and 140k later or drop out.


This is true for both art and non-art schools. Depending on your major, it may be easier to find work in more urban areas or certain cities. That gives schools around SoCal or NYC an advantage compared to schools in, say, Florida. Make sure you consider if that's something important for you and your major.


This may only be applicable for 'industry majors' like Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Textiles, etc. and not so much for very fine-arts majors like Drawing and Painting. But for those formerly mentioned majors, I've been told straight up that you pay for art school for the connections and the networking. Reputable schools have well-connected faculty and networking events with renowned companies and employers. This is super important in art industries like Graphic Design, where your salary can fluctuate GREATLY depending on where you work.

Ultimately, the name doesn't matter that much

While prestige may help someone graduating from a NON-art school find a good job, for art schools, your graduating portfolio matters a LOT more (NOTE: The portfolio I mention in this section is the one you build during your time at art college. The portfolio I mention in the next section and for the majority of this post is the one you apply to art school with). This is the body of work that you come out of college with and is what hirers (for industry majors) are looking at to decide if your artistic vision and skill is what they're looking for. The best art school for you then is the one that helps you build your best body of work, and that may not be the well-known big-name schools.

Do you like their student work?

Some schools have an affiliated Behance site where students (and alums) can post artwork that they make. You can usually filter the work in the site by major and year. The URL is typically "portfolios.[schoolname].edu" but I'd look up "[schoolname] portfolios" or "[schoolname] student work" in google as many schools don't have an affiliated Behance site.
This is a great way to see what students are currently making. You may find that you particularly do or don't like the work produced, and that's a really important indicator for whether that school would be a good fit for you.

Other options

Art at a non-art school

This can sometimes be risky imo as art programs in non-art schools are often small and not very good. Especially when there's only one professor for your major, you run the risk of getting a limited/narrow education in a field that requires fresh ideas and creative problem-solving (for most majors). The quality of the education may also just not be very great, and you'll also have fewer peers to grow from (Your classmates in art school are super important imo as you'll constantly be learning and growing off each other. You literally spend a third of your time in art school getting feedback from your peers.).
That being said, there are definitely some non-art schools with a strong arts and/or design department, like Yale, UCLA, and Carnegie Mellon. It can be hard to find stuff about this online and I wish I knew some better ways to research this, but it's best if you can talk to a professor or art student who's more 'in the know' about this stuff.

What if I don't only want to do art?

Most art schools only offer a very arts-centered education. Some have an art history/liberal arts requirement but those classes are limited. You'll still have to take some non-art classes, and if that's enough for you, great! But if not, you could consider doing art at a non-art school, where you'll have access to the school's non-art majors and courses too.
At RISD, you not only have a (relatively) heftier liberal arts requirement, but you also have the opportunity to take classes at Brown University right next door starting your sophomore year. However, I've heard that it's actually pretty difficult to schedule these classes as RISD classes are usually really long and the two universities don't really work together to coordinate classes.

Dual Degree Programs

There are also some dual degree programs, most famously the Brown RISD dual degree program. This shit is competitive as fuck to get into (3-4% acceptance rate) but an amazing opportunity as you get a degree from both Brown University and RISD after 5-years. You can find a lot more info about it online. Overview of some specific logistics about its admissions here. There's also the Tufts SMFA 5-year dual degree which also has a 4-year option if you only want a degree from Tufts.


I only recently got into art/I don't have a lot of experience. Do I still have a chance at top art schools?

Contrary to popular belief, people who are good at art are rarely truly "talented." Much of it is really just practice, practice, and more practice. Even with talent, practice is still essential (just like how talented athletes still have to train really hard in order to do well).
But imo, you can practice "smartly" and not-so-smartly. I know of multiple people who only started making art mid-high school or never took an art class before an art camp the summer before 12th grade and these people got into some of the best art schools in the country! They weren't secret Van Gogh's who had finally uncovered their god-given talent; they just knew how to build a portfolio that highlighted their strengths over their weaknesses and showed they had potential above all else.

How expensive is art school?

Top art schools are as expensive as top non-art schools. Some, like RISD, are notorious for being stingy about giving money. It's a sad reality. However, there are definitely other affordable but decent options outside of the big-name schools. Remember that a school might be alright overall but really good for your major, specifically!

How do I know if art school is right for me?

I struggled with the same question and am honestly still struggling with it. Is art to you a hobby or a passion? Would you be ok with doing art as a job, even if it means sucking some or most of the joy out of it? Would you be willing to go into debt for a degree that may be hard to pay back?
Do you want to go to school with passionate and driven students doing what they love? Do you want to go to school with students all more-or-less doing the same thing as you? Are you ok with focusing mainly on art but dabbling in other subjects too?
Ultimately, you can also always transfer schools!


Oh boy,, my favorite part lol. Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with any of the links or organizations below :’)

Portfolio reviews

National Portfolio Day - A collection of days throughout the year where you can have your portfolio reviewed & critiqued by representatives from a whole host of art schools. There's typically one in a certain state/region per year. It's a great opportunity to get legit feedback on your portfolio and I highly recommend people to attend if possible, especially if they're unsure about what direction to move forward in with their portfolio. Also a great time to ask art schools questions!! Calendar here.
Virtual National Portfolio Day - NPD but online through Careereco. Many schools also attend. Dates for upcoming VNPDs are on the NPD website. Their most recent one (as of the time I'm writing this) was on May 22nd, 2020; you can find the details for that one here.
This is still fairly new (first one was in 2019) and can get very hectic with long wait times but the whole thing usually runs the whole day from ~6 a.m.–5 p.m. EST. I'd definitely recommend NPD over VNPD if possible.
AICAD - If you can't make NPD, you can submit a 5-piece portfolio online to have it reviewed by a select list of art schools that you get to choose from. Not many schools participate but some decent ones do, like RISD and MICA. You'll get an email with feedback.
In my experience, a lot of schools used it as an advertising platform and I didn't get that much useful feedback on my portfolio. However, some schools (like RISD) did give feedback and it's definitely worth trying though if you want as much feedback as possible!
Art Prof Portfolio Critiques - Art Prof, a free online art education service, posts 30+ min critiques of user-submitted portfolios on their Youtube channel. The reviewers include art school professors and grads. You can buy a review on Art Prof's website.
They also have a ton of live art piece critiques (scroll through the created playlists) on all categories of visual art that you can submit your own art for for free!

Portfolio Examples

Admitted Portfolio Youtube Videos - A playlist of admitted art school portfolios + tips + general videos with info about art school. As of now, it hasn't been updated with the Class of 2020 acceptances, but has most of the ones from before then.
Art Prof Portfolio Critiques - (as mentioned above!)


Art Prof - The HOLY GRAIL of free online art education. The founder and head, Clara Lieu, is a former RISD Adjunt Professor. There is a TON of useful stuff on here, including tutorials in oil paint, marker, animation, printmaking, 3D, etc; ideas for art and portfolio pieces; guides on composition, light, portraits, etc; guides for photography art; etc. Literally sooo much useful content.
Here's a post with a ton of useful info on art school portfolios!
They also have a Youtube channel that is also incredibly useful and heavily integrated with their main site. As mentioned earlier, they have a lot of full portfolio critiques which you yourself can also purchase. You can also submit art on their site to get critiqued on their channel. They have tons of useful guides on just about everything art related, like it's seriously crazy. Literally God Prof.
New Master's Academy - Tons of solid lessons on all sorts of fundamental art skills, including anatomy, oil paint, watercolor, etc. A not-free subscripton based service. They also have a Youtube channel where they post some critiques and lessons here.

Reference Photos

Figures (nude and clothed)

Line of Action - Timed nude and clothed models. Also has facial expressions, animals, landscapes, etc.
Quick Poses - Timed also; same as Line of Action but the images vary more in quality (though they're also more diverse). - Tons of nude poses with some clothed. Not timed.
Senshistock on DeviantArt - Clothed and nearly-nude poses. Many are from dynamic perspectives and they're overall more suited for anatomy reference in illustrations but still serve as good practice.

Royalty-free images

For when you want to heavily reference a photograph that isn't yours. It's a good habit to start building as it's you could get sued using copyrighted photos + it's looked down upon. Take reference photos yourself if possible!
...and tons more!
Hope this was helpful! I knew this would be long but it's now very very close to the 40k character limit lol and I'm out of space. I'll definitely try adding and editing stuff as I remember more art school-related content.
Feel free to ask any additional questions below and I'll try to answer them if possible!! I'm sure there are some things I've unintentionally glossed over, so please don't hesitate to ask :') If you have questions about specific schools, I may also be able to help!
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2020.05.22 08:18 HimanshuJBista International University Affiliates in Nepal - Scenarios and suggestions (IT)

My name is Himanshu Jung Bista, and I currently run an organization by the name of Visionalaya Technology. During this phase of lock-down, we are conducting online QnA session with young developers and entrepreneurs to create a teaching learning environment and we are already onto day 4.
Today, I spoke with Suraj Raj Pandey, the Chief Executive Officer at FIBRO, regarding various aspects of a student entrepreneur and particularly, student of an international university affiliate.
Note: Since I personally couldn't answer your queries regarding the subject, I invited Mr. Pandey for a short telephone conversation which was very insightful. Hope you enjoy the interview. 
Telephone Conversation
Himanshu Jung Bista: You have been a part of an international university affiliated college in Nepal for a while. According to your opinion, what are the advantages of studying in those colleges?
Suraj Raj Pandey: There are definitely a few pros about the whole situation. First of all, the curriculum of universities here in Nepal feel a bit out-dated. As compared to our own universities, the curriculum of international universities are a tad bit modern and the teaching methodology is vastly practical. They do a good job of providing relevant and updated courses, which is a must when technology changes so fast globally. Also, international university degrees are much credible if you want to pursue education abroad. The internationally recognized degree make it much easier for students to get into better institutions.
Himanshu Jung Bista: Colleges with tie-up to foreign universities are known to take very expensive fees from the students. Do you think this act is justified by the quality of teaching-learning that they provide?
Suraj Raj Pandey: I strongly advocate free education. If we somehow become able to achieve cost free education, we will be on our way to become stronger than ever. However, there are costs right now that we cannot avoid. Nepali universities have a certain threshold of fees and other costs but there are no regulations in place when it comes to foreign universities. That and the regularly fluctuating currency values make it more difficult for students to pay the fees. To be honest, the fees that are collected by the universities are too high and not justified for the quality they provide.
Himanshu Jung Bista: What are your suggestions to the students currently enrolled in foreign universities who feel like dropping out or switching universities?
Suraj Raj Pandey: I cannot tell anyone what to do or not to do. If you are new to the program and can afford to switch, you can switch. If you have already spent a lot of time there, you have to think about the money and hardship that went it to. If you feel like you can survive until you get the degree, stick with it. No matter how much skill we have, degree sells in Nepal. But, if it is taking a toll on you mentally and financially - It is best to quit.
Himanshu Jung Bista: You switched to a technical subject (BIT) after spending a seemingly long time in the non-technical side of things. What made you switch?
Suraj Raj Pandey: The world is shifting to technology and I switched to a technical domain in order to understand how it all works. In a decade or so, there will be digitization across every field - education to business. I do not consider myself as a top level developer or a super talented IT guy. I like technology and I believe in the coming days, everybody should have at least some amount of skill-set belonging to the IT world. So why did I switch? The world will be all about IT and I do not want to be left out.
Himanshu Jung Bista: I have seen you shape yourself from a public speaker, to a IT student and now you have started your own business by the name of FIBRO. You are an inspiration to me as well as many other people. What rules in life have you followed to get yourself up here?
Suraj Raj Pandey: I do not know if these life hacks or techniques work for everyone. I say there are no specific rules for anything. However, there are some basic things that people should follow in every walk of life.
  1. Be open to learning. Learn something new everyday from everybody.
  2. Do not become egoistic. It stops the learning curve in an individual.
  3. Always look up to your mentors, experts and seniors. Learn from and respect your juniors and your disciples.
  4. Focus on what you were originally here for.
  5. Reflect on your roles, goals and vision.
  6. Take care of your mental and physical health. Do not over work.
Because I was getting a ton of questions regarding these matters, I decided to reach out Mr. Pandey who was very kind to answer all these questions with enthusiasm. There is a lot more to share.
We have a discord server where you can connect and leave your queries. Me and my team are working tirelessly to help out developers and entrepreneurs in every way we can. We have also created a Reddit community visionalayatechnology that you can join. I just created so it might take some time to bring out content.
Please ask anything you want me and my team to cover next. Let's work together, United - For a better tomorrow.
Note: The opinions and answers provided in the post are opinions of the two involved in the conversation. This post doesn't dictate anyone what to do or not to do. Thank you very much. 
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2020.05.19 19:00 12BottledBadass12 Niharika Singh: Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a sexually repressed man with toxic male entitlement

Here is her full statement:
The last few weeks have been interesting for women in India. The Hollywood inspired #Metoo movement has made its belated foray into the Indian mainstream media and stories of various forms of harassment and abuse are finally beginning to take center stage. A few men have been asked to step down from their positions of power and some women can heave a sigh of relief as they form solidarities amongst their ilk, process trauma and perhaps begin to get closure of some kind.
I decided to write this piece to expand my own understanding of what constitutes abuse, who we choose to punish and whom we are willing to forgive. Like the majority of Indian women, especially those from marginalized backgrounds, my entire life has been dotted with various forms of exploitation. Sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, economic - I've been through it all.
Each time I've tried to extricate myself from one abusive situation, I found myself caught in the vortex of another. I've had to discover myriad ways to disengage, break patterns, forgive, heal, and reclaim my strength in order to survive, grow and find peace.
My father is from Uttar Pradesh, and my mother from Rajasthan; both belong to untouchable communities. An alliance was formed through a Times of India matrimonial ad in the early 1980s. Their tumultuous marriage and everyday violence that was normalized within the family gave me an opaque understanding of what constitutes love and what constitutes abuse while I was growing up. Sent to an all-girls boarding school in the hills early on provided a much needed escape.
I moved to New Delhi for higher studies as a teenager, and soon began to realize that daily harassment on roads and public buses, ragging on college campuses, catcalling by anonymous men and rape threats by stalkers was considered normal behaviour; something women who grew up in the city learnt to navigate from early childhood. Depending on which part of the city you lived in, the extent of the abuse varied. Your caste background, economic conditions and political affiliations determined that. Law and order were tools reserved for those who had access to power. Since I was lair-skinned' and 'photogenic', I chanced upon jobs in the burgeoning beauty industry that was beginning to thrive in the early 2000s.
The underbelly of the modeling scene in New Delhi, where I worked fora few years, provided me with enough ammunition and confidence I needed to make the big move to Mumbai - the city of dreams; but also of nightmares. Navigating exploitative model coordinators, photographers and older lecherous men in the seedy lanes of Malviya Nagar, I learnt the art of disguise, playing deaf and dumb when required, with one singular goal in mind - survival.
Despite my parents' disapproval, I moved to Mumbai with my younger sister and some meagre savings when she got admission to St. Xavier's College, hoping to protect us from the casteist, feudal, north Indian way of life only to soon discover my youthful ignorance.
My life in Mumbai started with me finding an apartment in Lokhandwala with the help of a model I'd met. After sending my pictures to agencies and production houses, I soon began to get jobs in print and advertising. That model's career was on it's way down and one day, after a few drinks, he ended up getting violent and tried to molest my sister. When she opened up to me, I went to his studio, broke whatever I could, gave him a few slaps, screamed expletives and told him to never show his face again. That episode shook both my sister and me and I blamed myself for not being able to ensure her safety.
Things started looking up in 2005 when I participated in the Miss India beauty pageant. I won a crown, traveled all over the country, represented India at an international beauty pageant, and was treated like a state guest in Uttarakhand where my father worked. I even had a garden named after me by the state that had recently seceded from Uttar Pradesh and needed its own role models.
The Times group, organizers of the Miss India pageant, made sure they got their money's worth by working us around the clock. Along with the other winners, I flew around for sponsor visits, press meets, fashion shows and hosted a reality show on television. Work flowed in; I endorsed various brands, my face was on billboards and covers of magazines. I now had a social life, dated a young aspiring actor from Juhu, signed a film contract and began to feel at home in Mumbai. Other than my sister, I also supported a younger cousin that came to live with me and dreamed of becoming a singer in the Hindi film industry.
My big 'Bollywood' debut ran into roadblocks when Raj Kanwar, a filmmaker who'd signed a 10-film contract with me, did not start work on his films nor did he allow me to work on any other films that I was offered. 'Nayi heroine band mutthi ki tarah hoti hai' (A new actress is like a closed fist), he would say. 'Ek baar khul jaaye, toh aage uski kismet'. (Once opened, then it's her destiny.)
A year later, John Matthew Mathan, a respected filmmaker and Bhushan Kumar, a film producer and owner of a music label, approached me for a film they were making with then-popular singer Himesh Reshammiya in the lead. When I told them about my contract, Bhushan Kumar came up with a plan. He set up a meeting with Raj Kanwar and Shahid Kapoor, a young promising actor then, on the pretext of developing a project together. Raj Kanwar's previous film 'Humko Deewana Kar Gaye' had tanked at the box office and he was very excited at the prospect. Bhushan Kumar asked Kanwar to release me from his contract as a favor so I could be cast in his other film, since, after all, they were 'one big family'. Bhushan Kumar called me to his office to sign 'A New Love Ishtory' where he gave me an envelope as a signing amount for the film. It contained two 500 Rupee notes (less than 14$). I got a text from him later that night- 'I would love to know you more. Let's get together sometime.' I wrote back saying- 'Absolutely! Lets go on a double date. You bring your wife. I'll bring my boyfriend.' He never wrote to me again.
The film took years to make and Bhushan pulled the finance once Reshammiya's films proved duds at the box office. I was compelled to shoot a couple of songs without director John Matthew Mathan's involvement just to quickly wrap up the film. I was neither paid nor called for the dubbing. The incomplete and incohesive final cut was sold straight to a TV channel, with another woman's voice. The cast and crew were never informed.
By then, new beauty pageant winners and fresh faces had appeared on the scene and it seemed like my big Bollywood debut was not going to happen. The newly made friendships, sisterhoods and allegiances in the industry began to falter, and my relationship with the young actor from Juhu who was making his Bollywood debut ended.
In 2009,1 signed a small indie film titled 'Miss Lovely' with an all new cast and crew. I was required on the set for not more than 15 days. An actor named Nawazuddin Siddiqui who liked to call himself 'Nowaz' was signed for one of the lead roles. I'd never heard of him so I wasn't sure whether he could act at all. During one of my interactions on the sets with Nowaz, he gave me a CD that had a short film on it called 'Bypass' which also starred actor Irrfan Khan, his senior from National School of Drama who was helping him get acting jobs. I was amazed by his performance and screen presence. The Nowaz on the set was nothing like the Nowaz on screen. Since I'd barely noticed him on the set before, I was intrigued. The next time I met him, he sensed my curiosity and invited me to his house for lunch. His frugal apartment and grandiose generosity warmed my heart. We talked about his life and I found him real, after all the superficial 'filmy' interactions I'd had in the past years.
One morning, when I was home and he had been shooting all night, Nowaz sent me a text saying he was near my building. I invited him over and asked him to come and have breakfast with me. When I opened the door, he grabbed me. I tried to push him away but he wouldn't let go. After a little coercion, I finally gave in. I wasn't sure what to make of this relationship. He told me it was his dream to have a Miss India or an actress wife, just like Paresh Rawal and Manoj Bajpayee. I found his little confession funny but endearing. I was drawn to the stories from his life. I introduced him to my sister and my friends but he was very insecure around them and preferred to spend time with me alone. He often complained about how he was judged on his looks, skin color and that he wasn't fluent in English. I tried to help him deal with his insecurities, but he was stuck in a state of victimization.
In the next couple of months, I began to discover one lie after another. Nowaz had engaged multiple women, giving each one a different story; one of them even called me from his phone and started yelling at me. I also found out about a woman he'd married in Haldwani, whose family had sued him for making dowry demands. I told him to clean up his mess, be honest with himself and everyone around him; also that I did not want to see him again.
I signed a Kannada film and continued modeling to pay the bills. My sister finished college, started working and found love. She was planning her wedding around the time I met a guy named Mayank Singh Singhvi at a friend's birthday party. He was an investment banker and had nothing to do with film, which to me, was like a breath of fresh air. Within two months of meeting me, Mayank tattooed my name on his chest and told me that he was in love with me. I didn't feel the same way about him but he managed to get into my social circle and develop a bond with my family and friends who insisted I 'settle down'. In 2011, on my 29. birthday, he gave me a ring and asked me to marry him.
Mayank, as I found out later, was a sociopath, and 1 broke off my engagement at the end of 2011. His ego was completely bruised and his anger was uncontrollable. Using casteist slurs, he got abusive and physically violent. I went to a friend's house to protect myself and left Mumbai soon after with a broken spirit. Mayank created a false narrative about me after I left that many of my friends chose to believe, which hurt even more than the abuse. I moved to Dehradun where my father lived, did vipassana and spent time on my own to heal.
'Miss Lovely' got into the Cannes Film Festival in 2012.1 felt vindicated and enjoyed the attention of the international press. I posed, preened, finally saw myself on the big screen and returned a changed woman.
Nawaz and I met at Cannes after three years. We hadn't spoken to each other since 2009. He was apologetic for his past behavior, told me he'd worked on his issues, dissolved his first marriage and married a second time. I started laughing. He started crying, confessing he and his second wife were living separately and it was even more complicated since he now had a daughter who he missed dearly. I looked at him with compassion and told him that he could call me if he needed to talk. There was one caveat though - He must never lie to me again. 2012 was the year he got his first brush with 'fame'. He wasn't used to public life or much attention. He would call me everyday not knowing how to deal with it and I tried to guide him through the madness.
I was living in Dehradun that time and had applied for a film appreciation course at FTII in Pune. I didn't take up any film offers I was getting because I wanted to study post my Cannes experience and had no inclination to return to my previous 'filmy' life. I tried reconnecting with my family. My mother who had been living separately from my father for years was struggling with mental health and my father was about to retire from government service. Nawaz had family in Dehradun who I had been introduced to. I was very fond of his brother Faizy and his wife. We all even celebrated Eid together once.
In 2013, Nawaz was offered a film by Buddhadeb Dasgupta titled 'Anwar ka ajab kissa' and he called me to ask me if I would do a small role in that film. I would only be required to shoot for 3 days. I gladly agreed and went to Shimultata where the shoot was scheduled. He tried to re-engage me sexually, begging me to be with him but I refused, saying I was happy to be his friend and nothing else. After coming back from the shoot, I didn't take his calls and maintained my distance.
I met Nawaz again in 2014 at the 'Miss Lovely' India release. This time he came in a SUV, with an entourage as the 'star' of the film. He was constantly throwing tantrums, upset with the way the promotions were being handled. He complained that the director should've just made a painting at home if he didn't care much about box-office. He was very awkward around me so !tried to overcompensate by praising him in media interactions and indulged him to make him feel secure. One evening, after a promotional event in Ahmedabad, he tried to grab me again. I just walked away.
'Anwar ka ajab kissa' didn't get a theatrical release and I heard from various sources that Nawaz had started telling people that I was a terrible actress. I didn't get too many film offers after that.
In 2017, Nawazuddin Siddiqui wrote a memoir called 'An ordinary life', with writer Rituparna Chatterjee, which was published by Penguin Random House. Under the title 'Relationships', he wrote a completely fabricated account of our relationship without my knowledge or consent. Before the book launch, publicists leaked sensational excerpts to garner interest in the book. A senior theatre and television actress Sunita Rajwar who had known Nawaz since her NSD days confirmed his 'extraordinary lies' and filed a case. He offered a token social media apology withdrawing the book. I ordered the book online a week later and it was delivered to my house.
Director Anurag Kashyap, Nawaz's mentor and close collaborator who chose to turn a blind eye towards sexual harassment within his own company, continues to support Nawaz and his story. Writer Rituparna Chatterjee with her completely unethical, defamatory and poorly researched book is not apologetic either.
I tried to seek legal help and spoke to a lawyer. His advice to me was to 'meditate' and forget about the whole thing unless I wanted to get on every news channel and have a media trial. Another lawyer from New Delhi took it upon himself to file a complaint against the actor with the National Commission of Women. News channels and publications regurgitated the sensational content from the book along with images from different phases of my life adding further fabricated layers to the story. This public scandal was one of the biggest controversies of 2017. Penguin Random House took no responsibility and remained silent.
Filmmakers, Writers, Publishers, Journalists, Lawyers -nobody can take a high moral ground. They were all complicit in this collective public shaming.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui after playing the role of 'Manto' became the harbinger of truth. He was invited by JNU and various literary festivals as a guest where he played the role of truth-teller effortlessly. His fan following on social media multiplied; GQ magazine then awarded him 'Actor of the year'. Netflix started a second season of 'Sacred Games' with him in the lead. Nawaz's repeated stance that he wrote the memoir while he was preparing for the role of Saadat Hasan Manto makes for the perfect irony.
In June this year, I received a call from a woman who introduced herself as Mayank Singhvi's wife; the same man I was briefly engaged to, in 2011. She wanted to know my reasons for calling off the engagement. I told her my story. She confided in me that she'd been abused from the first week of their marriage and was trying to get out. We stayed in touch forming a kind of sisterhood. A few days later she was found dead in her marital home under mysterious circumstances. Mayank Singhvi was taken into judicial custody.
Violence against women may be a common feature faced by all women in India, but there is no denying the fact that certain kinds of violence are customarily reserved solely for Dalit women. More so for those who assert themselves and reject caste and patriarchal domination. While crimes against upper caste women are taken seriously and elicit more empathy, violation of rights of Dalit women and the injustice meted out to us has an excruciating long history. Statistics show that crimes against Dalits have risen by 746% in the last one decade. A dalit atrocity is committed every 15 minutes and 6 dalit women are raped everyday. Most cases are neither registered nor acted upon and the perpetrators go scot-free.
Power is an everyday, socialized and embodied phenomenon. In the case of Nawaz and I, it is easy to see how power dynamics changed through the years and with that, also the narrative. Nawaz being an aspirational, sexually repressed Indian man whose toxic male entitlement grew with his success, is hardly surprising. What is interesting to note is that despite not identifying as a Hindu, he carries deep caste prejudices since he chose to protect the honor of his 'Brahmin' wife after their names came up in the CDR scam while on the other hand, he felt very comfortable painting me as a seductress wearing faux for in his book, who he could sexually exploit, for public imagination.
The director of 'Miss Lovely', Ashim Ahluwalia, who I had known through the years, had been a friend and a voice of reason. I always shared my dating disasters and Mumbai misadventures with him and he usually helped me put things into perspective. Ashim's marriage with one of the producers of Miss Lovely ended and he began seeking me out as his emotional anchor. We were there for each other through difficult times and he encouraged me to return to films.
Patriarchy has no gender. Nor does abuse. We can't forget the role of mothers and wives who are equally responsible in covering or enabling their sons' and husbands' crimes. Women in power like Nandita Das and Kavita Krishnan have all shown professional and political allegiance with predators and enabled them through their silence or solidarity. Lending their voices to 'survivors' of the #Metoo movement now only comes across as fraudulent.
It's time to realize that the pompous, neoliberal, savarna feminism is not going to liberate anyone. Unless the Savarna feminists do not dismantle the same power structures from which they have benefitted, women in this country will continue to be gaslit, exploited and maligned; their dreams thwarted, voices silenced, bodies assaulted and histories erased.
The selective outrage of the supposed 'liberals' and 'Indian leftists' benefits only their convenience, and we most note that it finally took a Dalit student, Raya Sarkar in academia and a beauty pageant winner, Tanushree Dutta, to burst the Bollywood bubble while they silently looked on for years.
Last but not the least, filmmaker Sajid Khan, who I met a couple of times while he was dating an actress I knew years ago, made a few predictions when a close friend of ours was opening her second restaurant - 'This place will shut down within a year, mark my words.' To his actress girlfriend he said, 'She won't survive a day without me in Bollywood'. 'And, this one', looking at me straight, 'will soon commit suicide.'
My restaurateur friend is opening her fourth restaurant. It is difficult to get a table at the other three. The actress' career skyrocketed after she dumped the filmmaker and I, have managed to stay alive.
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2020.05.16 21:22 NatalyKomova 2020’S Best CBD Gummies Brands Reviewed

2020’S Best CBD Gummies Brands Reviewed
My favorite CBD edible is delicious CBD gummies. Made from cannabidiol, colorful gummies are the most popular CBD merchandise on the market, and it is easy to see why. The top CBD gummies for sale provide relaxing benefits to both the mind and the body. They also taste wonderful.
I consider myself somewhat of an expert on CBD products, as I have spent years relying on them to help me relax after long days at the office. Immediately, my mind and body are able to chill out, and stress floats away.
My favorite CBD edible is delicious CBD gummies. Made from cannabidiol, colorful gummies are the most popular CBD merchandise on the market, and it is easy to see why. The top CBD gummies for sale provide relaxing benefits to both the mind and the body. They also taste wonderful.
Popular CBD gummies for sale are simple to consume, as no droppers or smoking is necessary. They are also small and discreet enough to take on the go, whether you toss your CBD delights into your pocket or into your purse.
Best of all, CBD oil gummies are highly effective for helping men and women manage pressure.
A consumer must realize that not all CBD for anxiety is the same.
It is up to you, the buyer, to purchase reliable goods. That means all the CBD gummies you buy should possess the right ingredients, provide positive experiences, and come from a dependable supplier. No worries. Doing so couldn’t be easier.
Ready to get started? Check out this informative list of the smartest options for purchasing hemp-derived CBD products. Each retailer sells CBD that is grown here in the United States and contains less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabidol. In other words, the small amount of THC won’t give a person the euphoric “high” associated with marijuana.
Let’s analyze 10 different companies’ CBD gummies for their quality, ingredients, and overall effects in users’ systems.

1 JustCBD Gummies

Founded in 2017, JustCBD has made it a point to never misrepresent their products. Every item is vegan, non GMO, and made with 99% pure CBD isolate. At the same time, every item sold at JustCBD is laboratory tested and sourced from 100% U.S. grown industrial hemp. They are based in the U.S. and ship from South Florida to all 50 States, as well as worldwide.
JustCBD Gummies have a reputation for being the best edibles a person can buy, and it’s not tough to see why. Not only do they taste great, powerful CBD treats are known to help people relax.
The goodies stem from the purest and finest quality ingredients, which is a big part of the reason that JustCBD CBD Gummies for sale are a core favorite among consumers. So whether you’re looking for a mid-day snack or trying to relieve stress after a hectic day at the office, you can put your mind and body at ease with Just CBD Gummies.
Ranging from 8mg to 25 mg per piece, JustCBD Gummies come in a variety of flavors, including Sour Bear, Clear Worms, Apple Rings, and Rainbow Ribbons. You also get to choose between 250 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg, 1000 mg, and 3000 mg jars.
From my personal experience, I can say that JustCBD has a top-notch customer service platform. Every time I sent them an email, I received a friendly and polite response within an hour. Just CBD also offers some of the best promotions out there, including first-time buyers and Christmas sales.
At the end of the day, I was extremely satisfied when I tried JustCBD Gummies. Whether I was eating Blueberry Raspberry Rings or holiday-themed Snowmen & Trees gummies, they were always high quality. The packaging is neat and professional. Meanwhile, the edibles’ lab results are posted online, which is crucial for a health-nut like me. After all, many CBD products are unregulated. Better yet, I found that JustCBD gummies always taste great and give me a feeling of complete relaxation.
Check out Just CBD Gummies.

2 Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies: Calm

For years, Charlotte’s Web has been stating that their CBD gummies are created to assist people with daily stressors. Produced by the Stanley Brothers (Joel, Jesse, Jon, Jordan, Jared, and Josh) in 2012 and based in Boulder, Colorado, the company’s hemp CBD gummies are offered in three variations: Calm, Sleep, and Recovery for after working out. By 2013, Stanley Brothers were features on CNN, 60 Minutes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more. I decided to try the “Calm” option for my stressful workdays.
All of Charlotte’s Web CBD Calm Gummies are gluten free. They are also made with their own combination of fruits and veggies, along with dozens of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. A little L-theanine and lemon balm are mixed in as well.
According to their website, the CBD products sold at Charlotte’s Web are designed to help individuals relax, stay focused without feeling drowsy, and improve regular sleep patterns. The flavors come from real fruit and veggies. I tried the Lemon Lime flavor. They did work, but they certainly are not the best CBD gummies out there. They also taste rather sour.
All of the CBD gummies to help a person stay calm from Charlotte’s Web are made with zero additives and no dyes. Each jar contains 60 gummies with 10 mg of hemp extract, 50 mg of L-theanine, and 75 mg of lemon balm per serving. Two gummies are suggested for each serving, but I often had to ingest more than two or three to feel at peace after a stressful day at work.
Charlotte’s Web markets its CBD gummies to people on the go. Its main focus is consumers with busy lifestyles can use them after exercising, as well as at the office and at bedtime. A user just has to be patient and consistent and positive results will be steady, even if they are a bit slow.

3 PureKana Vegan CBD Gummies

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the team at PureKana markets their vegan CBD gummies to people looking to manage daily stressors, whether they are at home or in the office. The company that became known for its oil tinctures organically grows its own brand of CBD gummies on Kentucky farms.
Made in the United States and sourced from domestically grown hemp, PureKana relies on its trademarked technology and CO2 extraction procedure to make its own gummies. They come in a wide variety of natural flavors, but nothing stands out as tasting particularly special. The company also states its hemp never contains dangerous or toxic elements, such as chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.
Supposedly, PureKana’s products work with a person’s Endocannabinoid System to offer mental and physical benefits, like loosening up and feeling free of stress. PureKana markets their gummies to people looking to improve sleep-patterns.
Ensuring product and consumer safety, PureKana works with certified companies and third-party laboratories to test every CBD edible. They are also 100% vegan and completely free of both GMO and THC isolate.
I appreciated how PureKana walks readers through the process of eating CBG gummies, and the treats traveling along the digestive system before being absorbed. I also liked their honesty, admitting that its Vegan CBD Gummies often take a while to become effective. PureKana lives up to industry standards and customer expectations.
You can read details about every CBD edible on their website, where the company boasts about its fabulous affiliations with hemp growers. A visitor can read all about every one of its products for sale. Lab results are also shared on the company website. I even noticed that they market their CBD supplements to senior citizens.
Designed to improve relaxation, a $40 bottle of 20 PureKana Vegan CBD Gummies comes with 25 mg of CBD per piece. Of course, you can increase or decrease your frequency and quantity as needed.

4 Green Roads CBD Gummies

Green Roads is a small family-based business in Florida that was founded by an experienced pharmacist in 2013, Laura Baldwin Fuentes. The pharmacist was trying to help a friend overcome an addiction to opiates, the drugs derived from opium. Today, Green Roads has one mission: to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of every consumer with high quality CBD products, like oil tinctures and edibles.
Today, Green Roads’ is rather popular. In fact, its broad spectrum formulas can be found in more than 10,000 different retail locations across the country. They are non GMO and stem from hemp grown on domestic farms. Green Roads offers a wide variety of products designed to work for almost everyone, including daily dose packs, animal products, and even coffees and teas.
The company boasts about its high standards and breakthrough extraction methods. I also appreciate how a user can readily find product lab sheets online, as well as by scanning a QR code on the packaging. That’s pretty cool. Green Roads also breaks down usage information for each product to make it as straightforward as possible.
However, Green Roads’ proprietary formulations are perhaps too proprietary. The company does not provide specifics about its extraction processes and certifications online, making it hard for users to understand exactly how its products are made. At least every one of Green Roads’ products is tested at a third party lab.
Unfortunately, Green Roads CBD Gummies aren’t made with phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp oil. Also, consumers can’t read important information about their extraction and formulation processes. The gummies’ lab sheets can be found on the packaging, as well as online. While they are known for proving quality service, Green Roads is also one of the most expensive brands out there. A $43.95 bottle of 30 Green Roads CBD Gummies only comes with 10 mg of CBD per piece. Ouch.

5 Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops

Based in Los Angeles, Lord Jones has been making luxurious CBD products since 2016. Marketing to the rich and famous, Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops are supposed to be chic. Okay, but you are paying a bit more for product recognition and packaging.
Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops are made to promote a serene sense of well-being. Everything is mixed in little batches containing Ecuadorian dark chocolate, imported natural European fruit flavors, sugar, citric acid, gelatin, and broad spectrum CBD extract derived from top quality hemp.
Developed by a veteran team of experts in the CBD industry, Lord Jones’ gummies are said to help individuals feel calm and cool. Supposedly, they can help a user concentrate for extended periods of time. Of course, they do take a while to kick in.
All the CBD edibles are manufactured here in the U.S. and possess no THC whatsoever. They are also gluten free, as well as tested in labs to ensure customers’ safety. Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops also have gelatin, meaning they are not vegan. Not only are they made with sugar cane, a consumer may find small amounts of dairy. After all, the gumdrops are created in a facility that also manufactures products with dairy.
Lord Jones claims it is best to consume the CBD treats within 6 months from the date of purchase. But I noticed they grow hard after 2 or 3 months. It’s only natural for gummies to stiffen up after being exposed to air for too long. In other words, make sure you keep any Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops in a sealed bag or airtight container, and stored at room temperature.
Each box of Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops costs $45 and only comes with a mere 9 gumdrops, each containing 20 mg of CBD. A whopping $5 a pop is a bit pricey, especially for a product that doesn’t always receive favorable reviews. At least Lord Jones Old-Fashioned CBD Gumdrops are elegantly packaged.

6 Fab CBD Chews

For those of you who want to steer clear of THC in general, Fab CBD Chews has been around since 2018. Despite the company being located in Tampa, Florida, its financial offices are on the other side of the pond in the U.K. They are also small in size in comparison to the leaders of the CBD industry, like Just CBD.
Designed to manage day to day stressors, Fab CBD Chews’ gummies are crafted with CBD isolate. They are also gluten free and non GMO, as well as a smart option for vegans.
What I like about Fab CBD is its simplicity. Not only do they maintain an informative website, it only sells three products, CBD oil, a CBD topical cream, and CBD gummies. Each one is derived from naturally grown hemp. It’s just too bad Fab CBD Chews are only available in one flavor, Fruit, that is said to have an undesirable taste.
Fab CBD Chews website has plenty of photos of supposed real customers, which is refreshing to see. Many other CBD businesses’ websites lack color and personality. At the same time, they don’t skip out on sharing lab reports. In fact, Fab CBD chews uses the same analytics laboratory, ProVerde, as Fab CBD Chews and much bigger companies, such as PureKana.
Those with allergies should beware, as Fab CBD Chews are processed. In fact, they stem from the same building that makes fish gelatin. They are then packaged in the same facility as wheat, coconut, and dairy products.
Meant to work as a post-workout supplement, the gummies from Fab CBD Chews have 25 mg of CBD isolate, come in a 4 oz jar, and supposedly contain 750 mg of CBD total. Of course, without a lab, it’s hard to know how much you are really getting in each piece. They normally cost $59 or more.

7 Premium Jane CBD

Since opening its doors in the summer of 2018 in Los Angeles, Premium Jane CBD has blossomed into a popular brand in the United States. Now centered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Premium Jane’s products, including standard CBD oil tinctures, soft gel CBD capsules, a topical CBD cream, and CBD gummies are created with a THC-free isolate extract.
Premium Jane CBD gummies should be consumed just like any other piece of candy, allowing the CBD to travel through your digestive system before it gets absorbed into your bloodstream. People should start out with either half a gummy or one whole gummy to figure out their ideal serving sizes.
The CBD gummies are created at registered Pilot Research farms in rural Oregon, where they are inspected regularly for purity, as well as for safety. Each crop is selected for its rich amounts of terpenes and cannabinoids in order to give a user the best CBD experience possible before being shipped anywhere in the 50 States.
Everything sold at Premium Jane is extracted from the stalk, stems, leaves and flowers of industrial cannabis. They also make it a point to avoid using any and all dangerous chemicals, including pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers in its products. Meanwhile, a user never has to worry about the psychoactive “high” associated with marijuana. Rather folks simply feel calm and cool.
When it comes to Premium Jane CBD gummies, user feedback is at a minimum, as they have not been around very long. Yet, there are some benefits worth noting shared in reviews all over the web. For starters, the company relies on the reputable ProVerde Labs to make sure their CBD is top of the line and effective in users’ systems.
A person can even go online and check out Premium Jane CBD gummies’ laboratory reports, along with customer feedback. Reviews often mentions the great taste of the edibles. The price of Premium Jane CBD gummies is rather inexpensive. A jar of 30 gummies, 25 mg each, is priced at $55.

8 Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies are created to help those who are stressed out feel at ease. Staying focused becomes easier, as does sleeping through the night. That is why they are all made with a unique blend of broad spectrum CBD, vitamin D3, and vitamin B12.
The treats are ideal for vegans who crave vitamins. The goal of Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies is to decrease a user’s daily mental, physical, and emotional strains. A consumer can choose between Sunday Scaries’ gelatin based gummies from pure sugarcane and vegan-friendly edibles made from pectin, along with high fructose corn syrup.
Perhaps the greatest benefit, or at least the most fun factor of Sunday Scaries CBD gummies is that they come in a variety of colors, including yellow, orange, green, and a tasty red. They may come with an unpleasant aftertaste, but I know I am not simply enjoying candy for my sweet tooth.
I suggest taking a single Sunday Scaries CBD Gummy bear roughly 45 minutes before heading to bed. If you do not begin to feel drowsy in 30 minutes, simply enjoy a second helping. That should be enough to knock you out for a few hours at a time. If a third is necessary, go ahead. However, I wouldn’t consume any more than three.
Whether you are on the highway or watching television in the evening, you will feel more relaxed. You’ll get better sleep and not be sluggish in the morning. Every bottle of Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies comes with 20 gummies with 10 mg of CBD each. I found them online for $31 to $39 each. Of course, folks can always buy in bulk to save a few bucks. They may not be the most inexpensive edibles on the market, but Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies do help you chill out.

9 CBDfx Gummies

Founded in 2015, Southern California’s CBDfx is one of the most well-established brands for CBD. The brand got its feet wet with CBD Vape products and has since began selling its own brand of CBD gummies derived from hemp plants grown organically in the United States. The gummies are sweet and chewy. You can go on the web and quickly choose berry flavored CBD treats or special CBD gummies with special ingredients, like turmeric, melatonin and spirulina. None of the gummies are made with corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or any other destructive chemicals.
CBDfx prides itself on using nothing but natural plant based ingredients for its CBD gummies, as well as vape pens, oil tinctures, and more. They also claim to be the very first brand to create 100% vegan gummies. While the snacks certainly look like appetizing candy, they taste nothing like standard gummy bears. Rather, CBDfx Gummies remind me of green licorice.
CBDfx Gummies are made from organic sugar cane. As a result, the small particles of sugar dance around the inside of the bottle, rather than staying stuck to the gummies. That means a person can expect a little mess to fall on his or her desk or lap every time one is pulled out. Otherwise, CBDfx Gummies are an impressive and effective treat for the mind and body.
Unfortunately, CBDfx doesn’t share any information about who farms their hemp or what procedures they follow. Who knows what practices are being used?
You can now purchase little 8 packs of CBDfx Gummies, as well as 60 pieces with 5 mg of CBD per vegan gummy, 300 mg in total, for approximately $50. The company recommends a dose of one to two CBD gummies a day, meaning a bottle of 60 gummies should last a consumer for one to two months.

10 Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies

Made with all natural ingredients, Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies is the opposite of a pharmaceutical company. Founded in Texas in 2015 and operating a retail location in Olympia, Washington, Highland Pharms uses organic hemp grown on a boutique farm in Colorado. Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies do not smell good, nor do they taste any better. At least they successfully help people relax and fall asleep.
What Highland Pharms refers to as “Pharmaceutical Grade Hemp” is industrial hemp that has been specifically bred to have high levels of cannabinoids. The non GMO CBD gummies are all natural, with the exception of food dyes and artificial flavorings (Black Carrot Juice Concentrate, Organic Turmeric, and Organic Annatto) in their gummies.
As far as negative factors about Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies, I know buyers are quickly turned off by the name “Pharms” and its label, “pharmaceutical grade.” There is no more information offered to distinguish it from medicine or even industrial hemp. Also, a blogger like me is quickly annoyed at silly typos and partial product descriptions of the business website. It’s not very professional.
All of Highland Pharms’ products are sent off for testing by ProVerde that confirms the gummies’ potency of CBD and other cannabinoids. They also make sure there are zero heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, or microbes.
There is no one standard serving size. While one person may like taking half a piece at a time, another may prefer the mental and physical effects of one or even two CBD snacks.
You can purchase fruit flavored Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies in bottles of 20. You can choose 10 mg gummies for $39.95 or 20 mg edibles for $69.95. The shipping is known to be fast, as well as free. While the price may be a bit high, consumer feedback usually claims Highland Pharms Hemp Plus CBD Gummies are worth the money.
Do you have more questions about CBD gummies? We’ve got the answers…

How Should I Pick CBD Gummies?

As a consumer, it is now up to you to pick the best CBD gummies on the market. For any first time user, that’s a task that is easier said than done. You don’t want to spend too much money, but you should also steer clear of any cheap edibles. But there is so much more to consider than merely prices.
When choosing what CBD gummies to buy, you should consider the type of CBD that is used in the ingredients. CBD isolate is pure CBD that has no other cannabidiols whatsoever. This is a fabulous product for anyone who must avoid THC, like a bus driver or schoolteacher who is worried about failing a drug test. Yet, the CBD isolate extraction method takes away many important organic compounds and terpenes. In other words, an individual won’t achieve the same range of mental and physical benefits as normal CBD gummies.

Do CBD Gummies Help People Manage Stress?

Yes, CBD gummies are extremely effective when it comes to managing stress. As millions of men and women deal with stress on a daily basis, CBD treats calm a user’s body and mind by binding to serotonin receptors. No, everyday stressors won’t disappear, but CBD edibles certainly helps folks deal with the pressure. Of course, it may take a bit of trial and error to decide your favorite flavor and dosage of CBD edibles. Regardless, CBD makes it effortless to chill out, allowing stress to calmly float away. Also, CBD gummies are rather convenient, as you can carry them around in your pocket or purse. That way, you can take one whenever necessary, whether you are on the highway during rush hour or preparing to give a big speech at the office.

How Do I Consume CBD Gummies?

Eating CBD gummies couldn’t be any easier. In fact, it is no different than eating delicious gummy bears with spectacular advantages for your mind and body. Simply chew your goody up. Otherwise, you can let it sit on your tongue for a while and enjoy the flavor before it sinks into your system. The CBD will then make its way through your digestive system and end up flowing through your veins.

How Do CBD Gummies Make You Feel?

While the total impact of CBD gummies varies from person to person, all positive results are usually the same. For instance, CBD edibles are known for improving the brain’s capacity to manage stress and help folks feel calm. With a peaceful state of mind, a user can enjoy quickly falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night. That means you will wake up feeling more refreshed and stay energized throughout the day. Being more productive can certainly add to an individual’s happiness. That’s pretty cool, considering that approximately 35% of Americans currently suffer from symptoms of insomnia.

What Are the Best CBD Gummies to Buy?

According to buyers and sellers, the top CBD gummies for sale are the edibles without any GMOs (genetically modified organisms). At the same time, the best CBD treats are vegan friendly and are low in carbs. Consumers agree that the highest quality CBD gummies come from U.S. hemp with minimal traces of THC, if any.

What Are CBD Gummies’ Ingredients?

When it comes to the exact ingredients found in CBD gummies for sale, the elements can vary by manufacturer, as well as by taste. When shopping, you can try to avoid any and all additives, including preservatives and artificial ingredients. You should also avoid CBD gummies with high fructose corn syrup. Also, any vegans and people with allergies should do a little homework before indulging in CBD gummies. The top CBD gummies available tend to be completely unrefined, with real sugar, organic flavoring, and non-GMO ingredients.

Should CBD Gummies Be Laboratory Tested?

When shopping for CBD gummies, its essential that you only buy edibles that have been laboratory tested by a third party. After all, the quality of CBD products often varies. While one vendor sells nothing of premium CBD edibles, another may simply be unloading expensive candy with no upsides whatsoever. Your safety may even come into question. It is up to you, the consumer, to find a completely reliable product. That way, you can rest assured you are always purchasing top quality CBD gummies and not sugar-filled sweets.

Can I Buy CBD Gummies Legally?

Yes, CBD gummies, as well as CBD oils and vapes, are legal in all 50 States, as long as they come from hemp. Every hemp product contains a THC level of less than 0.3 percent. On the other hand, the THC in marijuana is much stronger and often gives users unwanted euphoric highs. That is why marijuana-derived CBD products are not legal on the federal level. In other words, it is much safer and smarter to buy hemp-derived CBD gummies.

Will CBD Gummies Make Me High?

No, CBD gummies derived from hemp will not make you high, even if it comes from the same plant and offers many of the same wonderful benefits as THC. Sure, both CBD and THC interact with the cannabinoid receptors in users’ brains. However, our reactions to them are not the same. CBD doesn’t have a response on CB1 receptors. In other words, it does not create a euphoric high. In fact, CBD often reduces THC’s influences on the body.

When Did CBD Gummies Become Legal?

In 2018, the federal Farm Bill legalized CBD and other industrial hemp on a national level. Men and women, old and young, have since been taking advantage of the best CBD gummies available. A number of users find edibles to be much more fun than oil tinctures. Eating snacks is also more convenient than vaporizers and doobies. You can pop one, two, or more in your mouth at a time. Too bad you can’t say the same about CBD-infused bath bombs.

What flavors of CBD Gummies Can I Buy?

Fortunately for consumers all over the world, CBD gummies can now be found in a seemingly countless number of flavors, ranging from Wild Berry and Sour Bear to delicious Apple Rings, Rainbow Ribbons, Peach Rings, and Blueberry Rings. The only hard part may be picking your favorite one. Fortunately, you can choose seven or more of the best tasting CBD gummies and enjoy a new one every day of the week.

How Much CBD Should You Consume?

If you have never tried CBD gummies before, it is best to start off slowly. Begin with one 5 gm piece. Better yet, you can cut it in half to start with a 2.5 mg gummy. Then you have to do is sit back and relax. It’s worth the wait, as you can enjoy the mental and physical advantages of CBD for approximately 5 hours at a time. If a couple of hours go by and you feel like taking more, go right ahead. It’s not like it’s possible to overdose on CBD gummies. Over time, you can always increase the amount of CBD you take on a regular basis.

How Should I Store CBD Gummies?

It is best to minimize your CBD edibles’ exposure to light and heat. That is why CBD gummies should be stored in a cool and dark place, like a refrigerator or freezer. Being placed in such a controlled environment will increase your CBD goodies’ shelf lives. The potency of CBD gummies tends to last several weeks in the fridge and approximately 6 months at a time in a freezer.

How Long Do CBD Gummies Last?

The effects of CBD gummies usually last approximately 6 hours at a time in a user’s system. It takes roughly 30 to 60 minutes for the benefits, such as mental and physical relaxation, to kick in. Of course, responses can differ from one person to another. Certain factors that come into account include the strength of the edible and the speed of your metabolism, as well as the last time you ate. An individual with an empty stomach will feel the impact of CBD gummies much sooner than someone who just ate a large meal.

Are All CBD Gummies the Same?

When it comes to purchasing CBD gummies on the internet, you must realize that not all the edibles are the same. For instance, you should only trust CBD products that were made in the U.S., as well as tested in a lab. Otherwise, you could end up paying for nothing more than expensive candy. It may help to read different reviews of CBD gummies on the internet. Just remember, what one person thinks works great may not do a thing in your system, and vice versa.4

Why CBD Gummies Are a Smart Choice

In conclusion, CBD gummies are a wonderful way for men and women to get their feet wet with organic hemp-grown products. Like all CBD merchandise, the edibles are completely legal. As long as you make sure everything is laboratory tested and made in the United States, you too can jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of CBD gummies’ lifechanging benefits.
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2020.04.22 11:09 Fwoggie2 Covid-19 update Wednesday 22nd April

Good morning from the UK. It’s Wednesday 22nd April and today also marks the 50th Earth Day.

Virus news in depth

Air pollution falls by unprecedented levels in major global cities during coronavirus lockdowns - CNN reports that lockdowns restricting travel and industry imposed to halt the spread of coronavirus have resulted in unprecedented reductions in deadly air pollution around the world, new analysis shows. Major cities that suffer from the world's worst air pollution have seen reductions of deadly particulate matter by up to 60% from the previous year, during a three-week lockdowns period. The Indian capital New Delhi -- which frequently tops the world's most polluted city lists -- saw a 60% reduction in PM2.5 levels from March 23 to April 13 from the same period in 2019. Both New Delhi and the country's commercial center Mumbai experienced their best March air quality on record in 2020. During the initial three-week lockdown period, the number of hours rated as "unhealthy" in New Delhi dropped from 68% in 2019 to 17% in 2020. Over the course of Wuhan's 10-week lockdown, the city experienced its cleanest air quality on record for the months of February and March. The average concentration of PM2.5 plunged from 63.2 and 43.9 micrograms per cubic meter in February and March 2019 respectively, to 36.8 and 32.9 in the same months this year. The World Health Organization considers anything above 25 to be unsafe.

Ramadan in a time of plague: 'The best thing is to stay home, stay quiet' - The Guardian points out that the holy month of Ramadan is scheduled to start this week; the ongoing spread of Covid-19 poses unique questions for Muslims around the world, including whether they can access their mosque to pray, whether fasting is still required during a time of plague and whether they can travel home to visit friends and family (such visits are few and far between for many). Many mosques will be closed, the article says including the Ka’bah, the gold-embroidered shrine in Mecca’s Grand Mosque, as well as the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina and Jerusalem’s al-Aqsa mosque. Abdullah Abu Galous, a 38-year-old hardware shop owner from the Palestinian city of Ramallah, said it felt as if Ramadan had been cancelled. “I would never have thought that a tiny virus could stop us from celebrating the month of Ramadan. It has held more than one billion Muslims throughout the world hostage,” he said. Meanwhile, several Arab newspapers have carried expert assurances that fasting has not been shown to reduce resistance to the virus. Al-Azhar, Egypt’s top Sunni mosque, said last week that coronavirus could not be used as an excuse not to participate unless it was scientifically established that drinking water helps to ward off the disease.

Virus news in brief

Today’s live blogs are The Guardian, CNN unless otherwise specified

Supply chain news in depth

No takers: Hyundai cars sit in U.S. ports as virus keeps buyers away - While Hyundai is one of few global automakers whose production has recovered at home, its exports optimism has been dampened by the severity of the U.S. outbreak, weak consumer sentiment and as rivals have quickly moved to guard their turf. Consignments of cars shipped from South Korea are now sitting in U.S. ports, with dealers slow to take deliveries because of slumping sales and rising inventory, four people with knowledge of the matter told Reuters. The company idled a Tucson production line at home last week for five days, while sister firm Kia Motors (000270.KS) is looking to suspend three Korean plants for a week. And analysts now expect a sharp drop in first-quarter operating profit when it reports results on Thursday and some even forecast a second-quarter loss. “I hope that the situation will recover by the middle of next month. If not, we might have to lay off some people,” said Brad Cannon, general manager of an exclusive Hyundai dealership in California, whose sales are down more than 50% from when the pandemic started. Hyundai runs a factory in Alabama - which is closed until May 1 - but imports are key to meet U.S. demand. Only about half of its vehicles sold in the United States are made in North America compared to between 68% and 85% for Japanese rivals Toyota Motor (7203.T), Nissan Motor (7201.T) and Honda Motor (7267.T), who have also suspended production there till May. The South Korean company makes about 61% of its cars overseas, up from 48% a decade ago. That leaves it vulnerable to overseas factory shutdowns and shrinking demand outside of its home market.

Coronavirus pandemic 'will cause famine of biblical proportions' - The Guardian quotes the chief of the UN’s food relief agency who has said that the world is facing widespread famine “of biblical proportions” because of the coronavirus pandemic and that there is only a short time to act before hundreds of millions starve. More than 30 countries in the developing world could experience widespread famine, and in 10 of those countries there are already more than 1 million people on the brink of starvation, said David Beasley, executive director of the World Food Programme. “We are not talking about people going to bed hungry,” he told the Guardian in an interview. “We are talking about extreme conditions, emergency status – people literally marching to the brink of starvation. If we don’t get food to people, people will die.” Covid-19 is likely to be sweeping through the developing world but its spread is hard to gauge. What appears to be certain is that the fragile healthcare systems of scores of developing countries will be unable to cope, and the economic disaster following in the wake of the pandemic will lead to huge strain on resources. “This is truly more than just a pandemic – it is creating a hunger pandemic,” said Beasley. “This is a humanitarian and food catastrophe.” Beasley took his message to the UN security council on Tuesday, warning world leaders that they must act quickly in a fast-deteriorating situation. He urged them to bring forward about $2bn (£1.6bn) of aid that has been pledged, so it can get to the frontline as quickly as possible. Another $350m (£285m) is also needed to set up the logistics network to get food and medical supplies – including personal protective equipment – to where it is needed, including air bridges where ground transport is impossible.

Supply chain news in brief

Good news section

Taxi driver takes stranded student from Spain to Italy free of charge - CNN reports that an Italian student stranded in Spain due to the coronavirus crisis has been driven more than 1,500 kilometers home, free of charge by a taxi driver. Driver Kepa Amantegi, 22, drove Giada Collalto, also 22, from Bilbao, Spain, to Montebello, near Venice, Italy, after a series of unfortunate events left her stuck. Collalto's struggle to find a way back home included hours on the internet and phone calls with the Italian embassy. She managed to purchase a plane ticket from Madrid to Paris, then to Rome and finally to Venice. But on April 8, she found herself navigating more restrictions at the airport of the Spanish capital Madrid, where a flight attendant informed her she wasn't permitted to board. "I was desperate and angry, my parents were worried but couldn't do anything to help me. I called the embassy and they told to me to send an email. All hotels in Madrid were closed, no public transport to go back to Bilbao," she added. A friend of hers knew a taxi driver in Bilbao -- Amantegi -- and contacted him. "He immediately said he was available to come to pick me up and he drove nine hours from Bilbao to Madrid and back," Collalto said. But once she was back in Bilbao, she learned her apartment was no longer available. Amantegi offered to host Collalto in his family home for the night. "I insisted on paying him but he said, 'I don't want to get advantage of you, I see you are in a difficult situation, don't worry about the cost'," Collalto said, adding Amantegi only asked for a reimbursement of expenses for picking her up in Madrid. (Link)


Several asked if they can send me $/£/€ via Patreon (in some cases because I've saved them time or money, others for no reason at all). I don't need the cash (that's lovely though) but as you may have read above, food bank charities are getting really hit hard with all this panic buying. Please consider giving whatever you'd have given me to a foodbank charity instead:
Thanks in advance for any donations you give. If there's foodbank charities in your country and it's not listed above, please suggest it and I will include it going forward.
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2020.04.16 17:43 badpauly Significant Activist Hedge Fund Activity (Last 7 Days)

These are the latest Schedule 13D forms filed by activist investors in the last 7 days. Activist investors are investors that make an investment with the intention of influencing management in some way. There is evidence that following activist investors into investments can generate excess returns. Schedule 13G forms, in contrast, are filed by significant investors with no intention of influencing management (such as Index funds).
There is always a lot of interest in insider trades, but what a lot of people probably don't realize is that hedge fund activity is probably more predictive of future returns than insider activity. The reason is that hedge funds (a) have large research budgets, and (b) have a choice where to put their money. In contract, insiders have no choice where to put their money, but only when to time their transactions.

New Filings

This table lists new 13D filings in the last week. A new filing does not necessarily indicate a new position, as investors frequently accumulate in advance before reaching the filing threshold.
Date Form Company Investor Shares Ownership Change
04‑15 13D DSKE / Daseke, Inc. Lyons Phillip N. 3,250,000 %
04‑15 13D ARAV / Aravive, Inc. Eshelman Fredric N 931,098 5.8%
04‑15 13D NWLI / National Western Life Group, Inc. MOODY RLM JR. INTEREST LTD 289,474 8.42%
04‑15 13D ASFI / Asta Funding, Inc. STERN GARY 2,530,750 38.2% 15.06
04‑15 13D CLDR / Cloudera, Inc. ICAHN CARL C 52,327,391 17.73% -9.49
04‑15 13D NREF / NexPoint Real Estate Finance, Inc. DONDERO JAMES D 294,672 5.5%
04‑15 13D LMFA / LM Funding America, Inc. BZ Industrial Ltd 520,833 14.29%
04‑14 13D 92262D101 / Velocity Financial, Inc. PACIFIC INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT CO LLC 4,470,300 44.7%
04‑13 13D 68373L307 / OPGEN INC Curetis N.V. in Liquidation 2,028,208 13.8%
04‑13 13D WIW / Western Asset/ Claymore Inflation Linked Opportunities & Income Fund Karpus Management, Inc. 7,369,928 25.28% 10.39
04‑13 13D VOXX / VOXX International Corp. Kahli Beat 1,999,024 9.2%
04‑10 13D NSA.PRA / National Storage Affiliates Tr Nordhagen Arlen Dale 6,827,531 9.7% 97.15
04‑10 13D FCT / First Trust Senior Floating Rate Income Fund II Saba Capital Management, L.P. 1,979,611 7.4% -10.84
04‑10 13D TRQ / Turquoise Hill Resources Pentwater Capital Management LP 182,904,585 9.09%
04‑10 13D CNMF / Canfield Med Supply Inc Yorke Justin W 20,611,066 30.4%
04‑10 13D GME / GameStop Corp. Scion Asset Management, LLC 3,400,000 5.3%
04‑10 13D CNMF / Canfield Med Supply Inc Nistico Robert 4,407,233 6.5%
04‑10 13D GWSN / Gulf West Security Network, Inc. Kingdom Building, Inc. 36,189,493 37.89%
04‑10 13D HUYA / HUYA Inc. Tencent Holdings Ltd 81,012,054 54.7% -7.45
04‑09 13D METX / Meten EdtechX Education Group Ltd. RG Education Investment Ltd 6,614,502 12.46%
04‑09 13D TWMC / Trans World Entertainment Corp. Subin Neil S 1,340,024 65.0% 291.57
04‑09 13D METX / Meten EdtechX Education Group Ltd. JZ Education Investment Ltd 13,829,929 26.04%
04‑09 13D METX / Meten EdtechX Education Group Ltd. Peng Siguang 6,982,884 13.15%
04‑09 13D NWLI / National Western Life Group, Inc. Moody Ross R 289,474 8.42%
04‑09 13D NWLI / National Western Life Group, Inc. Moody-Dahlberg Frances A 289,474 8.42%

Amended Filings

This table lists amended filings in the last week, and is useful for monitoring changes in existing investments or when a fund closes a position. I have eliminated all filings with less than a 5% change in ownership.
Date Form Company Investor Shares Ownership Change
04‑16 13D/A ALRN / Aileron Therapeutics Inc. Novartis Bioventures Ltd 1,199,904 4.31% -23.72
04‑16 13D/A VOXX / VOXX International Corp. Kahli Beat 2,750,000 12.7% 10.43
04‑15 13D/A MOBL / MobileIron, Inc. Altai Capital Management, L.P. 7,950,075 6.88% -23.89
04‑15 13D/A NCMI / National CineMedia, Inc. Standard General L.P. 19,234,448 24.1% 5.24
04‑15 13D/A BRFH / Barfresh Food Group Inc. Lazarus Management Co LLC 20,745,766 14.2% -8.39
04‑15 13D/A IMMR / Immersion Corporation Raging Capital Management, LLC 4,845,932 16.6% 7.79
04‑15 13D/A MEET / MeetMe, Inc. Magnetar Financial LLC 3,535,151 4.97% -11.72
04‑15 13D/A VOXX / VOXX International Corp. Kahli Beat 2,500,000 11.5% 11.65
04‑14 13D/A CMCT / CIM Commerical Trust Corp. CIM Capital, LLC 2,956,667 20.0%
04‑14 13D/A GFNSL / General Finance Corp. HAVNER RONALD L JR 2,408 0.6% 50.00
04‑14 13D/A CBPO / China Biologic Products, Inc. Parfield International Ltd 2,437,696 6.33% -22.33
04‑14 13D/A SENS / Senseonics Holdings, Inc. NEW ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATES 10 L P 30,573,948 14.8% -37.29
04‑14 13D/A VOXX / VOXX International Corp. Kahli Beat 2,231,712 10.3% 11.96
04‑13 13D/A GR / Goodrich Corp PAULSON & CO. INC. 6,300,000 7.3% -25.51
04‑13 13D/A VRSZ / Verso Corporation Bw Coated Llc 874,076 2.48% 5.08
04‑13 13D/A VRSZ / Verso Corporation Lapetus Capital Ii Llc 2,622,246 7.45% 5.37
04‑13 13D/A JCS / Communications Systems, Inc. GAMCO INVESTORS, INC. ET AL 712,138 7.69% 5.05
04‑13 13D/A ALRN / Aileron Therapeutics Inc. Novartis Bioventures Ltd 1,572,285 5.65% -16.54
04‑13 13D/A PATI / Patriot Transportation Holding, Inc. Baker Thompson S Ii 221,173 6.5%
04‑13 13D/A FRPH / FRP Holdings, Inc. Baker John D Ii 423,474 4.3% -69.06
04‑13 13D/A COE / China Online Education Group DCM Ventures China Turbo Fund, L.P. 70,545,612 29.9% -40.20
04‑10 13D/A QHC / Quorum Health Corporation Mudrick Capital Management, L.P. 4,771,592 14.6% 47.47
04‑10 13D/A GFNSL / General Finance Corp. HAVNER RONALD L JR 1,408 0.4% -96.19
04‑10 13D/A GPS / Gap, Inc. (The) FISHER JOHN J 68,098,953 18.3% 8.93
04‑10 13D/A GPS / Gap, Inc. (The) FISHER WILLIAM SYDNEY 44,210,860 11.9% -20.13
04‑10 13D/A CBB / Cincinnati Bell, Inc. ARES MANAGEMENT LLC 3,978,641 7.9% -15.96
04‑10 13D/A ENIA / Enersis S.A. ENEL SOCIETA PER AZIONI 47,373,020,828 62.26% 5.54
04‑10 13D/A CATS / Catasys Inc. Smith David E 793,612 4.7% -12.96
04‑10 13D/A 148411309 / AM Castle & Co. Anderson Patrick R. 513,938 0.7% -92.05
04‑10 13D/A 148411309 / AM Castle & Co. Edgar Marec Elden 513,864 0.7% -92.05
04‑10 13D/A 148411309 / AM Castle & Co. Scheinkman Steven W. 971,976 1.32% -92.05
04‑10 13D/A CBPO / China Biologic Products, Inc. Centurium Capital Partners 2018, L.p. 10,425,669 27.1% 7.11
04‑10 13D/A CLDB / Cortland Bancorp Ancora Advisors, LLC 407,840 9.72% 40.06
04‑09 13D/A BLMN / Bloomin' Brands, Inc. JANA PARTNERS LLC 7,985,439 %
04‑09 13D/A CVLT / CommVault Systems, Inc. Starboard Value LP 4,616,000 9.9% 6.45
04‑09 13D/A MEET / MeetMe, Inc. Magnetar Financial LLC 4,004,690 5.63% -23.82
04‑09 13D/A MFIN / Medallion Financial Corp. Key Colony Fund Lp 1,326,627 5.3% -17.19
04‑09 13D/A 48138L206 / Jumei International Holding Ltd Chen Leo Ou 91,236,888 79.9%
04‑09 13D/A BIP / Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. BROOKFIELD ASSET MANAGEMENT INC. 136,849,738 31.9% 7.41
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2020.04.16 17:01 UCIandWSU Who Is Hiring: updated list from the Kentucky unemployment site today. Lots of Healthcare related but also mechanic, accountant, warehouse, etc. Apologies for formatting mess, thought this might be useful to some.

Updated: 4/16/2020
NORTHWEST REGION • Amazon River Ridge - Louisville o Warehouse Associates 
• Amazon Shepherdsville - Louisville o Warehouse Associates 
• Amcor – Shelbyville o Entry Level Manufacturing  Website: Phone number: (502)647-2388
• AmerisourceBergen - Louisville o Warehouse Associate, Night Shift (FT and PT) 
• Atria - Louisville o Housekeeping, Food Service 
• Baptist Health - Louisville o Patient Care Associates (PCAs), RN Respiratory Therapists, Medical Assistants 
• Barton House - Louisville o Resident Assistance  Apply in person at 6830 Overlook Dr Louisville Ky 40241
• Cedar Lake – Louisville and LaGrange o Direct Support Professionals, Nurses, Maintenance 
• Centerstone - Louisville o Social Workers/Therapist 
• Christian Care Communities – Louisville, Midway, Corbin, Bowling Green, Nicholasville, Hopkinsville o CNAs, LPNs, RNs, Dietary, Housekeeping, Maintenance 
• Costco - Louisville o In-Store Associates 
• CVS Health – Louisville, Nationwide o Store associates, prescription delivery drivers, distribution center employees, and membecustomer service professionals 
• – Louisville o Delivery Driver  Email [email protected]
• Department of Corrections, Cabinet for Health & Family Services, Department of Veterans Affairs – Statewide o Various  Apply at
• Essex Nursing and Rehabilitation - Louisville o CNA, LPN, RN & Unit Manager, RN 
• Exceptional Living Centers – Louisville, Frankfort, Vanceburg, Stanford, Greensburg o CNAs, LPNs, RNs, Dietary, Housekeeping, COVID Specialty Unit  Please Apply for all locations via email or website at
• Facilities Management Services - Louisville o Cleaning Crews 
• F B Purnell Sausage CoInc. – Simpsonville o Production Helpers  Call 502-722-8205. Ext 224
• First Choice Commercial Services – Louisville o Commercial cleaning  You can apply online at or stop by our office at 224 Carter Ave Louisville, KY 40229
• Flaget Memorial Hospital – Bardstown o Registered Nurse, Emergency Room Technician, Sonographer, SRNA, Phlebotomist, Housekeeper  All jobs are posted at
• Grayson Nursing & Rehab - Leitchfield o State Registered Nurse Aides 
• Hermitage Farm – Goshen o Groom, Farm Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance/Hay Crew  Applicants to correspond with Evelyn Hill at [email protected]
• Home of the Innocents – Louisville o Resident Counselors-Fulltime All Shifts, Part-time, House Supervisors and TLC Clinical Specialist and Clinical Specialist PRN  Visit and select Careers
• InspiriTec, an Ability One Company – Ft. Knox o Call Center, Analyst, Analytics, Team Leads  Please contact Julie Osborne at [email protected]
• Interapt - Louisville o Contact Center 
• JBS - Louisville o Hourly Production, Hourly Maintenance 
• Kentucky Environmental Education Council – Frankfort o Kentucky Green and Healthy Schools Coordinator (Part Time) Communications and Marketing Coordinator (Part Time)  To apply for either position, submit a resume, cover letter, and writing sample to Wesley Bullock at [email protected]
• Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance – Statewide o Adjusters, Agents, various IT roles  Please go to our website or for all openings
• Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates – Louisville o Clinical Services Coordinator  Apply for this opportunity at
• Kroger - Louisville o In-Store Associates  Go to Local Store and ask to see the manager and visit website at
• KY Dept. of Veterans Affairs – Carl M. Brashear Radcliff Veterans Center – Radcliff o Nurse Aide State Registered I (CNA), LPN, RN, Food Service Worker  Apply online at:
• Lake Forest Village Retirement Community - Louisville o Housekeeper PM Server 
• Landmark of Bardstown – Bardstown o Hospitality Aide, Activity Aide, Housekeeping, Certified Nursing Asst, LPN, RN  or in person at our facility
• Lantech – Jeffersontown o Production Assembler, Welder, Materials Presenter  Apply at
• Lenz Enterprises, LLC dba Kentuckiana Floor Systems – Louisville o Laborers  Email [email protected] or call 502-966-4696
• Lowes – Louisville, Shepherdsville, Shelbyville o All positions 
• Macro Plastics - Shelbyville o Machine Operators  Applicants apply at - complete application and/or upload resume
• Masonic Homes Kentucky – Louisville, Shelbyville o CNA, RN, LPN, Personal Care Assistant, Hospitality, Clinical positions, caregivers, dining services 
• Meijer - Louisville o In-Store Associates 
• Montebello Packaging - Lebanon o Line Technicians 
• Nazareth Home, Inc. - Louisville o CNA, LPN, RN, Food Service, Housekeeping  or
• Neff Packaging Solutions - Simpsonville o Entry level production  Applications are accepted on site 10 Kingbrook Parkway Simpsonville KY 40067
• Norton Healthcare - Louisville o Receptionists, Patient Care Associates, Patient Registration, Environmental Associates, Food Services, Cook Supervisor Food and Nutrition Cashier 
• NPR of America, INC – Bardstown o Production Associates, Maintenance Machinist, Maintenance Technicians, Production Supervisors  Apply on our website:
• ORBIS CORPORATION – Bardstown o Production 
• Papa Johns – Louisville, Statewide o Customer Service, Delivery, Carryout 
• Paragon Management Group – Louisville o Maintenance Technician  Send resume to [email protected]
• People Ready Branch #3402 – Bardstown o General Labor and Production Assembly, Warehouse  and choose location Bardstown Kentucky
• Premier Caregiver Services - Louisville o Caregivers  [email protected]
• Radial – Walton, Louisville & Shepardsville o Operations Supervisor, Inventory Control Auditor, Wave Planner, Workforce Planning Analyst, Fulfillment Specialist  Please visit to apply.
• Randstad Staffing – Louisville o Receptionist, Executive Administrative Assistant, Medical Billing, Marketing specialist, BluePrint Takeoff, Purchasing, Bookkeeper & Collections & Customer Service  Please email Jessica at [email protected] and apply at
• Rivers Edge Nursing and Rehabilitation - Prospect o Certified Nursing Assistants and LPN  b19b072952f68dceb&vjs=3 or call the facility directly at 502-228-8359
• Rogers Group Inc. – Louisville o Master Mechanic- Heavy equipment/diesel mechanic 
• Rumpke Waste & Recycling – Locations throughout Kentucky o CDL Residential Driver, Driver Trainee - Paid Training, Vehicle Maintenance Technician, General Laborer, Tire Technician, Safety Supervisor and several other positions  Please visit to apply!
• Signature Healthcare - Albany o Hospitality Aide, Cook, Dietary Aide, RN, LPN, CNA, SRNA, KMA  Apply online at
• Signature Healthcare – Bardstown o RN, LPN, CNA, KMA, Hospitality Aide, Cook, Dietary Aide  Apply online at
• Signature Healthcare - Elizabethtown o Hospitality Aide, Certified Nursing Assistant, Nurses  Apply online at
• Signature Healthcare – Louisville o CNA, RN, LPN, Dietary Aides, Nurse Scheduler, RN Supervisors/Unit Managers 
• Sonoco Production - Louisville o Operator and Packer  Job ID: 1131485199 – utilize the Job ID listed on
• Soudal – Elizabethtown o Production  Apply online at
• Spectrum Business – Louisville o Customer Service and Technical Support, Billing Specialists  Follow the link here:
• Stock Yards Bank & Trust – Louisville o Various positions 
• Supreme International – Louisville o Real Estate Specialist  Email Resume and Cover Letter To: [email protected]
• Thornton’s - Louisville o In-Store Associates 
• Treyton Oak Towers - Louisville o CNA first shift  anic
• Trilogy Health Services – Louisville o PRN/Temporary employees  15ouR8Dv4b1G2R5rBCpu_5126PWBZEDNPp5aXJ4_yW_D3NV5o0-fP3g4k
• Turning Point Brands, Inc. – Louisville o Senior Accountant, Director of Merchandise Operations, Senior Director Engineering 
• Uspiritus - Louisville o Youth Care Worker 
• Valhalla Post Acute - Louisville o Certified Nursing Assistants, RN, LPN, Dietary aides 
• Wal-Mart Dixie & St. Matthews - Louisville o St. Matthews: Cart Associate  Job ID: 1139266427 Maintenance Associate Job ID: 1139280017 Deli Sales Associate Job ID: 1139289897 Fresh Cleaner Overnight Job ID: 1139300147 Fresh CAP Team Associate Job ID: 1139303057 Dixie Highway: Fresh CAP Team Associate Job ID: 1139523947 Deli Sales Associate Job ID: 1139525407 Cart Attendant Job ID: 1139526297 Utilize the Job ID's listed on
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2020.03.30 21:45 dem0n0cracy In-depth analysis of lipidomic profile in host cells infected with coronavirus has revealed that the LA to AA metabolism axis of those cells is the most perturbed lipidomic pathway with a concurrent increased production of AA due to both HCoV-229E and MERS-CoV infections

Strategies shift as coronavirus pandemic looms

  1. Jon Cohen,
  2. Kai Kupferschmidt
See all authors and affiliations
Science 28 Feb 2020: Vol. 367, Issue 6481, pp. 962-963 DOI: 10.1126/science.367.6481.962
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2020.03.24 23:35 CasusBellum An Online non-student led Business and Networking opportunity during Quarantine

As we all are still home during this time of quarantine, I've been posting about prominent online EC opportunities. Here's one (and the only one I've found for business/econ) that is legitimate and one that I can vouch for.
For all prospective business/econ majors, and those who are interested in starting a LEGAL NGO or giving legal status to their work:
GATSVI clubs (Gifted and Talented Silicon Valley Innovators) is hosting an online webinar session on Thursday where they will be continuing their clubs curriculum. More background info on that here. Only change is, their admissions policy is changed to be rolling and open to all (free as well) due to the Coronavirus epidemic. At this webinar, they'll be talking about building an online business/nonprofit. They can help you with mentorship, the GATSVI program (which pipelines into business pitch invitations at Plug & Play and Silicon Valley), and the GATSVI entrepreneurship competition itself (not related to GVC).
The mentor speaking here is a head mentor that is a serial entrepreneur, a lawyer, and a head official at ACT. He is familiar with the legal framework of nonprofit and business incorporation, fiscal sponsorship, and other legal advice needed to register a nonprofit/business.
Just a warning - if your PRIMARY motivation for starting a nonprofit/business is for college apps, then please do not show up to this webinar. If your main reason is to try to turn some community group into a nonprofit for college apps, don't bother coming. This webinar and GATSVI clubs is for those seriously considering pursuing a profitable business or inter-state/international nonprofit the that plans to function beyond college apps.
This webinar takes place at two different available times on Thursday: 10am PST and 8pm PST. This webinar is an extension of GATSVI clubs' normal program, which runs every year starting at the beginning of 2nd semester. If you would like to continue beyond the webinar and enroll in GATSVI clubs and the international competition itself, you are free to do, just email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). You DO NOT need to register forms with your school to form a GATSVI club this year (due to Coronavirus), but you will have to next year.
GVC is separate from GATSVI clubs, the international competition mentioned is held in 4 stages:
General pool --> Semifinalists --> Finalists --> International Finalists --> (Optional) GATSVI Summer Incubator
The cut offs are held with video pitch selections from Silicon Valley CEOs and startup founders/investors. This is mainly the competition track for businesses, not sure if nonprofits have one. Finalists --> international finalist requires a physical pitch at UC Irvine in front of Silicon Valley judges. International Finalists receive seed funding, scholarship invitation to Stanford Summer incubator (from GATSVI, only 12-18 students), and chance to pitch at Plug and Play for up to 20k.
For more info on GATSVI clubs, visit and their affiliate program.
This program provides SO many resources if you manage to get to Finalist stage and really expects you to be build a serious business instead of random ideations (unlike LaunchX). Once you get to a certain level, they'll start expecting you to build serious businesses with good pitches. You'll meet Stanford professors and people working on international projects, also an immense opportunity to network imo.
To register, please email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Make sure to specify that you heard this opportunity from u/CasusBellum to be let in.
If you have any questions, I can answer them, or you can send them to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). I recognize 3/26 is quite a day for seniors here, so remember that we have two available webinar dates that day. Just because you're done with HS doesn't mean that this won't be useful to you.
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2020.03.22 14:14 KrishNews Looking for a relationship during this Lonely time at home during the lockdown? Look no further you have come to the right place.

Looking for a relationship during this Lonely time at home during the lockdown? Look no further you have come to the right place.
Each one of us felt lonely at least once in their lives. Whether you live in a metropolis or in a remote village, this feeling can affect you everywhere. So sometimes all we need to be happy is a new friend or true love. DoULike online dating website connects hundreds of single women and men who want to get to know you. You can find either young or senior singles. Just add some information about yourself, upload profile photos, like photos of quality singles and start chatting with them. We tend to favour live communication to long questionnaires, so here you do not get bored by list of questions. Do matches - enjoy communication. Join for free today ➡

Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Purchasing via an affiliate link does not cost you any extra, and I only recommend products and services I trust. I am an independent blogger and the reviews are done based on my own opinions.
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6 Rules for Dating Over 50 Engaged at Any Age - Coach ... Internet Dating/Online Dating over 50 Years Old - YouTube Best Online Dating Sites for Senior Citizens - YouTube Online dating for seniors 101 - YouTube Dating over 50, dating sites for seniors - YouTube Senior People Meet Review - Online Dating - YouTube Senior Online Dating Sites Safety Tips - YouTube dating sites for seniors - - YouTube Older People Dating - How do Senior Singles Find Dates ... Free online dating sites for seniors - YouTube

Senior Dating Site for 50 Plus & Senior Singles - SeniorMatch

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Dating advice from Older People Dating, How do Senior Singles Find Dates Online Are you single and a senior citizen who want... Hi guys, thanks a lot for watching this video. For more info about free online dating sites for seniors you should take a look at - Best senior dating websites reviews and senior dating tips. Find the best senior dating site for you and start meeting... What are the Best Dating Sites for Senior Citizens? If your a senior citizen and find yourself single again and want to meet someone new, the rules have defi... Online dating for older citizens are far from easy. If you’re really determined you might keep going. hahaha In this video I talked about my own experiences,... Despite the frightening occasional news report of a first date gone horribly wrong, senior online dating... - dating sites for seniors, over 50 dating ,50 plus dating site, senior dating websites This week on Cyber Singles Episode #021 we delve into the internet dating for singles over 50 years old. Check it out and Please subscribe! Read Senior People Meet Review Here: Compare The Top 10 Online Dating Sites: https://www.thet... In this video, I discuss 6 rules that you should follow when dating over the age of 50. 01:29:16 - #1 Don't Bond Over Your Baggage 03:18:09 - #2 DOn't Call H...